Humanity’s Return To Innocence

Humanity's Return To Innocence

Humanity’s Return To Innocence


What Goes Around, Comes Around In The Best Possible Way.

One of the few advantages of my full-time job is meeting new people. Not everyone was kind in their attitude toward me, but there are a few trustworthy men in my clientele. That is why I started thinking about bringing humanity back through my example. That skill also needs practice.

My best friends are males. They’re people I can speak my heart to and will not judge. Of course, they are taken or keep the distance between us. Fear of not ruining a friendship between a man and a woman into something more is typical. I accept that without judgment, for better or worse. Some relationships may be should stay better platonic. I had forgotten that pattern for the last few years, but today I understand it better and prefer keeping it the way it is than losing a precious person to me because my romantic relationship longs. It is challenging, but I do it with discipline.

Memories are always my leading light when I lose myself in people’s mistrust, and it’s undeniable fact that true friends always build up those they care about. The same goes for my daydreaming about my best male friends. I never force someone to be with me.

Sometimes the friendship comes back to the giver from another perspective.

Last few months, a past client started to chat with me online. He is a good man, but we always spoke briefly at work. I never thought about communicating outside my office with the customers. It seemed unprofessional to me because my full-time job is a government administration.

Standard business persons start relationships with their customers, and then they become friends, in most cases, if they are good enough in their professional field.

However, I started to speak with my past client to find out he was at life’s crossroads and needed emotional support. With my empathy, I began talking to him back. A long time ago, I also was a private psychological consultant. That man was desperate to move on, and I played like a mentor to him, which was weird.

But counseling is different than kindness which brings back humanity’s innocence.

It’s not for the cost of the psychological session but more about the good karma that returns to the giver in the best possible way. Today human attitude is amiss, and someone should start the quest returning it. I may be playing a hero in that humanity’s search contest, but even so, I keep doing it because I believe in the good sides of everyone and that they deserve respect. If more people believe in kindness and human attitude, and practice them, the world will become a better place.

I used to work with a client for ten years and never expected him to remember me or speak again after we ended our professional relationship. Through our informal talk online, we understood that we have a lot of similar life experiences, and a connection is built. The most memorable thing he said to me was: “When I was drowning, only two people gave me a hand – you, and one more person. I remember that all of my life, doing the same for you,” and I even did not remember the situation clearly. Since then, we became best friends with no taboos. He helped me a lot and I am grateful.

I see that as a sign I am on the right track, using my attitude to receive and give good. Pride filled my lungs back when I heard his words because everyone needs to feel remembered and appreciated.

As with everything else, the human attitude also needs reasons and returning to innocence. Based on my observations, I state these motives for the lack of humanity: Growing up financially unstable, Insecurity about self-authenticity, and Everyone else doing it.

The Growing up financially unstable.

That is the most common reason for people to become envious and greedy. They do not want to live in poverty because of past family situations and become blinded by money, hiding the fear of failure.

Why failure?

Because people’s biggest fear is to live poorly, in materialistic terms, and they think financial stability will resolve everything. Wealth’s importance turns the world around, but the cost is merciless high, and everyone knows well what I mean. If people stay blinded to money-making, they may step over other humans, creating unhealthy karma for themselves.

Everyone knows Universe always pays back one way or another.

Recently, I had online psychological consultations with hardworking men and women. They have everything they want but feel lonely and unsure about their friendships or family members. Those successful characters look for various hobbies that do not fill the gap in their hearts, missing their social life. They forgot what was to live.

When it comes to love talk, these people stay quiet. I felt that was the hardest possible silence, which consists of many tears, soul pieces, and unfulfilled romances. That is the brand of wealthy, well-known, and successful personalities. If greed overwhelms celebrities, they become indifferent and see no point in humanity’s saving, although they have the resources for that.

Insecurity of Self-Authenticity.

Many people think they are the best in something, or that is what they want to believe. Overconfident characters usually lack Authenticity or are insecure in their skills, feelings, and goals. Playing perfect in front of others does not help. There is always someone more perfect, confident, or better in human psychology analysis. If the daily theatre live-action looks ideal, that is a hint something is not typical for those who want to see it.

Insecurity varies from low self-esteem to the lack of emotional expression in different situations. Everyone loves reading books, blog posts, or newspaper articles about many things, but when it comes to practicing them, uncertainty comes forth. That is why the best weapon against the lack of Self-Authenticity if fight the fear straight in the face with an experience that shows things are not so scary.

People learn daily. Why should they run away from new attempts?

Because the significant human fear is diving into unfamiliar places, situations, or persons. When that fright overcomes, life begins to show nothing is what it seems because every lesson is a treasure. Authenticity builds from going into new experiences. After them,  the self-security levels rise. Last year I did things I never thought about doing and left my comfort zone many times, becoming unconventionally genuine but happy in my lifetime and skin. You can do it too if you decide.

Everyone else to doing it.

That is something I haven’t thought about seriously. One day, my colleague asked me a question, and I responded: “Everyone does it,” then we started a discussion about how wrong that is. I did not dig too much into the phrase, but recently various situations pointed my attention to it.

Society claims to put labels and have expectations. When it comes to everyone else doing it, people should consider if they want to be the same as others or to shine in the limelight.  I will not lie to say being authentic brings a lot of challenges and outsider criticism.

People feel scared by unfamiliarity and outstanding types.

That is the authenticity’s price and brings Humanity closer to its innocence because once humanists do not care about society’s plea, they start acting with kindness toward other different personages.

Returning the human attitude costs as much as invested in the supporting hand to those who did wrong or live different lifestyles. In the long term, humanity’s return that left traces in many people’s hearts will be in remembrance forever.

Men and Women choose how they live: with the risk of doing something out of the box or being comfortable doing nothing because society’s cage covers in gold and imaginary stability.

The final solution to every reason for lacking humanity is giving another point of view on the known structures and deciding to change for a better life outside the individual. Many people need kindness and supporting hands outside.

I started to support more people in every way, and my karma cleaned up. I believe that even in the worst human ambitious heart lies good.  The child’s birth happens for a higher purpose and usually brings more light souls in the darkest life’s hours.

One human can do as much. If more people practice kindness and give a supporting hand to their fellow man, the world will become a brighter place to be.


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The Art Of Kindness.

Bad Habits Do Not Make People Second-Rate

No Second-Rate People

Bad Habits Do Not Make People Second-Rate

And They Do Better

As a fighter for my justice and defending humans that are not sheep, I stand up once again. That time, for the people with bad habits. We all know someone who is a thief, an alcoholic, a drug dependent, a mafia member, a prisoner, or even a killer.

Usually, humans play dead or are blind, when they hear about life’s grey side in the towns, clubs, human traffic, etc.

In general, society is old-fashioned and claims people out of the ordinary life’s course in its view. I say without a doubt that people living on the dark side are no less perfect than those, who spend their lives on the bright life’s side.

That may sound crazy but I am a devotee of the good side of all people. I know that someone who decides to stay sober, lives an ordinary life after prison, or is in a mafia situation, is also a human who needs respect. I always look behind the reasons for the human attitude and dig so deep that I can see the most unbelievable proof that a person is good despite the things done in his past.

Everything has a reason, and when it comes to humans, I stick to that they make mistakes, learn from them, and become better persons.

I say that because I have been close to people with drug and alcohol dependence and also have worked with people from the mafia, or with suicidal thoughts. As a psychological consultant for group therapy a few years ago, I know some things because some of my closest-to-heart people were also dependent on their bad habits.

That doesn’t make them less human or second-rate people.

If a chance is given for better life, job, or relationship, those involved in the dark side of life may go to great lengths, proving they deserve the best too. The criminal minds are sharper and more schematic or organized than regular people’s brains, which are learned from a book. The criminals only act and practice. They have their reasons that indeed may be more human than the known.

Some people steal or sell drugs to feed their families. It is not appropriate in the eyes of society, but still, if people understand the reasons, they see there is a logical explanation. I am not saying all should do bad things, but they are part of the personality.

If people are sincere with themselves, they will see that they also have bad habits, but probably not enough motivation to do second-rate deeds.

The truth I and everyone know is that all need the motivation to do something, is it not?

Let’s say that the reasons for a concrete behavior started from a young age. Many persons I have met told me that they were beaten at home or verbally abused. They changed from good schoolers to the worst because of their grades.

Is it that education or lack of elementary respect toward a decent human being?

In my opinion, children need to be praised for almost everything they do. Of course, I do not support inappropriate behavior, but there should always be balance.

The equilibrium can be built very well with different methods. Relationships between parents, and children, and their actions may stabilize with talks or psychological consultation if needed.

That would make bad habits less showing.

Most people do whatever to be seen by their closest people, thinking that will bring the attention of a concrete person toward themselves. That may be a father, mother, sibling, or lover’s figure. The problem can be solved before joining criminal life with a simple conversation.

The main reason for bad habits usually is the lack of love at home from parents or siblings. They may put too many responsibilities on the children, robbing them of their only one childhood.

To escape the feeling of dissatisfaction, many humans take a different way to distract themselves from the reality they do not like.

These ways may be drugs, alcohol, or other activity that is claimed as bad. It is easy to judge people and their actions without thinking about their situation. It is like showing your middle finger to attract attention from the police or other people to be noticed. That usually works for a short period, but not for a long-term situation.

The same can be said for going deep into the bad habits, leading to being in places that challenge, or creating illusions you are on the right path. All this is seen as second-rate by society.

After all, that is not the truth about humanity because everyone has their bad habits, but only a few change them or use them to move forward.

As a believer in second chances, I think everyone needs them.
That would make people richer and more forgiving to themselves.

 A prisoner goes out, a drug dealer stops the sales, or an alcoholic becomes sober all the time. That means they went to hell and back. These humans have been wherever no one of the regular people who had good school education, stable financial situation, and weird, but somehow acceptable, family situations, have been.

Those, claimed as second-rate people have the most qualities for success. They learned the hard way to be humanitarian, empaths, and have the will, and power, to change the known world for the best.

These second-rate people with bad habits are far closer to saints because they were once devils. Believe it or not, the so-called second-rate people can manage better. They are more intelligent than lethargic, bored employees who think they have the best work in the famous company, sitting on their buts without changing anything for themselves or others.

The employees have not met any hurdles in their lives, knowing nothing about reality and being human.

The point of my current blog post is that every human counts.

Equality is the bridge that connects hearts, bringing meaningful leadership and better connections between personalities. I don’t say abuse in any form needs to be respected, but just to be thought why it happened twice.

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