Finding The Mind’s Peace

The last months were harsh for me.

With too much thinking, writing, and crying, I found what life lessons I had learned from the situations I bumped into. I am proud I overcame all that, which is why I want to share some pieces of my wisdom. Everyone can find themselves in my shoes. We all share the same burden of daily life, fighting for our private and personal balance.
The key to a lifestyle’s success lies in the mind’s peace and sincere communication.
I tell more about both aspects today based on my ordinary human experience. If I can do what I do, you can do it too.

First of all, as an introvert, I think a lot about what went wrong, and I wrote down the pluses and minuses of what I gained.

When it comes to an unsuccessful relationship, as it was for me, I wrote about the good and the worse sides of my partner and how did I feel. I also wrote my joyful and sad memories. That helps to define where you stand because if the feeling of unhappiness stays for a long time, killing you inside is a clear sign you’re not on the right track.

I know how painful it’s to break up with someone you love, but your soul cries out loud to do it because you do not recognize yourself anymore. That leads to self-hate and low self-esteem, and your love toward others fades away when that is present. People become nervous, depressed, and unwilling to do anything.
After writing it all down, the time for action comes. Usually, most people stay without action because they fear they can survive. It seems impossible at first. But, after gaining the courage to do the first step, things begin to clear up. Doing the small step can take even years but human instincts to feel appreciated are stronger than self-destruction. Right said it is inevitable to stay at the bottom of your life.

But, should you wait to go to the bottom and dig there, or should you try to swim outside the dark life’s ocean before drowning?

However, it was hard for me to adapt to the new situation I faced, in the first two weeks. But, slowly, I started to accept the weight of my choice, and I knew I was on the right and better track in my life. I visited many churches, and I walked many miles, thinking about how things in my life are and how they will be from now on. I looked for inspiration to move on in different things – numerology, astrology, and even talking with animals, especially cats.

By the way, it is good to know that animals are wearing angels’ spirits.

As time went by, I found myself coming back to the old hobbies that I had forgotten.

The disregard for yourself shows no respect toward your and others’ interests.
The well-mannered partner will respect your interests and cherish them, but only if you do the same toward him.

People should remember that when times are hard, to be active and busy to go painlessly through them.

Sport is a great option to move on – in my case, I walked, and I still walk, 7 km per day to free my mind from worries. My online Zumba trainer Irene says that: “When times are hard, let’s dance through them.” She is right because all people need energy.

When the brain is busy, there is no time to get depressed, and there is not much choice. Feeling the sadness and pain will not fade away from the mind, but they can heal with business. The broken heart also heals faster when people have their goals to achieve.

In my case, I wanted to lose weight, and I did it – ten kg down. Another of my goal was to start competing in international writing contests. I dreamed of that for too long. Today, I have had around twenty competition entries for the last four months.

All of that made me find peace in my mind.

Whatever you do, keep moving. That is the key to mind’s peace, because all the time you try something new, you learn a lot. You accept your weird sides and interests.

That is the key to being sincere toward yourself.

Once people accept their odds and curiosities, they achieve self-love and learn to give love to others.

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After finding the mind’s peace, people become true to themselves. They could be sincere with themselves and the others they care about in their lives.

Remember, if you want to have a real friend, be real too.

Sincere communication means no lies, even white ones. They serve no good to anybody. Sooner or later, telling the untruth will be found out. Actions never lie, and if there is no genuine care between two persons, it will reveal. Usually, after the truth is found out, relationships of any kind break up.

Is it too high a risk for lacking sincerity, is it not?

In my opinion, communication should be clear and accepting. No one is ideal, but when two imperfect persons meet, they can make a perfect relationship by complementing each other in business and friendship partnerships. My companionship with my former lovers is better now because I learned to accept people as they are.

I do not put the guilt only on myself. When a relationship breaks, the fault is on both sides and their unwillingness to work things out or change themselves for the better. If people do not change, they need to compromise to keep things going smoothly. If people can’t understand each other, they should accept themselves. All of that can happen with sincerity and no false talking.
Sayings words that are wanted to be heard by the interlocutors also don’t work. It is a lie to say what the other person wants to hear. That is used well in trading.

But, is a relationship between friends or lovers a trade?

The main point of my post today is to make you think.

Learning the life lessons, staying in solitude, going through deep pain – all of that leads to a new you and self-love.

Take time, think deeply, and see, are you happy where you are today?

Are you true to yourself and your partner or friend?

Are you not losing yourselves between society’s or partnership’s influences?

Are you genuine and authentic, or do you play dual to live delusional you’re successful?

Are you human, or are you a robot programmed by money-oriented things?

That will give the answers to your mind’s peace and sincerity in communication.

Have a great Day of Celebration!

Love Miles Between Time

Love Miles Between Time

Love Miles Between Time


Like a Life’s Fairytale with various endings

Since I am a lover of Asian culture, I can’t agree more. All of us meet some strangers that we feel they know for a long time. It doesn’t matter if we meet them outside or online. It is the feeling we know them.

These, who stay, are few, while the teachers are more. When it comes to feelings, many people act indifferently on purpose. They were hurt, dumbed, rejected, or lied to by other humans.

My way of doing things is different, though. As PINK’s song “Try” says, always when is a flame, someone gets burned. I think if we do not get burned, we can’t feel anything and overcome the pain. If we do not overcome pain, we will not become wiser. Knowing our strong feeling, make us better versions of ourselves.

In Asian culture, people also believe that when two humans meet three times in one day, they are fated to meet. If this is true I do not know, but it is better to have some belief about it.
Many movies and books show this kind of fated meeting, but I can say it happens in reality too.

Successful life coaches were hurt a lot of times and choose to share their experiences.

But their tries are not well-accepted all the time.

People who stay in other’s life are such a rarity that it seems not even reachable. With humanity evolving, many people became too materialistic and forgot what it is to be a human. It is a fact everything starts and finishes with communication with other people. But the conversations should be sincere.

Since Sincerity is somehow uncommon these days, people should learn to get by disappointments faster. It is true that when someone gets burned by others’ lies is hard.
Getting by is the essence of growing up in every life field. And to become a life teacher. Because it is true, life teachers give the best possible example to other people.

Flame in love is considered a chemical reaction to the body’s needs. That is not the whole truth. The first thing is the mind’s attraction. I also fell for men at once because of their strong charisma and individuality look.
Falling in love is easy even if it’s not right because many people are lonely, and even a small gesture of attention can make them fall in love with the wrong person. But they desire this exact person, and when there is a desire, feelings lead to burnout.

After all, everyone wants to experience soulmates at least once, even for a short time. But not always red laces connect the souls for good. They connect them for different things, but the facts show they are inevitable connections between people at some point in their lives.

Love miles between times means that many souls are fated to meet for a different life lesson. And into poles apart.





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