Investments from a different angle

Investments From A Different Angle

Investments From A Different Angle

is about life’s leverage capital ideas.

Many people think the primary investments are time and money. That is true but there are other investment variations – material and emotional.

Today’s thinking confession is about these two important categories which have many subcategories also.

I did undergo a serious life change and my focus changed to providing capital for my future and a better understanding of human emotions investment.

Material investments angle.

In my country, the economy is challenging, and many people sell everything they have to live the months forward. That is a good reason for me to look for an investment that brings money in case of bankruptcy. 

I told you about my Facebook group and there is a future to make future money from various investments. The reasons for that are that crypto went down, multi-level marketing is not worth it anymore and many companies’ shares are unstable. 

At the moment, the most popular material investments are silver, gold, and real estate. I choose silver investment because is affordable. It has a stable trade price to sell for physical money. Of course, gold is more expensive and gives more capital but it’s also challenging to buy it.

It is said that when is a recession, people buy silver. Indeed, I love antique silver a lot, but the mass prefers sterling silver, which is newer and more popular at the moment.

Precious metals investment gives a passive income if their value is correctly predicted. But, as with every other business, to buy and sell them, people should be well-informed about the coins or bars they sell. That made me read a lot about silver and gold investments. Indeed, I learned many new things to share with the community.

Emotional investment angle.

It’s important when someone invests in the emotions of other people by taking care of them. That is what my friend’s non-profit organization “GSOWNC” /Go Save Orphans, Widows, and Needy Children/ taught me.

I am deeply involved with African countries because if there are sincere people in the world today, they live there. Sticking with my opinion about honest relationships and attitudes, I am convinced by my living experience that African people are the most genuine.

Emotional investment is more important than material because it builds consciousness.

“Do you have a son or daughter who would like to exchange letters with the children at “Go save Orphans Uganda?”/Email:
With those words, my heart melts because when I was younger, the only way to connect with people purely was through the old paper letters that today are forgotten.
As a romanticist, I still love written-paper books and love letters. I never receive them, but I write them sometimes.
There is joy when receiving a special letter or e-mail from a person who speaks from their heart. It makes the reader feel special and everyone wants to feel important to someone else.
When a man or woman puts feelings in communication with an unknown person, making them feel closer, that is appreciation. It builds an authentic reputation that sells more than every promotional trick. So, it’s worth it as an investment.
Looking at the things my friend does for the orphans and widows makes me believe there is humanity. Habimana Nelson tries to make Kisoro’s children grammatically competent. He wants to support as many as possible african people to become better in their lives.

Since when did elementary studying and water supplements become a luxury?

The thought made me cry because nowadays, nobody cares for human equality. That should change for sure.  If I can help the process through my blog or investments, both material and emotional, I will do it, undoubtfully.





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