Threesome – Animal’s Poem

Threesome - Animal's poem

Threesome – Animal’s Poem


Dedicated to every house pet because animal is the best companion

When I grow old

Lady without stats

I will own

Three dogs

Three cats

And a home


Beautiful as a painted glass

German Shepherd

Symbol of a higher class

Dogo Argentino

Great muscles, and fast


Feels the mystic

Japanese Bobtail

Giving love explicit

Persian one

Observation is her plan

They will stay in the home

For me, not being alone

After my children are gone

In their lives, wherever they grow

I and the pets will be a threesome

That lives at their complete freedom


Animals are the best companions. They love their owners and are not afraid to show it. It’s not weird that people love their pets more than other humans. My love for cats and dogs is eternal. I and my daughter feed the stray animals. They are many in Bulgaria. Especially the cats that live in my neighborhood. I do charity to organizations that support animal rights.

Some of the dog breeds I used in my poem are very interesting. They seem dangerous but are not. These dogs protect their owner with their lives, giving the purest love.

The point of my confession today is about nostalgic loneliness for the summer.

My last summer year was in 2022. Now I am on the autumn age journey. I feel a bit old but wise. The achievements I got in 2022 are motivating, but not enough for me to feel only positive about the past year’s experiences. It was a happy-challenging year in proportion to 60 – 40 %.  I had deeply painful emotions with close-to-heart-people, and have let go of non-working habits. My professional achievements weren’t successful enough in the material way of speaking, and I got many chances to meet stable partners I have let go. In my blood family that year, I got many problems I resolved and still do it. The good point for 2022 is I gained two new friends. These people proved they do not look at me only for interest, but for something else too. That is a big step from 2021 for me. It seems I changed my energy and attract another kind of persona.

Some of the friends that did not betray me, were the stray cats.

It’s a bit funny to say I prefer the animal company in the evening before New Year’s Eve. That makes me want 2022 to end faster and start a new search for trustworthy quality people in 2023. Since I feel a bit uninspired and lonely today, I end my thinking here. 

I wish everyone the best possible New Year’s Eve! Be bold, creative, and authentic. Always smile at life’s challenges. See you next year!

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