The Vibrator Of Inhuman Treatment

Inhuman Treatment

The Vibrator Of Inhuman Treatment


Hidden in informal stalking.

Today I am in a bad mood. Since there is no one around physically to listen to me, I will write it down. Usually, people are busy when I need them, and for those, who are not, my preference is to spare their minds peace.

I have always dreamed of someone to read between my silence and harsh words. But, at the same time, I keep them away because of my habit to go through everything alone. It’s a challenge for me to learn how to receive support.

Until today, I haven’t met the hero who breaks my silence walls, so I play my writing superhuman. And I will not beg for attention.

Tonight while I drink my whiskey, thinking about two topics of my recent and disappointing experience: The Vibrator before Lover and The Inhuman Treatment At The Office. To read, or not is up to the readers. I am fed up with fulfilling others’ expectations of me in writing, life, etc., and my current blogger’s reputation is foggy, and it has been a long road.

The Vibrator Before Lover

It’s been a while since I have written about why women deserved red lipstick. My surprise was to find out my post was loved by the male auditory, and the women didn’t understand what I wrote.

I have many male friends because they do not see me as anything more than a buddy. That has been my life’s trend for fifteen years and is the norm for me. A friend of mine told me when I had my breakup last year, he hopes that I was feeling good with a one-night stand or however I satisfy my physical needs. His exact words were: The original is better than the vibrator,” but for a year I haven’t found an original.

I am not good with one-night stands because for someone to go inside my body, he should captivate my brain.

I am uncertain what is wrong with males today, but those I met last year, were boys, who run away from responsibility. The cult Supernatural Rowena’s quote: “Hello Boys!” fits perfectly for my romantic experience recently.

The other group of males I met, was masculine and flirty, living on their own for so long that they forgot how to courtship women.

Or should I say a woman like me?

Sometimes I feel like cursed because it’s an unwritten rule that intelligent women are not loved by men. On the other side,  the beautiful and stupid girls are followed non-stop.

Even if I sound discouraged, and probably males will think I miss the sexual experience, I dare to say men have no taste in female lovers nowadays.

They “have no time,” look for “someone younger and beautiful,” or “have no will to care for other’s drama, including their woman.” The men’s standards are high, but the return receipt is not seen in its true colors.

Or maybe I am wrong? I hope so.

The men long for a real woman – feminine, smart, well-groomed, caring, emotional, etc., but when they meet one, they run away from rejection fear, or because she is older, and has a child. It seems I am not their woman, so my wish to these males is to find the right one for them.

 I accepted my reality as a single mom, doing my best for me and my daughter to live better.

The thoughts above are my reasons why I will choose my vibrator until a man dares to flirt with me, accepting me as I am with my child. There is no hope, for now, to meet someone boldly doing that, but it’s not the most important thing in my small world.

People say: “No risk, no Gain,” and maybe they’re right. That is in every life field, including relationships.

The Inhuman Treatment in Office.

I am unsure how is in other countries, but in mine, the employees hired by the government should be people-pleasers and liars who backstab their colleagues in the name of money. They succeed and earn big for that, giving the inhuman treatment in the office, and a new vanity upgrade.

The treatment is usually gossiping or saying things everyone wants to hear. People who are not a part of the crowd are uncomfortable and treated badly.

However, I want to share my experience with that.

Last week, my child was sick and got better on the third day of homestay.  I posted on Facebook a picture of us without a purpose for anything. Coming back to work on Monday, I have been blamed for my homestay being illegal. I was said that people from higher places will come to check my list for missing work.

Officially, I have documents to prove my stay at home. My boss told me I need to write an apology because I posted on my Facebook public profile pictures while I haven’t been at work. It was a paradoxical situation.

I wrote my opinion regarding the matter, using as a basis the text of the European Convention on Human Rights. I won the debate, but the problem is about human principles and morals.

It’s a proven fact that when bosses want to fire an employee, they use every possible insult to do so. I am still at work but got a lawyer because I will defend my human rights one way or another.

Until today, the question of my Facebook profile is still discussed, which is funny. It proves people are bored and lazy to work. They do not do anything else outside checking social media. It wasn’t an unexpected situation because I always speak my truth which is not good to hear.

But, I am surprised by how low can my colleagues and people, in general, go. Every time I face a situation like that in my professional or personal life is an insult.

Sadly, the inhuman treatment at the office is still happening. I am ashamed to call myself a human sometimes. It would be better if I was a cat.

In many countries, people have the choice to leave their unfulfilling jobs, but in Bulgaria is not like that, or at least for me at the moment, because the child needs financial security. However, I keep trying to do my best, leave that sad, boring job, and soar. I know it will take time, but my power is my will, and never give up before the challenges. The first step is always the hardest.

So, What is the commonality between the Vibrator and The informal Treatment?

Both insult human personalities and make people become hermits. It’s the way the world spins around, and until minds don’t change, it will be like that.

The rejection from a potential love interest and the office’s inhuman treatment are alike in terms they shatter the human heart. It takes time to rebuild, but it’s better for people to take months or years to reconstruct themselves from the challenges than staying in a depression hole, filled with darkness, apathy, and fears. Challenges are the factors that build confidence and a continuous fighting spirit.

Ending up alone, single, or jobless is not scary, but sitting in heart’s ruins without hope’s light is.

Another common trait between Vibrator and the Informal Office’s treatment is the lack of originals – men and leaders who inspire others. Probably, from a male’s point of view, the same goes for women. The truth is simple: partners should give equal attention, communication, and love to each other, and the employees should receive what they work for at the office.

That is for regular daily work hours jobs. When it comes to some careers,  leadership receives another meaning, and it consists of many skills, human attitudes, and sincere interest toward the team members. Building a strong and healthy team happens with human treatment. Someday I will dig into that too since I live in my blog. 🙂

“Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has bestowed upon men; no treasures that the earth holds buried or the sea conceals can compare with it” is my favorite quote from “Don Quixote” book I love and use as my life pattern.

Thank you for reading, and remember that even if that is only me, I believe in all my readers because I have been in situations when no one believed in me.

P.S – I will do choreography on that song soon.

Calling Someone “Strong” Is Not A Compliment

Everyone has heard: “You’re a strong man”, “You’re a powerful woman”, etc.

That phrase is not a compliment anymore. It means: “Do it on your own, alone, because I have no time for you, but I will listen when you need me.”

Best friends, lovers, and even family members go away physically or mentally when things that happen to another person are harsh. If they take part, that will ruin their comfort.

At a time like that, strangers always help more by listening. I say it by experience.
Recently I had talks with many people who once upon a time were a part of my life. They all have said to me in different periods: “You are a strong woman,” and yes, they have right. But, I am an alone and powerful woman because the men and women ran away from my life when I cried silently for a listening ear or some moral support.

However, outside my dramatic approach today because of the Solar Eclipse, I will summarize the points of my opinion regarding today’s topic.

People read many books, articles, forums, etc. for self-help. They consume every piece of information and forget that humans are something real and out of paper. The other scenario for this indifference is living in the own head and not going out to reach for another person.

The readers become indifferent because they do not practice face-to-face communication or are afraid to express their support physically with a hug or even a pat on the shoulder. With this way of thinking, there will never be a connection on a level outside reading.

Even the message online could help, but both interlocutors should know each other very well to experience that. Even if they do when the time is challenging, there is a deep, indifferent silence on the other side of the phone or personal computer.

Is that alright for heartfelt communication between close-to-heart people?


Let’s say, all people have somebody they used to know, and who has the hardship to express himself. When they need him to connect with the talk, the answer that is given is cold, polite, and pushes away the seeker for moral support. That shows a clear lack of personal connection between the two persons. If there is any bond between them, the coldness of words makes people connect less. The sincerity seems uncertain.

Many people indeed have problems with expressing their feelings. They should at least try doing it for the sake of the relationship and make the other person feel treasured – romantic or friendly. Coldness in communication only makes communication forced with time, and the one-party leaves it. And the “strong person” talk makes it not work.

Is there a real connection then?

There is a saying that love is not comfortable. I do not mean romantic love only. For a matter of heart,t is the right saying. I mean that friendship should also not be based only on comfort and comfortable choices to run away when time is challenging. Sometimes is enough for the person who goes through a hard time to calm down with simple words such as “Everything will be alright” or “I am here for you.” These words, however, should be sincere and not just because there is a need for something to be said.

Comfort is a good thing, but not when it comes to relationships. It becomes fake with time if people look for each other only when they are comfortable.

Is the contentment a bridge or a sliver?

An interesting situation to call someone “strong” happens when the one who says it, runs away somewhere calm and speaks from afar without putting much care into the words or letters. 

When people are far, they begin to know more and do less for the person who needs them in the concrete moment of weakness. 

Most humans love to avoid drama and go to safer places where the worse situation cannot reach them. It seems a bit hypocritical. But running away is well known for millions of years into Human evolution. 

Right said, today I do not see humanity as the way it was in old times. That goes for any kind of evolution, too. Everyone runs away and stays safe on his own, blaming others for not being by their sides. The bond is a two-way ticket between two hearts and ten steps divided in half for every party to make them.

Choosing to run away from a loved person when he goes through hell, is unserious and false. 

Is that showing care for someone?

I said in the paragraph above. I see no evolution in humans today. But the reason for that is simple – laziness. 

It is lazy to call someone “strong” without putting an effort to be by his side. In today’s world, there are so many luxuries, and material things, which birth came from insipidness on what to do with money and time, for example, that people have forgotten what evolving means. 

Everything can be bought, including fake feelings, time, and pleasure that make people stagnant and impotent to love with their hearts and souls. They become lazy to feel, fight, and keep their loved ones.

Words ran dry as a distant mirage, and the compassionate touch is like a moth burned by the flame of self-help, and I mean self as Lonely. Communication between hearts dies or is not expressive, making it almost the same as demise.

Also, I can say that when the elementary care for a friend is amiss, there is no reason to do charities for the poor to show off, for example.

I think after answering the questions above, people will understand why calling someone “strong” is not a compliment, but most like leaving the person in the dark.

There was a time when “you are powerful” was a compliment, but now the meaning is far behind its original idea.

Many people indeed prefer solving their problems alone, but here the importance is the gesture of showing care. When there is proof someone cares, things become different.

People, in general, are strong, but that is not an excuse to shut off someone who they need gentle and kind support to keep going. Nobody wants to feel lonely and does not deserve it. Humans are love seekers and givers, or they should be.

But, today, I am not sure if there are still humans, so I prefer talking with animals and doing animal charities.
I still believe in the good of humans, but I am always proved wrong. However, I will continue to believe, and maybe someday, I will be wrong.

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