Like A Rose – Poem

Like A Rose - Poem

Like A Rose – Poem

is about the heart’s rebirth.


Yesterday was the last time

I hid my emotions

Today’s like a rose

With its beautiful flowers

My heart spoke a language

I have been forgotten

After my meeting

With The Astrologer

Having a deep talk

About my defenses

That built high walls

Which made me not strong

To stay unbroken

By my past vows

For having no lovers

Or children

In Past Lives


Or Literally

Karma was paid

After a long time of sleeping

I started to paint

It looks like a rose

That reminded me

I have hidden talent

In creating

My futuristic life

For myself

And Forgiven

My past faults

That made me a distant

Lover of the Wheel of time

That is indeed a certain

Light ray in the Dark

That overwhelms the view

Of real me and you

Or maybe I’m like a dragon

That loves to fly in the rose’s petals

Spreading them further

Between time, space, and tonight

Whatever it happened

Calmed the silent cries

Of brokenness enveloped

That made my clarity hide

And now it’s crystal

Way to speak anew to life

And to be grateful

I have everything I dreamed for


April’s beginning for me was not the fool’s day but a clear sign of a prophecy I didn’t want to know. There are times when people wake up from a caged nightmare they live in daily by choice.

Whenever that happens, personal energy receives a high boost, and the motivation of doing something close to the purpose goes to the priority’s top.

Yesterday I found out my living mission was misunderstood by myself.  It’s maybe because spring is here and many souls reboot, including mine.

However, my soul’s energy changed immediately.  I started to open my third eye to new opportunities and resolved the internal conflict between my past feelings and current reality. Logic didn’t help me, but my heart feels lighter from the pain net’s release.

The simplicity to choose intuition is a win situation.









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