The Mutual Attraction’s Law Of No Emotionality

Fight for Emotions

The Mutual Attraction’s Law Of No Emotionality


One Of Today’s Plagues

Nowadays, relationships are more critical than ever. There is a plague between people that is the mutual attraction with no emotionality.

Covid’s situation showed another way of living has its pros and cons. One fo the worse Covid’s sides is that people became unable to show their emotions physically. Before the pandemic, that process started, but after that, it became the worst ever.

People started to introspect themselves so much that they forgot the other humans outside their homes.

That introspection leads to no emotionality. I forgot when was the last time I hugged someone outside my daughter.

Do you remember your last hug outside the family?

When the times are challenging, and no words can help, one hug tells and shows support much more than thousand learned phrases that everyone knows. It shows the person is there for the other one. Of course, platonic relationships are great, but they do not always help enough.

Let’s go back to the topic. Since people looked deep inside themselves because they had nothing else to do, closed at home, the mind and logic overtook the heart and intuition. My belief is when mind and heart conflict, the heart always wins. Emotionality can not suppress forever. One way or another, emotions come out of control. People should be true to themselves and acknowledge they are not logic machines that need to be controlled.

Until that time comes, people are lost in no emotionality and attract the energies of others in the same way.

I call no emotionality a plague that kills humanity because of the basic need for touch and expressing feelings – amputated by choice. Right said I envy the people who live in simplicity as Africa’s tribes, for example. I respect them a lot, and their traditions too. They are the humans that need respect, not well-known people who act inhumanly, putting on pedestals materialistic things which they lose after they die. Someone may ask why I live in the city and not in Africa. My reply is: “I chose that way of living, but it doesn’t make me indifferent toward true human beings”. By the way, I send my support to Africa’s people with clothes or donations as much as I can afford. The same goes for Animal rights organizations. If more people did charity, there would be more equality worldwide.

There is a saying people should leave traces in their lives – a child, kindness, or a book.

Going back to the topic because I am sometimes absent-minded. Emotionality is the uniqueness of people. Reactions to daily life situations build character, and showing feelings is proof of humanity. The important here is to share the feelings with friends, lovers, or parents because shared pain is easier to swallow.

Many people, including me, do not say what they feel because the fear of misunderstanding is bigger than self-confidence.

Recently, I decided to share everything I usually hid inside with my parents and a few close people. That brings back positive vibes and motivation in my life. I also started to say what I feel to love confessions straightforwardly. There is no time to lose in my middle-aged life, and I rejected the love of potential dates because I do not want to lose someone else’s time by giving fake hopes. Hiding emotions behind politeness did not help, and people began to respect me more. It is the best I can do because I believe everyone deserves to be loved truly and mutually.

How come The Mutual Attraction’s Law of no emotionality disconnects people?

When persons show no emotions, their energy attracts others who also show no emotionality. That way, an unhealthy and insincere relationship becomes a fact. When people do not connect in their hearts, souls, and mentality, there is no hope for a building couple and life together. It is simple as that.

Fears to open up toward a new potential love or friend interest are huge. If they are not overcome, they break people’s inner selves more than failure or rejection. Bottling up feelings leads to an explosion with a not-appropriate ending.

The sad thing is when someone shows the flower of their emotions, not many people appreciate and understand what showing emotionality’s price. That disappoints the courageous person and goes back into no emotional pattern, which creates a neverending spiral of unhappiness. The authenticity can’t show, and life stops until the broken human stands up again. Usually, that takes a lot of time that considers wasted at some point.

Is it worth dying when you are alive because of No emotionality?

The learning process is challenging and long-term but is worth it. I say that from my experience, feeling happier now than before despite my living conditions are not the best. I can say today proudly I am grateful for all I have, working for a better life because I show my emotions. Everyone can do it if there is a decision.

Now, let’s dance through life emotionally 🙂




Women Deserved Red Lipstick

Putting A Smile Into Woman’s Eyes


I recently bought Vynil Red Lipstick, the color “Wicked.” Finally, I got the courage to put on Red Lipstick in my middle age.


My life has changed. After learning how to wear the Red dress, the time to learn to wear red lipstick was inevitable. Change is the painful road to personal growth and opening the closed mind’s eyes. One thing is undeniable – the change is always for good even people understand that later.

Since my newest lipstick is fabulous, I want to dig deep into Why the Red Lipstick is Freedom.

People live in challenging times, especially in dating and relationships. Everyone wants to be interesting and attract the attention of the other sex in one way or another. That is normal. But, there is a thin line between being eccentric just because and a lifestyle built with time, usually through sadness, and pain that tears the heart inside out, transforming the soul into pure love light.

Being eccentric just because is saving the day a few times, but in the long-term, it does not work out because the false image can not hide for too long.

On the other side, showing uniqueness daily, even fanatically unconventional, has its pros. Not many people go after the eccentric of someone that is so damn unconventional because it is intimidating.

Uniqueness requires sacrifices, and not many people want to walk alone in life’s ocean filled with jellyfishes that stick and burn together.

As every reader knows, I am a proud loner. Some call me cold, some arrogant, and I do not even care anymore because the best and the worst times of my life I met alone, so I know things or two about solitude.

But, let’s go back to the main question now. I became courageous after having many breakups in my personal life, and I failed 100 times in my professional path. Yes, these many times, I fell to win the Writing competitions I participated in. But now, I have material for a Poetry book.

So, I never left my dream to be a writer in the trashbin of daily routine and mundane problems with other personalities.

The red lipstick, for me, gives a newfangled meaning to life. Today, after too much work on my self-awareness, inside world, and outside appearance, I can use my mouth to tell and defend my truth.

In the past, I avoided conflicts and my needs. But, thanks to my newly found inner growth after the challenging life cycle last few years, I am free to go and speak my mind out without worrying about how my words will interpret.

If the people care about me, they will read between the lines. If not, they will stay shocked and feel insulted.

Putting a smile Into Women's eyes
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Now, what do women learn from wearing Vinyl Red and Wicked Lipstick?

That is my opinion regarding online dating, and I do not fear telling it straight to support many other single women like me to look pitiful and desperate in the eyes of the men who look only for fun, fraud, and reserve plans online.

Now, after being in many unhealthy relationships because I allowed it for various reasons – under society’s or loneliness’ pressures, I stand up and speak up my opinion. I do not want my daughter to live like a shadow in man’s or society’s opinions and pressures.

By the way, I do not hate men – I love them all. Lovemaking, flirting, and imagining how beautiful would be in reality in the numerous online romance are a tender way to daydream and spend time but does nothing else.

All the men I have been with and met daily are good, but I am not their woman, even if they were my men sometimes in life and in my mind. Maybe I will be someone’s woman in the future but not today. The thing about online dating men is they are in a relationship and often use online dating to have a reserve plan if something happens.

I want to support women in my position in the dating market and help them open their mouths for themselves.

What to know about online romance scammers that use dating apps?

There are two main types of romance scammers I have met until now.

The first one is the Flirty and passionate cryptocurrencies handsome guy with dogs.

These guys are mostly on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Writing platforms. It was funny when these men saw my Instagram with pictures of Dubai and started writing to me because maybe I looked rich. They say they are interested in the woman, and send flirty emojis.

From time to time share about the cryptocurrency market or ask straight to invest, and use their charm, backed up by dog owning to make the woman go crazy in love. They promise they will take financial care of her, teaching her to invest, but do not ask for pictures or personal details outside saving habits. If the woman is though, they disappear in up to 1 month saying there is a dead family person or the market crashed.

They are sweet, but these boys love their job too much and never keep their promises to online calls.

When it comes to real-life meetings, the women either should wait to be surprised or invited when things are under control from the man’s side.
Communication with cryptocurrencies guys is inspiring and creates the illusion the man is successful and will take care of his woman in every aspect. Sometimes they promise they arrange everything and send money to the woman to go to them in their country. Usually, these guys are from Europe in most cases in my communication, at least.

Right said these guys are good ones with too much reality in their words. These boys are desperate for money in most cases, using lies that they are millionaires that drive expensive cars and own beautiful houses. I do not blame them since everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle.
The dogs here play a huge role because, in Psychology, men that love dogs are considered great husbands who truly love their wives and children.

 The second type of romance scammer is Family-oriented contractors with a kid that is in a boarding school.

These guys are everywhere on social media. They want the Gmail or Hangouts ID, start to ask personal questions, and use the mother love and compassion of women for their families. They are usually from the USA or Asian countries. These men say they are on working contracts between one and three years. If the woman wants to meet them in reality, usually they have no place to meet her outside the office apartment.

These men usually speak about their late wives and how they are separated from their children because they have a contract in the Oil or Real Estate industry. They use fake pictures of houses, older men, and children between 6 and 17 years.
They bring up a sad story of family loss. Usually, the woman they speak to reminds them of the late wife, or it is the first to communicate openly with after the death of the loved one.

When on Instagram, these guys follow at least 3000 other women.

On the Writing platforms, they do not have a single published post or reading list. That type of guy uses pictures of older, well-kept males. That way, they create the illusion of high activity in every field.

These men use romantic words, flower pictures, and clips to make the woman fall for them. They also insist she sends them her photos and if she has a child – her child too. On the second day of communication, they say they love the woman, and on the third, they want to marry her. These men start speaking about the woman’s child like it is their own.

They show deep care about the daily routine of the woman they flirt with and insist she speak to them daily. When these scammers think they have the woman’s trust, they want Amazon Gift Certificate or Money for something else.

The contractors use flirty, clingy, obsessive, controlling behavior because many women indeed like that still. Those men never call the woman because they have either poor connection or if they make a video call is blurry, or mouth movement is not matching. They rarely disappear on their own because they’re persistent, and when exposed, the men play like they are the hurt ones, making the women feel guilty. Then they start anew.

So, both types of men are into the women for their money, or sometimes they want to create an illusion that they have a relationship. It is sad because everyone deserves to feel loved, but today’s dating market is not nurturing sincere relationships.
In most cases, men and women online go only for the flirt, free online pictures, and masturbation, if not for the fraud.

What mean wearing the Red Lipstick again?

Speak the truth before it’s too late without going into useless communication that hurts at the end of it. Women are more emotional and prone to create imaginary love. They should be careful how they communicate and follow their logic in the talk with men. There should be no fear in stating the facts, needs, and values.

Men, on the other side, are more logical and using-oriented because they love to be physical without much effort, but that will lead to happiness in the short term. At a certain age, that will not be enough anymore. One of my old flames told me: “Men are animals when it comes to sex.” Maybe they do not choose when they want it. I am not sure.

But, you know what?

Everyone wants to be physical with a person that fits in more than one chemistry level.

The red lipstick is not a scandal or a sign of the femme fatale. Women dare to speak their minds as it is without worrying about their potential man’s opinion or society’s norms. That is the key for a woman to look sexy in men’s eyes. Her head is in the right place, not somewhere else, if you know what I mean.

Boldness in actions from men is always a good idea. But, women should give accurate signs of interest and read between the silent lines of men’s eyes.

In the end, who doesn’t love red lipstick’s traces on the body and clothes? 🙂








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