I Had A Dream – Poem

I had A dream - Poem

I Had A Dream – Poem

is about beautiful dreams that give hope for a better new day

In my dream

I received a gift

An antique silver

Necklace from the man

Living next neighborhood

Who I met last year

At the end of June

When I danced at retro

Music I love

We went on a date

He held onto my hand

While saying “We’ll see us again,”

Which never happened

Since that day, I thought

He was my soulmate companion

But the reality checking

And many ignored calls

Showed me the meaning

Of meeting men at the bar


The chemistry was boiling

We danced as we know

Each other from the century

Of “The temple of the king” vow

Which is my favorite

Song whenever I go

Away in the distance

From numerous loves

That made me an illusionist

Who plays her unique show

Without the complimentary crowd

To watch my authentic tricks

Like a neverending let go

Of Someone I treasured

While I am his scarecrow


In terms of my sarcastic

Self-laughing soul

I cried a deep river

Then went with the flow

I go back to dreaming

With the ability to grow

While I am dying

Digging in ashes

That miraculous rose me above

Like the Legendary Phoenix

Engraved on a silver coin

I recently, out of curiosity, bought

And it is a beauty

Like my vision while sleep

I had a dream

That gave me a hope

To keep moving

Because my heart will go on

Beyond new horizons


Last night I had a beautiful dream. A man I used to date sent me a gift – silver jewelry and a handwritten letter. From a young age, I am hopeless romantic and preferred paper letters and hand-made gifts. They give me part of the emotions the maker had when creating them. Today I am the same but try to control that weak side of mine because people do not understand romance the same way as before. Retro courtship and dates are something that I long for today but I know it’s challenging to have them. Even so, my hope never goes away thanks to the beautiful dreams I have while sleeping.

Who knows? They may become a reality.






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