Do You Prefer Love Catalog?

Do You Prefer Love Catalog?

Do You Prefer Love Catalog?

Is It About The Dehumanizing Art Of Online Dating?

As per today’s confession, I will be a little peppery.  My love for physical closeness and emotional depth in a partnership is unquestionable, but I am also highly disappointed by online dating applications and social platforms.

Single people look for romance online or give up the search for a partner forever for many reasons. I am one of those who stopped looking for love, after using the Tinder dating application.

I wasted two hours of my life using that application before the live concerts I went to, starts. It’s expensive, with unreal expectations and fake pictures based on my experience.

Love Catalog

Everyone loves gifts or sales catalogs. Tinder and other similar applications are just like that. Giving money to choose from men’s pictures to chat without any serious idea where the chat will go is not attractive.

I started to wonder when people started using catalogs in a relationship’s partner’s search conquest. Fears of rejection, shyness, and lack of courage to make the first steps toward someone desirable are not just funny, but it’s a tragical-comical way to show insecurities.

Humans are not cataloged. However, if they accept themselves as ones, showing off on online dating websites, it’s not my problem. It only shows how the dehumanizing art of online dating takes a more powerful stand daily. That is pitiful and highly disrespectful toward a person.

Or maybe it’s easier to abandon a chatting partner who, by the way, is human than to have a clear idea of where the conversation should go and finish.

I chatted on Tinder with someone living in my neighborhood. It was written he is under 1 km distance and when inviting him to a coffee out, he disappeared. It was not even about a date to a fancy place but for a vending coffee machine outside to meet personally, which is the best communication approach. Running away solves the situation temporarily.

People look confident in words online and their wishes, but when it comes to breaking their comfort zone while going into live-action, everyone fades away somewhere unknown. I am fed up with doing the first steps toward a man, once again.

What will happen if someone gets rejected or fall in love with the wrong person?

It’s a painful experience to get rejected but it’s better to try than not to.  It’s better to experience feelings and have good memories than do nothing. Humans are not robots and they will never be. It doesn’t matter how far they run to excel, work productively and hard. Professional life limits the heart’s comfort, and that is good to remember because it’s not working in the long term. Accepting it or not, that is the inevitable truth. Until then, it’s good to think twice about love cataloged online.

The Dehumanizing Art Of Online Dating

While I swept through many male profiles on Tinder, the feeling of choosing an item didn’t fade away. I saw also over 99 males liked my profile. Then I felt like a slice of meat. The human is not only pictures and some last-second thought words. My life is seen as unconventional but I am proud because it’s mine. Many people see me as abnormal, distant, cold, independent, or psycho. I am all that, and they are right to judge me as they wish. The sure thing is my humanizing attitude in everything I do toward everyone I know one way or another in my life.

Online dating makes people fit into stereotypes, cutting their wings to improvement on their pace and claiming them as unfit in today’s dating reality.

Recently, I got angry at a Facebook post that men want comfortable women that will not create stress for them. The same goes for the female part. People are not sofas for others to rest.  If someone can’t express themselves freely with every side they have toward a partner, it’s just fake closeness and nothing else. These relationships are doomed from the start.

In the past, I always thought about what to say and how to act in the face of my past partners. That made me uncomfortable. The freedom to express me, bring trouble in finding someone to be with, but my mind peace got better.

True love is not easy and it’s acceptance of every weird side of the other person which makes them cute and real. Online dating can’t happen because of the forced and limited thinking of how to attract attention from the opposite sex.

Two Days Before Valentine’s Day

One of the falsest life events and looking for sex is international love day. If romance strengthens on a certain date, there is something amiss. Gifts and flowers on a specific date are a bit hypocritical. True romantic love should be celebrated daily between two partners who care for each other. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

 However, I was amazed by the deep affection an older couple showed me on my favorite Bulgarian rock group “No More Many More” last Friday night. As usual,  I made a reservation for two for an event. Ending up alone at a live concert never bothered me. I am used to that and feel no shame showing my emotions in public, not caring for social opinion. A couple joined me at the table. We introduced ourselves and I loved them both.

Even at the gold age, they danced and showed love toward each other like the first days of a young romance.

I asked them to take the picture I posted today. Right said, my envy couldn’t be hidden. They were sweet and in love, living for each other and traveling wherever their favorite group had concerts. I wonder how that is possible, but it is. When both people work for the relationship to not become a routine, things continuously are blossoming between both partners.

My dream has always been to have a love like that of those two people. That’s the reason I do not look for short-term fun like most people. A relationship should build from the scratch until the end of the physical life’s circle. I prefer to stay single until I found what I look for than to lie to myself about something I do not have or be love cataloged.

It may take many years to find it, but I will not stop. My old-school morals and principles never lied to me.

However, love has different shapes and one of them is my admiration for the No More Many More group. They have a civil position which they defend fiercely with their music. The band’s name is obvious. They’re emotional and not like the usual rock or boy groups. The artists gave their everything to the concert and weren’t arrogant. They were equal to the public. And that made them more popular. 

I do not have much power yet but I want to promote their music through my blog and poetry. These artists deserve much better than what they have now. For those interested, their next concert will be in London on 16.06.2023 at “100 Club” – rock and roll.

Another form of love is meeting new people and sharing interests. I met two new friends at the live concert, so I feel never alone at the events, wherever visit alone or not. Company at face-to-face meetings is far better than online chatting with someone unsure of what he wants.

Whatever is done, personal contact always is the communication winner if people dare to do the first steps. Do You Dare? Or Do You Prefer Love Catalog?



House Person’s Complex

Wasting the happiness potential.

Certain people, with their actions, provoked me to write what I write now- It is ugly indeed, but it is the truth.

I like to use it as a wake-up call to people regarding their dignity and remaining honor as a part of their family.

I speak about a house person’s complex.

It is a sentence I see fit and applies toward house persons. I do not blame people who choose to stay home and take care of the household, but I find it highly inappropriate to cheat your partner until you’re home and are bored. I speak about the period when kids are old enough to care about themselves. They do not need their parent’s help anymore.

House people sit at home, doing nothing about improving themselves or their relationship with the other parent of their kids.

Usually, when house people have free time, they look at their phones.

They start to flirt online or play mobile video games.

They do not make something to develop themselves and the family’s dynamic.

I am highly disappointed in parents with kids that hate their partners but stay with them, using them for money. They don’t take steps to improve themselves in any better version. These house people use chats and games to fantasize about some wind-whirling romance, and they stop working on their own in reality.

In the end, they are left alone and unloved by their real-life partner. Of course, the one parent will leave the broken family’s relationship, taking the kids.

Is that not a high price for false online romance?

That is a form of cheating too. The situation will lead to worse activities. Domestic abuse may pop up, and divorce may follow. Kids will see and apply it in their adult lives.

The time spent online should be used purposefully on self-improving or caring for the stability of the family’s unit. Most people today indeed lead single-parent life.

But, if there is a possibility to stay in a whole family, and both partners want to work on it, there should be a better free online time investment.

I do not understand how it is possible to choose an online date, and then do your best to improve your family situation. I also had some online crushes, but they stood where their place is – online. And I am not proud, I have been there where many house persons are now. I understand the reasons behind flirting online, but I do not accept them to be the reason to neglect your real-life family.

Fantasies for love are way too deep in our current lives, but the truth is different. To love someone, you need to love yourself.

Currently, If I have to choose between an online flirt and an online course to improve my skills, my choice will be the course.

House persons, with free time, should work toward making themselves better parents and spouses. Looking for love online when you have chosen to be with someone, and have children, is not meaningful.

At least, the marriage deserves a chance to improve. If all possibilities for improvement between both parents are used up, then packing the bags, and those of the kids, come in handy.

The house persons should leave or try to save their marriages if they are not happy.

Sitting at home cheating with an online lover is pitiful. Either break up with him and work on yourself or stay with him, breaking your child and spouse’s hearts.

There should be a choice people make.

But, there can be not having both online and family love. It is disgusting and fake and will give a bad example to the children involved.

But yes, humans make mistakes and bear their consequences.

Even so, that is not making a person justified – it makes it look irresponsible.

My point is, the house persons should lead a loyal and faithful marriage life, trying their best to improve and save what they have. If there is nothing in that marriage to save, people better leave it clean and proudly.

Tolerance between marriage partners has its limits. Remember the reasons why you married that person. When the connection between both spouses has shattered, sitting and doing nothing will not help.
House persons should think carefully about what consequences will bring their boredom and time-killing choices will reflect in their family life.

Yes, it is true “Love is found anywhere,” but before stepping into the numerous outside marriage’s relationship, think first about what you want to achieve from it.

Do you have the guts to drop what you have, taking your children with you?

If you do not have the courage, strength, and will to sacrifice what you have and go on your single hard life path, stop until it is not too late.

My experience is by being in online relationships and giving away too many chances to my former, almost, spouse.

Think for the future and see the bigger life picture.

lf people bear the consequences of their own choices if they are brave enough to accept them.

Careful thinking about every step in the lives before and after separation gives the answers if cheating is meaningful for people’s lives.

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