Keep Moving On – Poem

Keep Moving On - Poem

Keep Moving On – Poem


Dedicated to every unknown poet with the dream to publish a book


I lost my left natural leather Bordeaux shoe

Looked like a Cinderella out of the blue

I didn’t see the charming prince coming

Found a dark knight that looked stunning


He doesn’t give me a hand but handcuffs

We started dancing to unusual blues

It was the moment when I lost my right shoe

That hot night gave me way too many clues


I will never be together with a man as an omen

With the latest sensual vibes

My pleasure is equal to the time flies

I started later to feel as drowning


Between tears and smiles

I continued to write

Poetry that sounds

Like unheard voice


Later, when I survived

After fairytale unblinded

Romance became my fogging spot on

In the sprint, I should keep moving on


Today I have a collection of words

That makes me wander into different worlds

Between oceans, mountains, and the sky

Looking at sunset and sunrise every time


My poems and romanticizing soul

Became worldwide unknown

I proudly say to nobody “Hello”

But I will never stop and keep moving on



Today I mark my Poetry career milestone. As a blogger and unknown poet, I am proud of my courage to start self-publishing my poetry book. Currently, I sent it for review on Amazon.  Though, I am still wondering how to put it for sale on the blog. My pride is the achievement of my goal to show my poetry to the world. The best thing about that experience is my newly found knowledge and skills.

Uncertainty always was my shadow, but by going into the light, I overcame it. If an ordinary blogger like me could do it, it’s an equal possibility for everyone. Don’t you think?

Whatever it takes is a great motivation to follow a long-held dream.

My belief is everyone is worthy to try and achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if that is a self-published poetry book or a special dance under the moonlight for a lover. Keep moving on is always the right way to go through life’s challenges.

Put a smile on your face and start walking toward your best life by achieving prolonged dreams, making the first step.








Fitting In – Triolet Poem

Fitting in - Triolet Poem

Fitting In – Triolet Poem


Dedicated to relationship uncertainty and status quo.

These fitting-in situations should be cleared as soon as possible.


There are shaping forms to fit in.

Where do I fit in your living?

I started my mind cleaning.

There are shaping forms to fit in.

Do I enter into your life or do I leave it?

I  may physically cut it for a mental reason.

There are shaping forms to fit in.

Where do I fit in your living?



Triolet poems always give clarity in every situation. But the purpose of “Fitting in” is a wake-up call from a questionable relationship dynamic. Many people do not explain themselves to their new partners.

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to fitting in someone’s life.

Based on my experience, I haven’t felt a part of my questionable partners. My curiosity points to “Are we even a couple without talking it out?” and the reply is a sound “No.”

The human brain always plays tricks when there is a matter of the heart. Questions like “Oh, does he has a lot of work to not call me?” for weeks or “Does he ever think of me?” for a month, and “What are we?” always roam through the mind of the involved person. It’s called the status quo. The interesting here is many people try to lie and use their self-beliefs against themselves. They think that someone is busy with his life and for that reason can’t find time to call or text.

 The situation of fitting into someone’s life gives a clear answer to the status quo.

 It takes time for someone to start liking another person and know where they stand. In most cases, after the first three dates make things clear. There is an old saying that when a man can live without a woman for a day, he can do it for life. Today people are liberated and allow a man or a woman to live without contacting them for weeks, and even months or years, thinking “He loves me but is busy.”

If someone is too busy in the first place, and cannot fit into others’ lives, why they even started to communicate without finishing it?

I believe it’s better to not start anything without the idea of wrapping it. It’s like a martyr’s game. Yes, it’s painful to let go and watch how something beautiful fades away, but it’s better to draw a line if there will be only knowing someone briefly or going deeper with them.

Like an ex-martyr whom I liked to play a lot, now I stand strictly on my two feet. My brokenness was so much I couldn’t even stop thinking about staying single and made delusions for a man who doesn’t even find the time to text or it was uncomfortable to speak on the phone with me in his friend’s presence. They will say he is a man under a slipper.

So What?

Every man becomes under slipper after many years of family life and women become home-wives in one way or another. That shouldn’t look like a claim, it’s a fact. On the other side, many people do not want to commit to not losing their faces or egos.

Fitting in other people’s lives.

In every relationship is good to check signs if both partners are making efforts to fit into each other lives. At first, small steps, then gradually to leaps if they are worth it. Being objective in a relationship dynamic is always a must and there is no need for self-pity or creating a delusional idea for someone. Activities together and conversations about shared futures show that people are involved in each other’s lives and want to be together without avoiding contact.

There is no need for forced fitting into someone’s life. Listen to your hearts.


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