Sex On Fire – A Favorite Song In A Poem

Sex on Fire - A favorite song in a Poem

Sex On Fire – A Favorite Song In A Poem


A bit Erotic Interpretation

Lay where you’re laying

My lust for you can not be delayed.

Don’t make a sound

We developed our playground

I know they’re watching

But we do not need catching.

They’re watching

We’re perfectly matching.

All the commotion

Let’s skip to the action.

The kiddie-like play

No need for foreplay.

It has people talking

Let’s keep walking.




Gave me a cue.

Your sex is on fire

Burning with desire.

The dark of the alley

You are my tonight’s prey.

The breaking of day

I want you to stay.

Head while I’m driving

You seductive smiling.

I’m driving

Not trying.

Soft lips are open

There is a barrier, let’s drop it!

Their knuckles are pale

Our passion will never stale.

Feels like you’re dying

Do not keep trying.

You’re dying

Lipstick applying.



With what’s just transpired

Where is my mind? I can’t find it.

Hot as a fever

Purest believer.

Rattle of bones

I  listen to your moans.

I could just taste it

We both are pleasing.

Taste it

Release it.

If this is not forever

Forgetting it never.

If this is just tonight

Or to the end of time.

Oh we’re still the greatest

We both are chasing.

The greatest


And you

Are under my skin. True.


Like a physical being, I want to feel deep emotions.

Distant romantic situations do not go well with me for the long haul because I want to be close to my lover when having one.

When people start Long-distance relationships, they should give it a certain period to move in together.  Having sex, proper dates, and elementary physical touches like hugs, kisses, etc., are a must in every relationship.

The “Sex on Fire”‘song lyrics are passionate and like an aphrodisiac for me.  I am not the one-night-stand type and not a puritan too.

Words can easily be twisted based on a human’s mind in a dirty or innocent way. I explain my mind in every favorite song in a poem I write.

I wish everyone to have an experience like the one described in “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon.



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