The Parrot

The Parrot – Poem

The Parrot – Poem

This bird is very smart and loving

I found a new lover

It is the parrot

He fell in love at first sight

But I could reciprocate him not

He gave me his foot

And shared his food

I gave him a cookie

We understood

Perfectly each other

But we are not the same kind

But still, there was love

I gave him my hands up

And he sang me a song

That made me realize

He took my heart’s spot

By giving me happiness

I almost forgot

I have a hairdresser who I respect a lot. He makes my hair beautiful and gives me compliments, doing the same for my daughter. The coiffeur has a parrot because he loves birds and owns a lot of them. My daughter is happy when we go there.

One day, when my girl was in the hairdresser’s arms to make her hair good-looking, I decided to spend time with the parrot who sang happily whenever someone visited. I gave him a cookie, and the bird started to sing to me which made me feel special. It was like a fling between two souls and made me smile a lot.

I believe animals and birds are more loving than people. That is the reason I donate to animal rights organizations whenever possible.

Time with the parrot flew and gave me so much positivity I haven’t experienced for a long time with any person, outside the professionals, I visit monthly. There is a saying: when people are lonely, they go to cosmetics, manicurists, hairdressers, etc. to have social contact and feel a human attitude. I observed that in my full-time job too since most of the clients are living alone, working.

 The parrot gave me warmth, and inspiration I didn’t feel in recent years, or I don’t have heart’s memories about it.

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