I am just a human that wants to inspire people and tries to make them believe in themselves.

My name is Victoria Mineva. I was born in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo.

From a young age, I was interested in Writing, Poetry, Reading, and Psychology. I am a government worker, poetry and creative writer, mom, Zumba lover, and Wine admirer.

While I grew older, I had some bad periods, failures, and unsuccessfulness with the things I have tried, like many other people.

That is the point of that blog. People should treasure themselves, fail, stand and move on toward their lives.

Now, let’s see a different point of view in our daily routines and battles with life. Let me try to inspire you and see how this will go further. Allow me to confess my thoughts to you. Who knows?  –  We might find some similarities that make us grow, and move together in our lives ‘ journeys.


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