Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly

Rip Out The Wings of A Butterfly?

Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly

And  It will Die

To be Reborn in Something More Beautiful Than Ever Before.


Today my mood is a weird combination of rage, fear of the unknown, un unappreciation of my efforts, and disappointment from a loved person.  Not in a negative way through, it’s more like in shaking one for a better life.

When I feel like that, I listen to my favorite HIM song  “Wings Of A Butterfly” which resonates well with my current feeling and it’s my writing motivation. Parts of its lyrics are the basis of my thinking confession today.

Many people live under the motto “Heaven ablaze in our eyes” and “We’re standing still in time in their emotional unavailability to commit. Past disappointments roar and chain the heart to move on. Reasons are various but more likely worse personal experience.

But, tell me, if that experience didn’t exist, would you be the person you are today, with the new wings of a butterfly?

Recently, I got pissed off with a male who treated me hot and cold. One time I was a friend, another- a lover.  In the end that made me rip out the wings of my love’s butterfly soon enough after we started dating. I’m no one’s accessory or a trophy to be brought around, and I want to know where is my place in someone’s life.

Statements like “This Endless mercy line” known as “Situationship” and “We’re crawling side by side”“Toxic Relationship” should not fit in people’s romantic lives. They’re not worth it and kill the personal and couple’s growth. Situationship and toxic relationships are often used as excuses. Many people, who do not want to fully commit and trust others look for a way to avoid responsibility. It’s one of the reasons many singles stay like that forever.

Romantic disappointments lead to philophobia or obsession with someone. Both scenarios bring no good. They make a lot of damage to couples or individuals. However, it’s something uncontrollable sometimes when the love is too strong.

Indifference between partners is the relationship assassin I find in the With Hell Freezing over in our eyes” sentence. 

People are different and they rarely accept others’ faults. A true bond is when someone knows the worst sides of a partner, friend, or team member, and still stays by his side. When they do not see the good sides and try to change the other’s worst sides which are the spice of the human character, there is no future in the relationship. Feelings freeze then, and people separate.

On the other hand, obsession with someone may lead to crimes. They may be from jealousy, envy, or not having enough time between lovers. Every minute and hour is a treasure for those who love each other. Waiting for a call or text message seems endless and creates false thoughts about the partner being uninterested or cheating. That is the basis for jealousy and obsession. If the individual doesn’t control it, the situation goes crazy, leading to unforgivable actions.

Love is like a butterfly, but if its wings start to rip, it’s better to rip them out.

Yes, that way, the feelings will die in pain, darkness, sorrow, and emptiness, but only that way metamorphose comes to the heart. The next butterfly transformation will be a better one.

Letting go of dead emotions without allowing them to transform the heart into steel is better than kissing adamant. I also experienced that in lovemaking with someone. It kills passion and creates a feeling of being a mistake in someone’s life. That taints the soul which is the only asset we have in our human lives.

In the end, the“Rip out the wings of a butterfly for your soul, my lovephrase is the best lesson people learn when they meet face-to-face with a painful love experience.

Thank you for reading, and start thinking about where you are currently in your romantic life. I will do the same with you virtually.


Doing Charities Does Not Cost Much

Charity Does Not Cost Much

Doing Charities Does Not Cost Much


Think about it while listening to that song.

Today, like every other day, I took a walk to my office. I saw many people drinking coffee, moving around one old gentleman as if he was invincible.
He sold flowers. Yellow ones that he grew up in his garden. They cost 0.04 cents each.

He was with wet eyes and rough hands. He cried.
Not a single person cared for him. Nobody cared about buying his flowers which he grew with his efforts.

But, people are concerned to sit comfortably at coffee shops drinking a coffee for 4 euro each, or buying a drink from the coffee automates that is popular in Bulgaria, up to 2 euro.

Watching the paradoxical situation,  I wondered if should I cry or laugh. It’s a bittersweet situation.
I had only 4 euros in my wallet.

I gave the old gentleman 2 euros to buy as many flowers as possible and he gave me one more than what I requested.

In Bulgaria, there is a tradition of giving an odd number of flowers to the living people, and for the dead persons — an even number of flowers.
The old gentleman spoke with me for about ten minutes. He cried, stressed, pointing out that people have no money to give more than 0.04 cents for his flowers.

The old gentleman spoke with me for about ten minutes. He cried, stressed, pointing out that people have no money to give more than 0.04 cents for his flowers.

Watching people around me, drinking a coffee for more than 0.04 cents, and the work the old gardener had done told me once again, people suck. At least, most of them.
To play dumb and see a working man as invisible? It is out of the question even to comment.

At the same time, many people begged for money. I don’t tolerate that. If someone wants to work, they work.

Where is the human discipline gone?

Probably, it is in the same place where humanity is — in the books and buried deep under the artificial silicone fields in every living area.
However, charity does not cost much — it is a kind word, listening to, or buying something that a man has grown up in his garden. It is the smile you can give to an unknown person or a coffee you can buy up to 2 euros.

People can buy products made by non-profit organizations for animal rights. The list may be endless, but that is another topic.

Until when people will look only before their noses and even wolves will be better creatures?
I wanted to say that. Whoever doesn’t like it may continue living however likes.

For today, I finish my thinking confession, because I am on an important life journey.

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