Business Flirt – Flash Fiction

Business Flirt - Flash Fiction

Business Flirt – Flash Fiction


An Explanation of Why Business Flirts Do Not Work

“How are you doing, my working girl?” Layla called Dana after another three months.

“It is going great with a special business person,” Dana sounded bittersweet and happy.

“Is it he not your lover,” Layla was curious.

“He wants me to join his business but flirts with me also without any idea of commitment,” Dana replied.

“So you did not have sex?” Layla laughed.

“We did not and we will not do it. We are business-oriented persons,” Dana said with a strange feeling of sadness like she wanted something more.

“I see, my dear, you got a business flirt,” Layla explained, “You have no luck in love. Either you’re the savior, or you are the business partner for men. You need to work more about your feminine energy outside your beauty.”

“I know and started doing it because I am tired of being a savior, advisor, business partner, motivator, inspiration, etc. for the men I want,” complained Dana.

“I understand but remember that the men you want and see as yours, may not look at you the same way as you wish,” Layla spoke sadly, “I call you again after three months, lovely.”

Dana thought many men were hers, and they were in her head and heart, but she was not their woman.


That’s a sequel to Choosing Reality – Flash Fiction.

Business flirts are popular nowadays because they are short-term and without engagements. Usually, the affairs are as soon as they happened. Many people leave their jobs often, so they have no plan to go into a long-term relationship with passionate colleagues.

When the stress level is too much, some office employees go physical, without thinking about the consequences of their behavior. It’s in human nature and it doesn’t matter how disappointing that is, it will not change easily.  The only way is self-control of emotions and physical urges.

Sometimes, business flirts are painful but they rarely grow into something more.

In my life, I had some business affairs and left my job after. It’s no good because I divide my professional and personal life. But in my confession today, I would like to share that many men these days see women only as business partners and nothing more. Unfortunately, females become delusional and start thinking the polite business partner wants something more of her.

Maybe it would be easier for the women to see themselves as a sexual bag that relieves stress by men, but it’s animalistic and inhuman. The times today change the perception of male-female relationships in a ridiculous way.

My belief is using someone only for sex is insulting, but the business flirt tendency is famous, and most women go with it to feel desired as lovers. Even if that is illusionary, they go with the flow, recovering after for a long time.

I’m old-school when it comes to love and sex, and that is one of the reasons I am still single. For me, it doesn’t work to open my legs so easily. I don’t understand how a woman, who respects herself,  does it. Maybe the problem is in me, my pride, morals, and idealism.

However, doing or not business flirt has its pros and cons. People should measure well both sides of that affair.
Is it needed or healing the low self-esteem?
Is it not a wicked game of mind’s delusions that rob the person of a chance at true love and a serious relationship?





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