Driving To The Distant Thoughts – Poem

Driving to the distant thoughts - poem

Driving To The Distant Thoughts – Poem

is Dedicated to my love to drive

I drive again

On the unknown road

To a new place

I only heard of

Escaping the glow

Of a painful story

That ate my soul

As far as I am going

The farthest confusion grows

One hour passed

The second gave me

A new chance

To reconnect me with ways

That I do feel not proud of

Begging for mercy

Pay me attention

When times were challenging

And turned to dust with the flow

Of time spent in illusions

A pragmatic love

With no Individualism

Because it would ruin the comfort

That someone had felt of

And would never abandon

My speed increased

While the mind grows fond of

The feelings I was hiding

Boosting out to the prone

Salty tears when I can take it no more

My car would be crashing

If I didn’t stop when I saw

A single bird flying

Reminding me of my own

An angry heart that showed

The depth of emotions

When I tried to be a raccoon

Hiding out in the crowd

To defend my cocoon

But it happened

And became a success

That made me numb

To the cries in my head

Which I surpressed

They made me go wrong

Direction outside my groan

And brought me back to the driving

Finding a distant road


Many love stories are sad and change the people inside out. They may love each other in different time frames but miss the moment to act.

Some neglect their feelings, and others play dead to not be hurt, but the truth is that when something doesn’t happen at first, it will be that way forever. When two people do not click, it’s a matter of time to drive separate roads.

It’s a fact I love driving and depending on my confusion, I go further to think and re-organize my thoughts. My recent trip was four hours of driving on the same day, but I was happy to visit a new place. It was a small town in Bulgaria where birds were singing and time stopped.

Right said, I envy the people living there. Calmness and sincerity were the atmospheres of that place.

When I move out of my current living city, it will be to a smaller town or even a village. The falseness and insincerity of people in cosmopolitan cities turn me off. That’s why when I drive, my choice of places is based on my intuition or the population’s number.

However, is always lonely to leave someone loved. But seeing no future in the long-term and the different directions, I think it’s better that way. Then I drive to distant roads, running from my thoughts until I find the courage to face them.

Cutting ties with those, who haven’t been by my side and didn’t understand me after a long time of communication, is not easy. If someone’s taken for granted, it’s the most painful experience and leads to a new driving life destination. But everyone survives. It’s a fact not many people will stay by my side forever. It’s like wishy-washy thoughts to make myself feel better. I stand for the sincerity and directness of communication, so there is no place to hide, ignore or play dumb when rejecting someone or I am the one dumped.

Everything shall pass.

Being A Single Mom Is Organization


Society always claims single parents.  The separated partner with a kid meets a lot of hardships and lacks support. I take personal the question about single moms because I see it as discrimination.

It is hard for a woman to decide to leave the father of her child. If the climate at home is full of emotional, verbal, or physical abuse, these problems need to be resolved immediately. That situation is unhealthy for both partners in a relationship, and for the kid is a destructive emotion.

If the father takes no part in the engagements around the child and doesn’t care for the mother, this is not a good sign. The family begins to crumble.

The mother decides to leave or not the father for years. She overthinks everything. When she leaves the broken home with the kid, she faces many hardships – finances, emotions, solitude, and unacceptance.

The relationships between parents are the basis one kid has to build own family in the future. If the man or the woman doesn’t treat each other with love, care, and respect, the kid will do the same when it is an adult.

For example: if the man abuses the woman in a verbal, emotional, or physical way, the son will think that is normal in the relationship. If the kid is female, she will see the abuse l toward her in her future marriage as the norm.

Some mothers got beaten up by their husbands and son at the same time. Because the kid thinks it is a proper way to show his love. He saw that after all from his father.

The women often stay in relationships with their men because of the child or economic reasons. Generally speaking, that, in my opinion, is low self-esteem and cowardly.

The truth is that children always prefer to see their parents happy, even single. Other situation makes the family unhappy, but together in quarrels. Children cry from this situation and feel like they are at fault. Whatever speech parents use, actions always show the truth.

Reasons for the moms to leave the unhappy relationship after many years of thinking are few.

  • No actions by the man for anything

  • Feeling like an unwanted piece of trash in isolation

  • The relationship doesn’t develop and becomes routine.

  • No equal partnership in obligations for home and kid care

  • No activities together as a family

  • They are fed up to be slaves for men’s every wish

  • Lack of self-development because of no personal time

  • No build-up between both partners

When a woman observes that her husband does no action for anything, she is highly disappointed. Once, at the first stages of courtship and moving in together, the man acted a lot regarding support and everything related to the couple’s life. With years gone by and no quality communication, and sincere support, he took her for granted.

The lack of physical, emotional, and intellectual communication to build a strong personality bond makes the woman feel like an unwanted piece of trash in isolation. Once hit that phase, it is a matter of time for the woman to leave the man if he doesn’t do anything.

All people need to feel treasured, appreciated, and respected for who they are.

Women need special attention all the time because they are more into words and emotions than men. Of course, the words should be proved by actions. The same goes for the women toward their men too.

With this phase not resolved, The relationship doesn’t develop and becomes routine. Once the bad feelings of both partners in the family are not solved, the relationship dies. It becomes dull and groovy without a single spark. That situation may lead to mutual love affairs, and the partners will not even feel bad about it.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

That makes the woman feel alone in the relationship. She feels like she fights alone for the family. That makes her more distant from her partner. She stops caring for her needs and gives all she got to her kid. That leads to forgetting the partner.

In most cases, this equality in the relationship misses, and the woman does the first steps to go out of it. Let me ask you if you do everything on your own at home, but saying to society you have a partner that does nothing, is that fair to you as a person? The man also can feel that way, but usually, women wear the cross of most obligations on their shoulders.

When there is a child, both parents should participate in taking care of it. But they can do it properly only if the two partners are in tune, feel love, and have deep respect toward each other.

This situation leads to a so-called fake family, in my opinion. No activities together as a family are just random meetings of people who think they are something more. Family trips, picnics, and genuine celebrations are also strengthening the family bond between all family members. But this bond starts first with both parents. If they are not in a deep emotional relationship, it is a matter of time for the fake family to split up, and the kid to stay with the one parent.

Do not get me wrong when I say I am a feminist, but I do not hate men. Sometimes husbands have too many desires and want every single of them to realize immediately. They treat their wives as slaves. That is not good. 

Women are human beings and have their limits, patience, dignity, and self-esteem. They also do not like mind games, to be obsessed and controlled. Husbands should treat respectfully the wife. The men often forget how to do that.

Another strong reason for the women to move out of the unfulfilling relationship is the lack of self-development because of no personal time. Everyone needs to self-develop. That is very true for moms in long-term relationships and marriages.

That is the biggest motivation two people have to be in a relationship and move in together. If there is a build-up between the two persons when they go through hardships of life, their union can be long-lasting. The support between a man, and a woman, is based on trust. It proves in the first months of their life together.

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I will not lie if I say that staying on your own as a mom is a lonely activity. Women have only their kids, and they understand fully that the only true and unconditional love is between the parent and the child.

Of course, there is always a price to staying the way that woman is. The price is usually loneliness and being single for a very long time. It is a well-known fact that men do not want women with kids for a family.

Single moms have no time to date too much, and they are careful in choosing the man they date. Most moms date online because they have limited time to use social media. There are usually two groups of men that show interest in single moms:

  1. Younger ones look only for a physical relationship without commitment

  2. Older men with their kids that look for a mom for the kids

Both groups of potential partners for single moms have their pros and cons. Dating men’s limit was set by the woman with a child based on her needs. She is smart enough to avoid men who aren’t clear about what they want or give mixed signals.

In both scenarios, the single mom has a short time to decide what she wants and to be transparent in her relationships between dates, children, and the ex-partner. 

In most situations, when the parents separate, there is co-parenting. A certain amount of time spent is between the father and the mother.

There rarely will be someone else to catch you when you fall. And the woman should take good care of her child. She needs to learn to take care of herself without expecting someone else to do it.

Nobody needs to feel less important than she is. No one has the right to insult, abuse, or lie to the other partner.


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