Channeling The Energy Is A Challenge

Channeling the Energy is A Challenge

Channeling The Energy Is A Challenge

That Should Be Done Properly Because The Personal Losses Are Huge

The 2022 end is near. It’s understandable people make yearly resolutions, even if they do not want to do it. As for me, that year was a good one in terms of professional and personal development. Outside my unsuccessful love and financial affairs, I had great memories in Dubai, and with my daughter. For material things, I bought a new car in May. That purchase helped me to travel to half of Bulgaria country and to see new landscapes for inspiration.

My feelings of pride for 2022 are: strengthened bonds with my few true friends, achieved my dream to become a Zumba instructor, finished my Poetry book “Mori Monologues,” and got serious with my blog.

When it comes to love, I feel grateful I got the chance to meet with five amazing men that year and understand better how the male mind works. Romances are not on my life’s plate because of my challenging character, but my loyal emotions toward my friends and daughter are eternal. That’s indeed a great motivation to live better and more focused.

I indeed feel lonely without a partner sometimes but is better this way if there are no mutual feelings. Pain is less. I should protect my heart to stay strong for my daughter.

In Bulgaria, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are many holidays. I have enough time to revise my past 2022 experiences, lessons, and emotions. These revisions are my base to create from a scratch 2023 plan. For my three main goals, I need serious discipline and focus, which is achievable. No more emotional matters distract me.

Discipline for every life’s field is a must. Some call it prioritizing, while others focus on one thing at a time.  Both cases speak loud and clear that if there are no steps toward a matter, there is no success.

Some time ago, I thought the action plan for everything should be detailed. Devils in the details, after all. The action plan can be almost perfect, but it’s good for the steps toward a goal to be flexible and general. Outside factors can not be predicted 100 % and fast adaption is always welcomed.

A Thought about channeling my energy toward my most important life fields.

Based on my tries and mistakes, I figured out the important matters for me now. They are career, weight loss, and mind’s peace. Because of my daily work stress and short deadlines, I became uninspired to do anything. That led me to the conclusion to leave my current job as soon as possible because my health worsens every day there. My mind is open and positive for the new opportunities my friends gave me.

My feeling of pride is helping my best friend to organize a concert of Alexander Rybak in my current city, and I feel inspired to try something new.

In that way of thinking, I believe that opportunities are everywhere, and people should learn to see them. Currently, my lessons follow one after another on daily basis. Another example of opportunity is connected with another of my best friends who will invite me to a project in February.

The good things that happen around me are present because I channeled my energy into professional development. The positive thoughts about my desired career are rooted in my mind. For that to happen, I sacrificed every single thought for romance. When people win and achieve something, they lose something else. That is called equilibrium.

For good or worse, now I am where I am – single-focused on my career. It was proved to me, love is not my current suit. But that is okay because my important things seem different from a romance, and I am not into it anymore. At first, my amazement was big to find out that truth, but it’s how life happens.

Based on my experience, when the energy is not channeled at the right moment situations, personal losses are too many. For me, they were my health, bankruptcy, and nervous breakout. The lack of inspiration I met recently, was because my head stood in illusionary people’s perceptions. That is not a mistake, but a good lesson that made me revise my thoughts and feelings.

It may sound weird, but I found out that the emotions I always had and dive into, lead me to dysfunctional actions. Maybe it would be worth it if they were mutual. 

In my current situation, romantic feelings make me a clown who only entertains males.

It’s always challenging to let someone go, and it hurts, but in the long-term losing, everything seems no good. The price to channel the energy into the wrong people and careers is way too high. Risk and knowing the cause is lost but going for it,  are different things.

Proper investment of energy into New Year’s actions is a must. There is a saying that things come at the right time and place for people. So my time for many things is not now. It seems I have too much work on my personal development.

And do you think for your personal development?
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