The White Dove Brings Luck

White Dove

There are many free days, and people travel to different places they have not seen. Many people are with their families, but others, like me, travel solo.

I have no problem traveling alone because I like Solitude. It helps me to order my thoughts and analyze the situations around me.

But, right said, I secretly envy people who are together with their families. Family should be treasured and protected.

I watched the sea and saw a little crab on the beach that was almost dead. One of his tongs was broken. He would die anyway, so I took it back to the sea. That way, the seagulls wouldn’t eat it while it is still alive.

That crab reminded me a lot of myself. One of my tongs is also broken, but I will not die like him. I can grow my other tong with time.

The process in people’s lives when they grieve for something and lose it is painful, but after all, they may become a whole sea of new life situations. That process is the one I go through now. Probably, many other people have life’s crossroads.

After I stood for a long time on the beach, listening to the waves and calming my mind, I went to an Orthodox Christianity sanctuary. I am not a religious person, but when times are challenging, I visit the church to search for enlightenment and relax my mind.

Sanctuary ‘”Saint George” in Pomorie, Bulgaria

In Pomorie’s sanctuary were many curious things to see, but the most precious thing for me was seeing three white doves.
I always wanted to see white doves because they are rare.

In nature, they rarely can be found randomly except if there is an important message they have to send. I saw three, and I wondered what message will they send me.

I was apathetic today because of my loneliness and uncertainty about the future.

The White Dove


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