Running In Circles – Poem

Running in Circles - Poem

Running In Circles – Poem

is about daily life’s routine

There is a Circle

With Flying Color

That’s neverending

It doesn’t matter 

How far do I go?

By starting running

I come back and forth

Between the perpetual

Wish for the globe

Building by bright emotions

Then they just let go

Climbing so high

From my perception

That creates a new ride

Into daily circling

Running the same

Destinations with a limit

I still can’t cross the lines

Of breaking the spheres

That holds me so tight

To past revelation

With the present out of my sight

I want to feel it

But I am so numb

Despite my passion

Which breaks my wings

I need to heal them

It seems deeply sad

One more achievement

Went down in the black.

The hole that’s eating

The sparks of the hope

Should I continue?

It’s no other choice

To keep standing and fighting

In the search for a new dawn

That shall make me happier

Or that would be like

If there weren’t confusion

Of my defensive heart

That was too broken

But it still had to last

Building new castles

That will not blow out

By the venomous air

Of using aside

I’m running in circles

Between the doom and the light

Intensive emotions

They became torpor

Someday I will release them

Unsure for how long.


Daily routes may vary between self-indulgence, empty hopes, and new envisions. Then go back to the same old routines and patterns. I call them circles. They should be broken, but without outside interference is more complicated because people love to stay in their comfort zones. The same goes for me despite the fact I like to be a pioneer and to challenge life situations.

Until I unchain my heart, or do as in Queen’s song “I Want to break free,” a lot of time passes. Indecision is the main enemy of rebellious and disappointed people. But once the decision is made, nothing gonna stop the one who made it.




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