Letting Go – Poem

Letting Go - Poem

Letting Go – Poem

There comes a time to let go of the past.


The Power comes from the eternal ocean’s waves

Of life that made people think about letting go

The feelings they thought would be unknown

Until they met with the emotions face to face

There was a problem with their concerns


Until they started dancing with the experience

Of broken hearts, hopes, and everything else

They played the games of cat and mouse in place

“To be or not to be?” is a famous quote

But nobody tells about letting go


When personality is challenged

And the lost causes can’t stop

While laughing into the mask of God

Humanity is going undercover


Between the materialistic fog

Forgetting there may be no tomorrow

Days and hours are going to the state

Of indifference to the fellow neighbor

Who may take the working loads


Of sharing knowledge with close mate

The pirouette between the rhythms

Of heartbeats and neverending sorrow

A man could find themselves or not

Between the routines and letting go


The past will stay without the morrow

In songs about the reflective love with thee

Who stays a stranger in the eyes’ holes

Toward  well-known daydreaming of  idealistic ghosts


Valentine’s day passed. There was a realization to let go of some of my old emotional baggage. Uncertainty of that aspect was unknown until I sat down and faced my fears in their dark, infinite eyes. The past can not be changed and I should think about letting go of it. My mistakes will not be fixed and left me with knowledge.

Looking for illusions, I lost many moments that will not happen again in the same pattern.

However, letting go is a kind of freedom. It releases guilt, pain, unrequited feelings, failures, and hopes. Today my heart feels lighter because I dropped most of my emotional luggage and kept going without expectancies from anyone. That reignited my love for Sheakspeare’s words: “Do you know why I am happy? I expect nothing from anyone.”


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