Horse’s Silent Understanding

Horse's Silent Understanging

Horse’s Silent Understanding


The reason People prefer the animal company.

Yesterday I visited an old village that currently operates as a Tourist attraction. It’s called Brashlyan, and the time in it is stopped. There is a lot of Bulgarian History and originality from house owners nowadays.

On one abode’s wall, I saw Izida’s painting, on another – a unique flower arrangement, and on the third – a photovoltaic system. The best thing I found out in Brashlyan is the wild horses, tranquility, and restoring my mind’s peace.

November last year, I broke up with the true love of my life and visited that place for the first time. Between my crying and silent sorrow, that village healed me. There is nobody most of the time, and the place has one Coffee Vendor Machine. It’s a great place for finding the mind’s peace. I call Brashlyan my remedy and take it regularly. Loving the sea in my current living town, I started to adore the village’s silence.

Flower Arrangement

How I met the Horse?

I walked and my tears dried because of the memories that ran through my mind when I heard a noise. It was the horse. Our eyes met, and we created an immediate bond between our silence. I felt like he had read my mind, pain, and sorrow.

Doing the first step toward the horse, I was afraid he will run away, like my life’s romantic mates, but he stood bravely right there, piercing his calm irises in mine. It was a silent understanding between two hearts and energies.

I tried to pet the horse, and it was weird because he hesitated at first, but a few moments later, I could touch his fur on the forehead. It was a happy moment for me. After a while, I saw the horse’s family, and they ran away into the wood.

What did I learn and feel from the horse’s meeting?

Silent understanding is the greatest gift someone can give to a hurt person. The words and actions that say “I am with you” are far more powerful than crying and gossiping together about how bad people are. Yes, they are, and that’s an undeniable fact that helps no one.

There is a choice if the pain inside makes the individual one of the bad people or a good human who doesn’t allow himself to do unpretty actions toward others.

One thing is sure, and that is animals’ feelings are sincere because they trust their instincts. Horses are patient, loyal, understanding, and do not lie. It takes a long time to build trust with that mammal, but when earned, it’s forever. Something people lack nowadays. My longing for forever seems naive and funny, but in life people should have their principles, circling the ideal they follow throughout their lifetime.

Unfortunately, animals understand that better than humans.

I highly recommend visiting Brashlyan – it’s tranquil, has fresh air and a lot of Bulgarian historical knowledge lies there. On the other hand, it has an eco-trail that helps to organize chaotic thoughts. The place brings out the deepest feelings, healing them with tears. The frozen time there gives an idea of how life should be in peace that is long gone, destroyed by humans.

The thing I love the most in Brashlyan is the Coffee Vending Maschine. It gives spice to the travel there.  Sitting on a bench, looking at the church school, with a cup of coffee in hand, takes me back to a peaceful time – it makes me smile, and forget the worse memories I have from the present 21st-century life.

The memory I got with the horse yesterday, gave me hope I still can find silent understanding without judgment.  Not blaming myself for my past actions and wrong choices, made me realize that animals are the best thing I could have in my life.

Light In The Love’s Tunnel

Different age couple

Light In The Love’s Tunnel


There Is Still Hope For True Love.

I am very excited these days because I started my Zumba instructor training. That changed my mindset in so positive-emotional wave that I can not sleep thinking about the steps I will show in my future Zumba class.

 I spend a lot of time outside to recharge because I work on my Poetry book “Mori Monologues” and write actively.

The recent posts I have read online were only about disappointing dating experiences. I also have some, but I do not care about them anymore since my mind occupies with Zumba and Poetry.

I saw rays of hope for true love the last few days when I was out to listen to live music, and I have met new people in real life.

Last Friday, I went to a live music place in my town. A famous Bulgarian singer sang. His niece was there with her boyfriend. She stepped on the stage, singing and playing the guitar. To my taste, the girl was not enough emotionally into her songs and I didn’t feel her. The people in the cafe left, but she enjoyed her performance.

The thing that amazed me that evening was the Devotion I saw in that girl’s boyfriend. He left everything else and concentrated on her performance, making a video of her best moment on the stage. He supported her with every fiber of his body. I loved the image of both persons in love.
The girl sang three songs, and they hugged and held hands. It was a unique experience for me as a skeptical romanticist that there is still true love somewhere out there and humanity.

That made me happy. I never envy people in love. I applaud their happiness. It makes me believe that I can find true love treasure too.

The story I heard last weekend about love’s light tunnel hope made me speechless too.

I went out with the mind to dance Salsa.

Sunday and Tuesday in my Seatown, there is a free Salsa party. In the club, that night were no dancers. I and my friend went to an unusual place.

I do not drink beer in the pubs, but still, they are popular. I ordered my glass of rose wine.

There were no free places, and a man and a woman invited us to join them because they would like to go soon. We started the casual talk, and both people did not go. The woman was older than the man, and I liked him as a person, thinking he was her friend. He said they both are married.

Wow! I was amazed by the pride I felt when he said that. In true love, there is no age difference.

It was fascinating for me, who had always evaded marriage because my parent’s family was broken when I was young.
That man and his woman have 21 years difference, and it was my first-time experience communicating with that type of couple. I was surprised by how deep their love is despite the age difference.

I have never seen a thing like that in a similar age couple, and even in the standard young girl-older gentleman pair.

These two people connected on a deep level I could not imagine since I never felt it. After so many years together they still keep their flame toward each other. Looking into each other’s eyes they knew every single thought they had and the tenderness surrounding them. They indeed complemented each other in many fields.

I was shocked in a good way where True Love finding is.

I started to think about where I live.

Are they some aliens or live in another universe?

These days I was a witness to true love I never imagined I would see.
Of course, that inspired me to write more love and humanity stories because there is still a light of hope for human salvation before they become materialistic robots.
I know it may sound weird, but I always choose and will keep doing it – to look at the bright side of the situation when meeting new people.
Many persons I know, speak only for interests when it comes to love. I am a believer that it is not always about interest when feelings are involved.

I prefer being disappointed by my naive belief in the good of people and will not change that. It is my core and the foundation I built my character.

Key takes /if someone cares about them/ for the Love’s tunnel:

*Life is happening outside virtual reality, and true love is there.
*Changing mindset opens new eyes and doors to the human soul that are unknown.
* People should drop off the act of false friendliness and become sincere involved with others’ lives they meet in reality.

Thank you for reading, and I am going off to my real Zumba life-changing experience that led me outside the box of virtual situations.
The disappointing romantic experience stopped me from living my life. But, they are part of my past, and I embrace them with pride because they made me who I am today.

That is a revised post.


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