Armorer – Poem

Armorer - Poem

Armorer – Poem


Prose-Poetry that says a real love story  I want to tell.


I am grateful I met you

Even I knew we were a deadlock

Seven years younger

You were not exactly a man

But most like an armorer

With the will to protect

Your beautiful lady

That wasn’t me, in the end.


I got many feelings

I thought they were dead

It was a short journey

I will never forget

It broke me into pieces

To become a whole again.

Emotions rest in peace-ing

I found a new strength

To keep on fulfilling

This time on my own

After I have the answers

I am letting you go.


We never meant to be

A segment in the flow

Of cosmical dusting

Mistaken by the vow

Between two broken people

That searched for new hope

They started believing

True love is not gone

And, maybe it isn’t

But not for them both.


A rational boy

And a woman that knows

Lover’s connection is discomfort

Worth combat for

When partners don’t keep it

On the same page in their bows

Is practical decision

To live short and let go

It doesn’t mind shattered

Affair’s show should go on

Collecting the glasses

Breaking them on the floor

Under the fictional armor

That didn’t protect, after all.


The story is finishing

The armorer is long gone

To his beautiful darling

Creating a legacy on his own. 

A child that is not learning

What was in the store

Of parental, mutual, loving

That meets the financial blow,

Staying unloved

Because the armorer

Protected it fiercely

Without a pure reason to do so.

Or maybe is for the society’s glow?

I will never know.


Staying unprotected,

It gave me an everlasting way to go

My head’s slowly sobering

I still have a long road to walk on

Where is it? I surely do not know

But I will die fighting it for

When I feel that I am coming home.



Today was a challenging day that inspired me to keep writing poems because I understood it was always my thing. The best stories to tell are usually sad with a nostalgic taste. It is better to feel something than be indifferent and fearful to try something new with someone.

The pain will fade away and will replace with forgiveness and gratefulness that people know the ones they love and find they have human emotions.

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