Being The Light Of Change

Dance through it

In this stressful time, one of the things I like to do is Zumba.

I was worried when I first joined an online live-stream Zumba class. The instructor kept saying “Be the light!”, and all of the participants were inspired to move.

But what truly means being the light?

In my opinion, that is a spark.

The one thing that made a candle lightens up a full room with people.
People can be the light if they want it.
Many humans lost their consciousness and this is an undoubtful fact.
Spark always breaks up the darkness.
There are the choices people make after all. To light up the fire of life or be consumed by the darkness of giving up and depression.

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My example is like this: one Zumba instructor brought to light the people, but they are those who choose their spark toward the training to move them up or not.

The point of one of my confessions is: If you want to make your life better and people around you happier, be the light that brings up their strengths. Be an inspirator that makes people around him or her move on toward their dreams of making their minds and bodies the best version they can be based on their inner power and discipline.
Because we live now in a dark time that means every single ray of hope in the heart for something better and more human is a must.
People should face their inner fears and hear their voices. Only this way we may save our Humanity or not.

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