Something Just Like This – Favorite Song In A Poem

Something just like this

Something Just Like This

is another

Favorite Song In a Poem

I like The Chainsmokers. But I love their remix by Alan Walker

It became one of my favorite songs of All time.

I’ve been reading books of old

In the evenings when I feel cold.

The legends and the myths

That flee into imaginative labyrinths.

Achilles and his gold

The heart can’t be sold.

Hercules and his gifts

I love watching romantic clips.

Spiderman’s control

Awakened by alcohol.

And Batman with his fists

Are covering into lover’s mist.

And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list

Because there is no one to give me a kiss.

But she said, “Where’d you wanna go?

I hope someday I will know.

How much you wanna risk?

It is a painful eternity’s bliss.

I’m not looking for somebody

That looks back only at my body.

With some superhuman gifts

I want to share my grieves.

Some superhero

They are in real-world zero.

Some fairytale bliss

That is in the paper book’s abyss.

Just something I can turn to

When time is challenging to go through.

Somebody I can kiss

That will feel me amiss.

I want something just like this

But I will never insist.

The testaments they told

Proving the love is bold.

The moon and its eclipse

Both people into sunshine’s kiss.

And Superman unrolls

Cleaning the dust of the mind’s scrolls.

A suit before he lifts

The promises that stick.

But I’m not the kind of person that it fits

And I am not the one for people to please.


From The Author:

That is a revised post I shared with other writing platforms, on which I am not active anymore. I am best when single-focused on one thing at a time because multitasking is not my thing.

How did I decide to mix up my favorite Music and Poetry?

When I listen to my favorite songs, I dream away and begin to see their lyrics. and silhouettes in my imagination. It has always been like that, but once upon a time, when I painted, I couldn’t draw what I saw in my mind. After I started writing short stories, I began to describe exactly what I feel and see in my imagination.

One day, I was going home after my painting with wine event and decided to write poems based on my favorite songs, because I felt I lack inspiration and new vocabulary. That would expand my knowledge of English and helps me release my emotions. I started to write my favorite songs in poems on Simily.

When I read what I wrote, I am proud because the combination between lyrics and my opinion works fine.
Today, I write them all on my Poetry book’s manuscript, because I believe it is better to do it that way.

Should I become A One-Night Stand?

Bard in old time

A poem, Inspired by Troubadour french poem form.

The time between people flies

No runaway train arrives

The Romantic troubadour sang

Should I be a one-night stand?

Sadness in the young woman’s eye

The realization there is no fairy tale

Romanticist today is too bland

Should I be a one-night stand?

Red laces are cut into slices

Passionate affair surely blinds

The monk of empty lines bangs

Should I be a one-night stand?

Love partnership heartfully dies

Couples’ non-talking sincerely arrives

Duality’s standard bard has the fang

Should I be a one-night stand?

From the author:

My love for Poetry is undying and eternal. I am currently working on my third Poetry book. My first and second were published by a traditional publishing company that went bankrupt. I lost my author’s rights, but I think to revise my drafts, republishing them after editing.

Poetry has always been my best friend, lover, and therapeutist. I can not imagine living without writing Poetry for a long time.

That poem I published on Simily and  Medium. Both platforms do not work for me anymore, but I spent a lot of time using them. Now I am writing on my blog, which is indeed one of my missions in life.

When I learned about the Troubadour french poem form, it took me back to the old time I love – the romantic historical period. Then the situations between people were clear and understandable. In love terms, back in time, the relationships were honest.

I miss the old time era, and I believe maybe my life should be between the 10 and 15 centuries.

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