Love Miles Between Time

Love Miles Between Time

Love Miles Between Time


Like a Life’s Fairytale with various endings

Since I am a lover of Asian culture, I can’t agree more. All of us meet some strangers that we feel they know for a long time. It doesn’t matter if we meet them outside or online. It is the feeling we know them.

These, who stay, are few, while the teachers are more. When it comes to feelings, many people act indifferently on purpose. They were hurt, dumbed, rejected, or lied to by other humans.

My way of doing things is different, though. As PINK’s song “Try” says, always when is a flame, someone gets burned. I think if we do not get burned, we can’t feel anything and overcome the pain. If we do not overcome pain, we will not become wiser. Knowing our strong feeling, make us better versions of ourselves.

In Asian culture, people also believe that when two humans meet three times in one day, they are fated to meet. If this is true I do not know, but it is better to have some belief about it.
Many movies and books show this kind of fated meeting, but I can say it happens in reality too.

Successful life coaches were hurt a lot of times and choose to share their experiences.

But their tries are not well-accepted all the time.

People who stay in other’s life are such a rarity that it seems not even reachable. With humanity evolving, many people became too materialistic and forgot what it is to be a human. It is a fact everything starts and finishes with communication with other people. But the conversations should be sincere.

Since Sincerity is somehow uncommon these days, people should learn to get by disappointments faster. It is true that when someone gets burned by others’ lies is hard.
Getting by is the essence of growing up in every life field. And to become a life teacher. Because it is true, life teachers give the best possible example to other people.

Flame in love is considered a chemical reaction to the body’s needs. That is not the whole truth. The first thing is the mind’s attraction. I also fell for men at once because of their strong charisma and individuality look.
Falling in love is easy even if it’s not right because many people are lonely, and even a small gesture of attention can make them fall in love with the wrong person. But they desire this exact person, and when there is a desire, feelings lead to burnout.

After all, everyone wants to experience soulmates at least once, even for a short time. But not always red laces connect the souls for good. They connect them for different things, but the facts show they are inevitable connections between people at some point in their lives.

Love miles between times means that many souls are fated to meet for a different life lesson. And into poles apart.





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