Snake’s Skin Shedding Is Useful Insight

Snake's Skin Shedding Is Useful Insight

Snake’s Skin Shedding Is Useful Insight


Dedicated to Life’s Game Changers

The snake is a fascinating creature that not many people admire, but its skin shedding is transformative. I believe that changes are inevitable and give more insight into various situations.

Snake’s Skin Shedding

The process of transformation is usually painful, but there are a few ways to go through it smoothly. Skin Shedding always happens for a reason, and when the right motivation is present. I believe some of the courses are with a positive mindset with affirmations like: “What I learned from the situation that happened?“, and “I can’t change the past, but I can do my best to not make the same mistakes”, or “I can accept the consequences of my actions and inactions.”

Positive affirmations help people to accept easier the change they face inevitably. The experience can not be changed but it could become smoother. It’s undeniable fact that the biggest challenges bring the newest and strongest transformation.

Every shed snake’s scale brings its pain, life lesson, and another point of view.

It’s not easy for living creatures to shed their skin on their own accord. Sometimes outside influences create the urge for a shift in the attitude toward life. In these times people should look inside their hearts and bring out the courage they have. Whatever the situation is, changes are inevitable sooner or later in people’s lives.

Regarding affirmations, they should not only be told but learned too. Situations in life are great teachers as I stated in one of my older articles.

When the situation is unclear, there should be at least three options to resolve it, knowing and accepting the consequences of the made choice. It’s also called a reserve plan.

I give you an example from my personal life to which I do not pay much attention the last few months, because it seems all I care about is to work and move on toward my goals. My work-life balance is off. However, I found time to date a man last week.

Going on a trip to his place, I had three situations in my head and thought about their consequences.

The situation went to a destination I didn’t expect, but it was close to my observation. Overcoming the consequences of my doing is still unsolved in my mind. They were not good or bad, but I believe it will bring closure to another unrequited relationship of mine.

Sometimes things do not happen the way people want but they bring metamorphose.

But keeping going is a must for everyone. It will create the best life one individual could have, transforming him into a better version of himself after the disappointment’s scale sheds.

As people grow older and through new experiences, they mature and start to see the picture through unconventional lenses.

Useful Insight

Changes in human life happen often because people evolve daily, even if they do not understand them. They do not want to accept the insight they receive, but that is inevitable while life is going on. It’s like hunting shadows of the past who may taint the future.

Many life coaches say to live in the present and that is true, but first, the peace with the past should be sealed. When the old pattern scales become thick and rigid skin,  people move on because they have no other choice. Of course, there is resistance to doing what has to be done, but nothing stays stopped forever. 

The clock arrows thicking until the batteries die. The same goes for human life.

Do you know why I love snakes?

They appear cold, but they change whenever the sunlight warms them. The snakes never eat more they can savor and enjoy life. Snakes’ skin scales are beautiful and unique. The snakes also are friendly toward those who do not choose to fear them. These creatures defend only when they are attacked. Even if they live solitary, they attract far more attention than expected.

That way of thinking, the same goes for me and many other people I know. Or maybe for everyone who dares to shed skin scales and transform into something better than a  person, waiting to die physically because it has no life inside.

For today, that is my confession. Thank you for reading.





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