Different Directions – Poem

Different directions - Poem

Different Directions – Poem

Birds fly so high

It’s springtime

And various flocks fly

In the same destinations

But some birds

Fly into different directions

Because of Pride

And wander the night

Of the soul that’s broken

Beyond repairment

Like that strained bond

Cut by angels diamond’s knife

And past development

That became toxic

Of maybe the ruffled feathers

That never grew back

Despite every fight

For humans right

Some say it’s destined

But there is a truth known

Distant hearts never become fond

And their red laces bring doom

These birds fly against all odds

On their own and die

Because seasons change

And life makes them apart

It’s not such a tragedy

To leave someone alone

They stubbornly go abroad

To look for a company

And maybe get accepted

For some time

Until they fly under row

And when starting to sing a new song

They’re not allowed to remain along

So birds fly in different directions

Taking every single hope

To  be loved and accepted

Genuinely overgrown

The expectation to be in the  crowd

In the end, they become the owl

That looks at the moon every night


“I hope to see you again, my love.

In this life, or another,

And until then I will be on my own,”

In the deepest remembrance

Because death made the birds hard

In their hearts with loneliness walk

When not tagged along

They only can silently cry

”Love will never die,”

On rainy days and nights

Experimenting to create their flocks

Breaking them one after another

Because of their choice of different directions

That makes them fly so high

And go to the happily-ever sunsets individually.


After my re-found talent to paint, I heard my voice can sing. 😉

Happy Easter to Orthodox Christians!

Today I came back from my hometown where my time with friends and family was amazing. Until I was there my daily walks in the rain showed me I can sing in it.  I believed that I can’t sing but today I do it proudly and it helps me a lot. The same way as dancing, writing, or painting.

Working with positive energy these days, I smile more and things happen in a good way. Some past mistakes roar but I don’t listen to them to not go down into the depression’s rabbit hole.

Today is a holy day. I never used to be a religious person, but somehow I feel the times changed and started to make me closer to the so-called god. The only thing that is unclear to me is why I am still learning my life lessons and see no results in everything I do. But it was yesterday I stopped to think about why-s.

Well, from today I will not ask and follow only my heart. It’s a  wonderful feeling. It’s better to not know the answers.








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