The Showman And The Infinite Circus

The Showman and The Infinite Circus

The Showman And The Infinite Circus


The Two Sides Of The Coin.

On Wednesday, I went to a circus with my daughter and I think the children should visit more spectacles that make them laugh. Childhood is a lifetime experience that never happens again.

My belief’s essential to keep the inner child alive because it teaches people how to enjoy life.

The Showman attitude is not always winning.

Speaking of Circus, I highly recommend that blog readers watch “The Greatest Showman” movie which is one of the best movies last ten years. That film made me laugh, cry and think. It explains a lot about human nature. There are stories for self-ambitions, a person’s acceptance, family life, moral support, passion, failures, and life’s restart. The movie contains a lot of emotions.

 In my opinion, Life consists of two important substances: The Showman complexes and Infinite Circus Scenarios.  These scripts contain various stories, filled with acrobats, masked personalities, and neverending challenges. Meanwhile, the feeling people go through can’t be well explained, because of their percipience.

The Showman Complexes

People who care about showmanship too much are the ones who have pain for a long time in their hearts because of old family traumas. The showman’s complex reasons are they grew up in terms of wealth and lacked attention from parents or lovers.

These three reasons hurt the human soul a lot, and the person builds defensive walls around their heart. They often hide behind showmanship to avoid negativity. That is a dangerous perception because even the best marathon runners can receive injuries.


Nowadays everyone has a price for everything in their life. It’s a fact that money brings comfort, but it’s an undeniable truth that wealth brings not mind peace. I know that sounds cliche, but recently my money brought me happiness in what I do. That makes me keep going continuously with motivation and a smile.

Many people – both rich and poor are attracted to the positive mind’s energy, and that gives another point of view for a better living. I dare to say I changed some people’s lives with my words, which are free to use anyway. 

Showmen who lived in poverty lost their faith they can live well for a living act. They see money-making as the only way to feel good.
Parental lack of attention

I experienced that lack well and do everything for my daughter not to feel the same way. When the lack of parental caution is present, the child starts doing various and even unpleasant things to attract parental attention. As time passes by, the actions become bolder and more negative. When a child grows up, becoming an adult, showmanship skills are almost perfect, but inside the heart, the person stays a boy or a girl who does everything to be seen by a parent.

Romantic lack of attention

From my experience, I can say that is even more painful than the parental lack of attention because it makes people sink so deep they can’t swim out for a long time. Last twenty-five years, I experienced the miss of lover’s caution so many times I do not want to count.

That made me feel I am not beautiful enough with my body, even today, at almost forty years old. I am uncertain how much reassurance I need to overcome that old and untruthful feeling, but I am doing my best to heal. Not many people do it, and they take their pain and showman role to a high level, forgetting who they are and hurting themselves more.

Rejections always hurt people’s hearts, making humans do unusual things to cover their painful experiences. They become showmen without a real purpose and lose themselves under their masks.

The Infinite Circus

Every life field requires various roles and skills. Sometimes people forget who they are. In that way of speaking, outside of the daily circus, I love watching people in the actual one backing each other. Acrobats, Clowns, and Animal trainers lift each other because, in reality, they have no one else to look at.

I remember well many moments on “The Greatest Showman,” when he took under his wing the so-called freaks. He created a true family that gives support to each other without even sharing their blood.

Looking in-depth, today is the same, only the names for freaks are different – they’re weird people.

I respect the protagonist in “The Greatest Showman,” because he offers a human attitude and a new beginning emotional vibe to everyone. It’s a fact he made some mistakes, but the kindness came back to him later in the movie through those, so-called freaks who he lifted.

When the time was challenging, the circus system survived because of the people in it.

It’s a fact that the circus starts as a weird and intolerable idea. With time, the owner’s generation carries on the traditions of the safe place their ancestors created. The circus I visited with my daughter has artists in it the fourth generation. The idea improves and progresses because the people, involved with it, stick together, facing every challenge the project has – from acrobats to clowns, these team members work together. They are great examples of family businesses.

In the end, the showman will not fade away until the people don’t stop to fear the past, and break their defenses. That way they will open their hearts to others.

Logically, the infinite life’s circus will not fade away. But the true cirque will get stronger because that is the place where the people, who care for each other deeply, go. Circus Spectacles show life’s truth – improving skills to become a better version of personalities.

Bad Habits Do Not Make People Second-Rate

No Second-Rate People

Bad Habits Do Not Make People Second-Rate

And They Do Better

As a fighter for my justice and defending humans that are not sheep, I stand up once again. That time, for the people with bad habits. We all know someone who is a thief, an alcoholic, a drug dependent, a mafia member, a prisoner, or even a killer.

Usually, humans play dead or are blind, when they hear about life’s grey side in the towns, clubs, human traffic, etc.

In general, society is old-fashioned and claims people out of the ordinary life’s course in its view. I say without a doubt that people living on the dark side are no less perfect than those, who spend their lives on the bright life’s side.

That may sound crazy but I am a devotee of the good side of all people. I know that someone who decides to stay sober, lives an ordinary life after prison, or is in a mafia situation, is also a human who needs respect. I always look behind the reasons for the human attitude and dig so deep that I can see the most unbelievable proof that a person is good despite the things done in his past.

Everything has a reason, and when it comes to humans, I stick to that they make mistakes, learn from them, and become better persons.

I say that because I have been close to people with drug and alcohol dependence and also have worked with people from the mafia, or with suicidal thoughts. As a psychological consultant for group therapy a few years ago, I know some things because some of my closest-to-heart people were also dependent on their bad habits.

That doesn’t make them less human or second-rate people.

If a chance is given for better life, job, or relationship, those involved in the dark side of life may go to great lengths, proving they deserve the best too. The criminal minds are sharper and more schematic or organized than regular people’s brains, which are learned from a book. The criminals only act and practice. They have their reasons that indeed may be more human than the known.

Some people steal or sell drugs to feed their families. It is not appropriate in the eyes of society, but still, if people understand the reasons, they see there is a logical explanation. I am not saying all should do bad things, but they are part of the personality.

If people are sincere with themselves, they will see that they also have bad habits, but probably not enough motivation to do second-rate deeds.

The truth I and everyone know is that all need the motivation to do something, is it not?

Let’s say that the reasons for a concrete behavior started from a young age. Many persons I have met told me that they were beaten at home or verbally abused. They changed from good schoolers to the worst because of their grades.

Is it that education or lack of elementary respect toward a decent human being?

In my opinion, children need to be praised for almost everything they do. Of course, I do not support inappropriate behavior, but there should always be balance.

The equilibrium can be built very well with different methods. Relationships between parents, and children, and their actions may stabilize with talks or psychological consultation if needed.

That would make bad habits less showing.

Most people do whatever to be seen by their closest people, thinking that will bring the attention of a concrete person toward themselves. That may be a father, mother, sibling, or lover’s figure. The problem can be solved before joining criminal life with a simple conversation.

The main reason for bad habits usually is the lack of love at home from parents or siblings. They may put too many responsibilities on the children, robbing them of their only one childhood.

To escape the feeling of dissatisfaction, many humans take a different way to distract themselves from the reality they do not like.

These ways may be drugs, alcohol, or other activity that is claimed as bad. It is easy to judge people and their actions without thinking about their situation. It is like showing your middle finger to attract attention from the police or other people to be noticed. That usually works for a short period, but not for a long-term situation.

The same can be said for going deep into the bad habits, leading to being in places that challenge, or creating illusions you are on the right path. All this is seen as second-rate by society.

After all, that is not the truth about humanity because everyone has their bad habits, but only a few change them or use them to move forward.

As a believer in second chances, I think everyone needs them.
That would make people richer and more forgiving to themselves.

 A prisoner goes out, a drug dealer stops the sales, or an alcoholic becomes sober all the time. That means they went to hell and back. These humans have been wherever no one of the regular people who had good school education, stable financial situation, and weird, but somehow acceptable, family situations, have been.

Those, claimed as second-rate people have the most qualities for success. They learned the hard way to be humanitarian, empaths, and have the will, and power, to change the known world for the best.

These second-rate people with bad habits are far closer to saints because they were once devils. Believe it or not, the so-called second-rate people can manage better. They are more intelligent than lethargic, bored employees who think they have the best work in the famous company, sitting on their buts without changing anything for themselves or others.

The employees have not met any hurdles in their lives, knowing nothing about reality and being human.

The point of my current blog post is that every human counts.

Equality is the bridge that connects hearts, bringing meaningful leadership and better connections between personalities. I don’t say abuse in any form needs to be respected, but just to be thought why it happened twice.

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