I Wish I Had A Lover – Poem

I wish I had a lover - poem

I Wish I Had A Lover – Poem

Dedicated to longing for love people

Sometimes I wish I had a lover

To hold my naked soul

Without the body gaming

That is only an addition

To the thing called ” true love”

Which is in the brain deposited.


The way to walk bare, or in gowns

Some nights are pretty lonely

But physical touch becomes a lie

When there are no heartfelt connections

Between the body, mind, and eyes

Or there is no like of imperfections.


I wish I had a lover

Not just because

But to have a laughter

That brings the joy of spending time

When there are multiple challenges

It seems I imposter soldier of “The One”


The dream of holding hand

It Seems like a mirage in the distance

It’s weird between 7 billion people worldwide

There is nobody who could get me

Mutually in emotions and with smiles

It seems I am like the other lovers who wait in line.


Sometimes I wish to have a real lover, who hugs me physically.

I have a platonic fan club. They admire me as a free-spirited woman and put me in their “friend zone”. Other men see me as a business partner, a great leader, or a buddy. The few, who wanted to hug me, were for the one-night stand.  It’s not I complain about the lack of men’s attention but not many care for my imperfect personality. It seems my feminine energy is lacking.

However, to be the things males see in me, I am a loner and used to be that. Brave men who want to find and fight for the woman they call theirs are out of the world around me, but maybe they are somewhere else. Someday I will find them, or not.

On Facebook, I have read that today’s tragedy is that many people are alone from around 8 billion worldwide. It’s a sad reality for both sexes who date only online. That’s not the way to love somebody.

For today, I finish here because the topic is banal and my mood is far away from good. But I believe in myself that I will find a way to move on without a lover. Wishes are always good and someday they may become a reality.





I Want To Sleep – Poem

I want to sleep- poem

I Want To Sleep – Poem

is about moody lives.

I want to sleep

Outside the hollow

Of empty promises to me

Idealizing the show

For being someone’s sweet

In past romances

I shouldn’t keep

But cannot throw away in morrow

It’s a dead-end fight

For letting go

The illusionary freedom

That taught my soul

There was unfollow

Outside my mind

I want to sleep

With the blindfold

But I couldn’t do it

And walked away

In distant sorrow

To clean my energy in vain

Time heals, wise people say

It’s all about the lies that stay

There will be an ending

Of betrayal’s borrow

It’s not like written in the stars above

And my eyes are widely open

That people prefer to live in solitude

Then be responsible for another moron

I want to sleep

But it isn’t possible

To close the eyes of someone’s dreams


Lies. Everyone knows and tells them, and wants to believe there is a truth’s seed in lying. Unfortunately, only a few brave hearts tell the truth to others and got shot off society’s living norms. Falseness is all over the world and most people want to sleep then meet the face-to-face reality that everyone is egocentric and occupied with their dramas. Recently, I had that urge too because my human heart sometimes can’t take the pain anymore.

Even so, I keep moving forward with my bloody, teary, and slow steps.

Maybe it’s easier to live in beautiful lies. But, there is always the little heart’s voice that makes everyone think about their dreams one way or another. It can’t be escaped. As soon as that is understood, people will open their eyes to life’s beauty. Moments never reply and decisions should be fast.

As you know, today people are here, and tomorrow they may not be alive anymore.

I traveled today to a calm place and felt relaxed inside, accepting my current reality once again because I allowed myself to make some unrealistic illusions.  It was an intoxicating trip and my mind peace became stable. Now my dream shine and I want to catch them with a rational and realistic approach.

My wishes about things that are out of my control and whether they may happen or not.  Sometimes I want to sleep and dream about a different and beautiful reality for myself.





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