Steps Backward – Poem

Steps Backward - Poem

Steps Backward – Poem


Dedicated to the past wounds that today’s healing


I made two steps forward

Then four steps backward

The moment I opened

My tightly closed heart,

I met indifference

Or maybe it was polite talk?

Today it doesn’t matter

I understood that I seem far

Into another universe

Of oceans apart

These big parallels

 Have made me step backward

I think it is obvious

From platonic discourse

That I should continue

Doing my steps backward

Because there is a saying

Between two persons

There are ten steps in the diapasons

When the one doing the five

But the other fearfully hides,

The actor should move on,

But with steps backward


I have written that poem back in April 2022. My heart’s healing was still between the past and present of my life then.

Why April?

 It was spring, the fourth month of the year, and the beginning of a change for me in many personal departments. They were exactly four: worsened health, a fated lover, a new career idea, and refined driving skills. Today I was reminded about April because I found out about my driving violations in the same month and number. Based on numerology, the number 4 means a realistic view of life.

Taking a look at me now, I see my lack of practical life vision.

The interesting fact is my life changed a lot. The people who I attracted to myself in the last year are practical, stable, conservative, and realistic. It seems my feminine energy changed for good. I still don’t understand how that happened, but my intuition is rarely wrong.

What’s the point of Steps Backward?

These steps help to rethink many situations and see the signs of something that is working or not. For me, today made me remember how far I came, and how to walk further. It’s a long road that my eyes do not see yet. The reminder I got with the penalty slips is a clear sign I should look back and burn old foundations to open myself up for something new after paying my debts in finance and karma, of course.

What is Your Point of View About The Steps Backward?

Dancefloor Poem


Dancefloor poem


Movement equal to living


My life is like a dancefloor

I hoof with the unknown

Moving with courage

I have everything on my own

I will never stop

Even the steps are like clay

I am no one’s prey

I have my daughter

She lights up my way

I enjoy every laughter

And do not walk away

I have a great lover

Even only in my head

I look for new things over

I experience my life

When no good it is better

With the spice of challenge

I turn my pain over

In pearls of wisdom

I continuously keep going

To turn me on

I believe in the miracles

I see them in my daily life

Loving the feeling

Of sun touching my skin

Enjoying the moonlight

That breeze me with a gentle wind

Expecting nothing

Only eternal spree

I choose to look at it

It will not makes me flee

I live in happiness

Between my mind’s wall

And heart’s apartment

Looking at the light

That always is blazing

No matter the dark

Moments of loneliness

Transforming in little sparks

I love my dancefloor

I learned Zumba dance

That keeps me writing

When hard times arise

I know for surely

Tango takes two

It seems I am too early

Fantasy for love

I hope I can be a birdy

Someday I will have a nest.


I love dancing but I can’t do it often because I do not have free time to go partying. That is the reason I choose to do Zumba dance at home online. I did my first choreography, and my second is in process of improving. I know my moves need a lot to become perfect, but I feel proud of them.

The hardest step is always the first one.

I started with Zumba two years ago. I went on live classes, but the instructor’s schedule didn’t work well for me. Then I found out about online instructors until I had the idea to become one.

Before my separation back in 2021, the Zumba instructor goal seemed like a mirage to me. When I started to live with my daughter, my wings toward that goal of achievement started to grow.

Today, I am a licensed instructor after my re-found motivation to live to the fullest. Nothing is impossible if people believe they can do what they want.

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