Only Yours – Short Story

Only Yours - Short Story

Only Yours – Short Story


Dedicated to art cafe lovers.

“Have you heard about the new “Only Yours” art cafe, Dana?”, Leyla asked.

“Yes, but I have not visited it yet,” Dana replied.

“Let’s visit it!”- both women said together.

In the small neighborhood, “Luna”, many people loved “Only yours” art café.

It was built by Valery Black and Kingston Shone like a memento of their mutual and eternal love for each other, and the coffee-making process.

Dana and Layla went into the art café. They were amazed at how feminine and masculine interior details complemented each other.

There were many paintings of Orchids, Night Jasmine, and Roses on the walls since Valery Black loved these flowers. She had a garden where she grew them all and painted them after.

Sofas and tables were with Kingston Shone’s masculine signature of punctuality, responsibility, and stability. He loved to stay on the sofa when there was time for it creating a stable action plan to improve the family business.

The carpets accentuated a feminine and mysterious approach. The ornaments on them symbolized the love story of both individuals in colors.

It was not an easy one.

Layla and Dana sat comfortably and ordered coffee. Kingston made their coffees, and Valery decorated them with a butterfly to remind both women they are free to choose everything in their lives. The two baristas smiled at every client that came into the art café. That made them successful.

Dana and Layla enjoyed their time and talked a lot. Many hours went by and the two baristas came and sat with the girls. The family loved when clients stood late sometime. That showed them the visitors liked the place.

“May I ask how you came up with the idea of the art café?” asked Dana because she was a journalist and wanted to state the facts about everything.

“You are straightforward! I like you!” Valery smiled.

“It is a bit weird story, but it is the one that changed my life for the best,” added Kingston.

“I just want to hear the truth,” Leyla said seriously.

“Okay, I’ll tell you a story since I am a great storyteller,” smirked Valery

“I love her stories, and I adore her,” complemented Kingston “I will bring the Merlot now since Val loves it,” he stood and went to the bar.

Valery started her story.

I was lost, and I found Kingston ten years ago. At first, he saw me as a friend, and he did not accept that he loved me. We lived far from each other, but once I gave him my heart, I knew he was my man even if he did not know it then.

I felt it with every fiber of my body. He wanted me to break up with him, and I did not.

My love became stronger monthly. But, one day, I just gave up and decided to live alone, watching him from afar. I tried to persuade myself he was not my man despite my intuition always saying otherwise.

Then I started chasing her for real – Kingston’s deep voice said, coming closer. I tried to run away from my feelings, I felt low and thought I did not deserve a woman like her. She was pure goodness, walking in her shoes with a white soul. My soul was black. Valery healed it with her patience, acceptance of all of me, and unconditional feelings. I treated her not enough good. I should compensate for it every day of my life. Valery taught me what true love is.

“That sounds very romantic, but it does not give an answer to my question”, continued Dana.

Valery concentrated.

After we became an official couple, we moved in together. I learned that Kingston does not love public displays of affection and many other sides of him. I wanted to make him challenge himself and heal from past traumas, becoming a better version of himself.

One day, he was bitter, and I decided now was the time to take him out of his comfortably lethargic zone, even if I made him angry. Kingston needed to feel more passion for life. You should know that I am passionate about everything I do and love.

We walked the streets and held hands. We were silent. Many people looked at us because we looked like a perfectly cold couple. Many men and women tried to woo us every time we were together.

Then I stopped in the middle of the boulevard, let go of his hand, and kissed him passionately in front of everyone’s eyes. He blushed and asked me: “Why did you do that? You know I don’t like the public display of affection. It does not matter anyway. I love you deeply, and I may give my life for you”, he was angry, and happy at the same time.

That was the feeling I wanted him to experience in his current life.

“I want everyone to show everyone who sees us that I have been, and I always will be Only Yours”.

Kingston kissed the hand of his lady, saying: “You make me feel alive then and now”

“Ahem,” coughed Layla, a bit embarrassed.

“Now I know the truth behind “Only Yours” art cafe name story”, giggled Dana “That will be a great article that makes you more popularized.”

The four people laughed, drank wine, and became good friends. Later on, they went on a trip together.

Dana wrote the best article of her career. She earned the best journalist award.

Layla started to improve her personal affairs, remembering the story of both baristas. Her bordello became more popular because she invited street artists to sing, telling them the “Only Yours” story.

Valery and Kingston became four members of a family. As time went by, they branded their art cafe. The logo was “Only Yours can be your reality if you allow it to be”.

They created a franchise for it in many countries with various true love stories to remember.

Once upon a time, I had a dream to become a barista, who listens to visitors’ stories and owns an art cafe. My love for every form of art is neverending and I am curious like a cat to understand better every kind of artist. Exceptional people are those who dare to follow their creative passions.

Art cafes are places where people can relax, observe and enjoy their “me time” without any obligations. If I owned one cafe like that, I would also go back to my painting or doing nails which I love.

But today, I think differently. My innocence is gone, and now I would like to own a cafe with some business partner because the family business dream faded away. That kind of business takes at least two people.

That short story was rejected in a competition. I wrote it with the love of my old goal to do something special with my eventual lover. The idea is still good, but my path toward it is distant. Maybe I will create a new business on my own

One day, my beautiful and smart daughter will take her life path and fly away from our nest.  Then I should find new motivation to keep going through life on two feet.

So, what is the point of my confession today?

Following your dreams at the right moment is everything. If even one second is missed, the dram may fall apart inevitably. Try, fail and stand up. I do it all my life and everyone has the skills to make it.

Do You Remember Your Dreams?
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