Knee’s Pain Is Like A Reminder

Knee Pain is like a reminder

Knee’s Pain Is Like A Reminder

That Is Needed Because Sometimes people forget to check their realities.

Last week, my knee pain problem started because I walk around 20 000 steps daily and lead Zumba classes. Probably, my leg was too tired. There is always a thin line between mania and doing something moderately to success slow and steady.

Unfortunately, I blur that line too often because of my passion for doing everything I love as much as possible, leading to reminders like the one with my knee.

Balance is a significant factor in successful personal and professional life, but it is challenging to achieve. I continuously learn to find equilibrium in my life.

When I understand how, I will share my knowledge, for sure. That will be my Secret to a good living. 🙂

While listening to my favorite blues writing music, my knee reminds me I am moving way too fast forward, and not many people can keep up with me. I am unsure if that is for good or worse, but I keep walking with a happy smile for waking up daily to write and dance.

I believe it’s worth feeling positive each beautiful morning while I drink my coffee on the terrace. Don’t you think?

Tomorrow will be another great day because eight years ago, I gave birth to my daughter, who changed my whole life for the better.  Many people do not want children, saying it’s not worth it for innocent souls to live in that cruel world.

But for me, more children are needed to teach and remind adults how to live to the fullest with joy.

I may sound harsh, but people who don’t want children are running away from responsibility and themselves. They can hate me as much as they want because everyone makes their choices. I plan to have more children in the future, one way or another.

The only true love is between a parent and child.

Now, let’s go back to the knee problem, which is the cause of the blog post, but I got distracted by my fast-flowing thoughts.

Training or running too much brings both pleasure and tiredness. The same goes when people do their work passionately and forget to take breaks for long periods. Outside stopping or initializing movement through life is present in every moment of human lives. The energy between work and relaxation should be equal because otherwise, the person becomes like an empty glass without the will to move on.

What did Knee pain teach me?

I felt sad I couldn’t dance and realized that the old patterns in relationships, or health habits, will never lead to new, interesting, and productive creations. I learned for myself that changing my diet will help me improve for Zumba classes. It is good the Zumba founders sent me a special Nutrition webinar to watch. I am amazed how these people give me every tool to succeed in my Zumba instructor future. In my country, employers are not like that.

Another important lesson from my knee pain was letting go of my self-built limitations to stay wherever is not my place.

Speaking of that, I decided when exactly I will quit my full-time job because of its low-income stability. After all, I feel like a prisoner. Since I am a bit fearful because I have not found another job yet, I am sure of my survival, even without the eight working hours somewhere I feel unfit.

That robs me of my freedom, social contacts, pursuing my passions, and other chances to succeed.  I want to soar through life, not be a low-level government employee without identity.

Another reason for my decision is that it’s more expensive to work in an office than to work from home. It takes my half salary to go to work, eat, drink coffee, and waste time traveling. Outside that, the nerves I spend there are not worth it and are not appreciated.

The most important lesson from my knee pain was to make a realistic plan, based on my skills and finances. They are not in great shape now, but I know I can do better. People should believe in themselves even if nobody else does.

If there is someone else that believes in you, keep them close.

Another topic, related to the knee pain I had, was the heartache I felt for a long time, but not anymore, thanks to my last week’s introspection. While my knee healed slowly, my soul did too. I broke up many hurtful relationships with forgiveness. It was not easy, but I decided to become a kinder version of myself, and that could happen only when let go. Letting go with respect, and keeping the good memories it’s far better than doing it with hate or ignorance. It is like karmic liberation that fills my heart with good feelings – they fuel me to keep going toward my dreams.

Things in life are simple indeed: Whatever happened, happened, and what is meant to be, will not change between time and space.

Like a reminder

In daily life, people forget about themselves in general. They forget to relax and start to flow with routines or schedules. Inevitably, that leads to self-doubt and not good feelings. It’s important to have personal time even only for thirty minutes daily. Sicknesses and physical pains are a reminder something is wrong and should be paid attention to. It was my case with the knee and now I will be more careful doing my choreography. The mind’s state also gives the motivation to do something. There should be always peace between heart and mind, otherwise, people become moody and unhappy. That is not good for friends, lovers, children, and productivity.

Relaxing should be done at least one full day every week.

Thank you again for reading me.


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Universe Regulates People’s Fast Walk

Universe Regulates People

Universe Regulates People’s Fast Walk


Humans Do Not Think When They Want to Achieve Results Fast.

When I was an active member of a writing platform called Medium, undoubtedly, my best post was “Universe has a weird sense of humor.”

Why do I tell you that?

 I am on the same life train stop today since I overestimated my abilities.

Once again, I am physically sick because I got too much work on my shoulders, and my body can not take the stress of my new daily routine. It seems I should rearrange it. When something is too much, Universe regulates it one way or another.

I support the idea of new changes with all my heart, but they should balance reality and imagination.

Recently I told one of my friends that the right time comes when the momentum is ready, and going too fast will bring Universe’s wrath. As usual, I gave good advice to others which I do not follow for myself. That is the main people: giving bits of advice they do not try, or unwanted ones.

Since I already spoke for the Universe’s weird sense of humor, now is the time to understand why Cosmos stops people when they are going too fast in their lives. As usual, I give only my example because I do not know what other people have been through in their lives. Feel free to share if you want in the comments. Let’s keep writing and reading now.

Giving Bits Of Advice People Do Not Try

People are the best at advising others. But when it comes to their lives, things are different. If the advice is untried, it is uncertain how it will work out for the other person. I try to give experience advice, and if not, start doing it with the advised friend. That builds a better bond between two people. Giving pieces of wisdom without practice makes the listeners bored. Students know what it feels like to listen to professors’ theories.

Giving Unwanted Pieces of Advice

My mistake is trying to save people when they do not even ask for it. I learned the hard way that “the savior” attitude is not a good base for any relationship. As time goes by, other people start to make the saver feel guilty and break his self-confidence.

It is challenging to stop doing that because kindness and compassion can not be resisted. Here come the boundaries people should learn to draw between themselves and others.

There is an Asian saying that reminds me about limits: “Between two people there are ten steps. When you do your five and meet no one, go back.” It is one of my life’s mottos.

I am going back to the People’s Fast Walk idea.

That was my routine before I become sick: too much work for a limited time, no proper meals, and not enough relaxation. I have done all that because I wanted results immediately, but did not understand I lack a lot to keep up with the aftermath. Certain skills should be improved for my success in the long-term, and they become perfect with more investment time that can’t happen too fast. Here are my examples.

Four times weekly Zumba training while Teachers suggested two per week for new instructors

That works for any sport if the person has enough stamina, nutrition, time, and a great fitness form that builds with time and patience I lack. It is better to listen to more experienced people about how a certain cycle works.

Muscles are not robotic and need a break, otherwise, sportsmen can lose their fit for a long time.  I went to the maximum of training on my first Zumba Instructor month, but I still lack some steps. So, I reduced my classes to two per week. I need to take my time learning properly the steps I will teach. When there is no readiness to take the sport’s blow, is better to train more.

Wrote daily on my blog, while I was on full-time work before the monitor, without a break.

I love writing so much that I forgot to eat or sleep sometimes.  When I was on a full-time job that I took a break from recently, I worked with computer programs all day long. My eyes and mind were stressed, health started to worsen. I wrote when I came back home after I made dinner for the kid, using the small amount of time before Zumba classes and making my immunity fall.

I did not think about anything else outside the financial results and kept my discipline on high price. That started to cost me my well-being and losing my child’s attention. I still do not have much money from my side hustles, but with my sickness, I can make an accurate action plan. That was the stopping reason Universe gave me.

Weekends spent before the monitor again, writing the Poetry Book

Before my kid woke up, I wrote, and after she went to bed, I did it again. I couldn’t sleep enough time because I was tired. That made me sour and unattentive to my child and outlook.

When I saw myself in the mirror after two weeks of that schedule, I was highly disappointed by my assertiveness’s amiss.  I immediately put on makeup and took the kid out to the zoo to compensate for missed time. Then I got the flu to be put back into reality. I realize my wrongdoings and am thankful for my sickness.

I see now clear and made better life management.

In my country, there is a saying: “Good things happen slowly,” and I forget that every time I become fired up for my passions. Indeed, a slower pace wins the race in the long term. Patience is needed and is what I have to learn.

The universe regulates people’s fast walking because is the best to do things when is their time.





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