Under The Same Moon – Flash Fiction

Under The Same Moon - Flash Fiction

Under The Same Moon – Flash Fiction


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It was July – Stranded stood at the beach, drinking a cocktail and checking her phone when she was not in the water.

A message popped up.

– Hey, beautiful, I found your profile on Wattpad, and I want to know you better. – A man under the name Kenny has written that.

Stranded was bored, and while drying, she decided to start talking to the unknown guy, killing time.

– Hello, thank you for the compliment. Have you read some of my works on Wattpad? – Stranded was curious – It shows respect, you know when you read people’s works. – she was not in the mood to flirt, so that should make the man go away.

– Yes, I did, and I added a star. Have you not received it yet? – the unknown man replied.

Stranded opened the Wattpad application and saw the star. It was a step forward in her author’s career.

Usually, the men on Stranded’s Wattpad only went after her without checking her poems or stories.

The profile picture Stranded used, was beautiful, and they stopped writing her after she ignored them for a week or more.

– Thank you. Is Kenny your real name? – started conversation Stranded.

– Yes, it is my name.- replied Kenny – Where are you from, beautiful girl? I liked your picture and then your work, so I did write you.

-Eastern Europe. – replied Stranded – What are your hobbies?

-Traveling, Wine tasting, and Reading. What are yours? – asked the man.

-The same as you told me, Kenny, but I need to go now. – replied Stranded.

-Okay, have a good day!

Stranded didn’t like online talks – they were fake most of the time.

Men who she met online were with false personalities and individual information. She replied whenever she met someone interesting, hoping he might be real.

But, as a doubtful woman, she always was prepared for the worst. The moment some unknown man wanted money from her or spread his love toward her on the third day when they talked, all was clear. It was an endgame for Stranded and that man. She blocked and reported him without a blink of her pretty brown eyes. The romantic scammers were always after Stranded.

She had good conversations next week with Kenny.

The both of them shared common interests, but she didn’t feel an attachment toward him.

The man, on the other side, started to try obsessing her. Kenny asked questions about where is she and why she responds not to him. She ignored the man.

A month went by. Kenny continued to write her, but he transferred his questions to goodwill wishes.

Stranded gave him another chance to talk with her because he was a good interlocutor. She started to attach to him in a friendly way. The woman was happy she had met a new friend.

A week went by again, and Stranded was happy she had reasonable conversations. But one day, the situation changed.

– I can’t sleep last night – told her Kenny.

– Why? – asked Stranded

– I am in love with you. Every time I look at the moon, I see your pretty face. I want to marry you. I want to retire and come to you.

– Hm, don’t you think it is early for that? – the saying sounded fake, thought Stranded – We have known each other for a few months

– But it is the truth! Can I trust you with my heart-keeping? – Kenny sounded weird.

– I do not love you, Kenny. I can not accept your love the way you want. – Stranded told harsh – I am not sure if I ever come to love you. Let’s see how things will happen.

– Okay, thank you for listening to my confession. But will you give me a chance? – asked the man.

– Let’s keep talking. I need more time to decide if I can grow feelings toward you. – Stranded spoke with the knowledge she never will feel like that toward Kenny.

– Okay, thank you again. – told the man.

– We are under the same moon, Kenny. Until alive, we can hope for a good turn in our relationship. – carefully told Stranded.

After three days, she received a strange message from Kenny.

– My love, can you send me an Amazon gift for $200? I couldn’t take my money.

Stranded reread the message three times. With pain in her heart, she blocked and reported the person she thought she knew.

Numerous times, Stranded saw the falsity in every online communication. The woman kept going into her life, under the same moon, as many other online romantic scammers. Her intuition was great as always. She couldn’t hate anyone or blame him for anything.

Everyone has their reasons, thought Stranded, even if they use them on her back.
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