In Memory Of Feminity’s Dresses

The Memory Of Feminity's Dresses And Finding It

In Memory Of Feminity’s Dresses


It’s somewhere out of that world and should be found again.

Today is Saturday-  the first day of the weekend is usually spent at the MALL, Beach, or somewhere out to show off for the families. A long time ago, I also believed that is an excellent way to spend time together. I do not think like that anymore because my truth’s eyes look different.

I see women that look not like one, even with the best branded or comfortable clothes, and men that continue showing off with their money. The ladies have no feminity. The people call themselves a family, without even looking like one.

How do I dare to say that without knowing what is in their heads and memory?

I state the facts because I work with many clients and spend my time alone observing humans. When I was in my delusionally happy relationship, I wore comfortable clothes, believing they were the right for me. I did not dare to wear a red dress or lipstick.

Why Should I?

My former man did not care for my outlook. Sadly, males forget their women are feminine energies that need balance and be taken care of. Every lady needs respect, a flirt, smile, love, and compliments. It doesn’t matter if she looks strong

I do not hate or blame men because they’re at fault exactly as much as women. Both parties allowed themselves to forget their sex and family responsibilities. Partners look as good as they treat each other. If they share their obligations, they both are happy and healthy. If not – everyone knows how it looks.

That is what I see: neglected women and overconfident men. It’s ugly, and I know it. My post today is to look for the Feminity between the ashes of daily routines and unhealed inner feelings of discontent, forgetting human equality.

Should I blame the Comfortable feeling or not for the Feminity’s lack?

A beautiful dress will not change the woman’s feelings. It is more like a reminder to remember women should not go too far, in feminism’s terms. I agree all sexes need equal rights for voting,  payment, etc.

But, showing off is another thing – inhuman and arrogant, most of the time.

 What about being a firewoman or female miner?

A profession like this needs more physical strength and mathematical thinking. Only a few ladies have these skills, and I have no wish to be that way. My belief is a woman should earn enough money to live on her own because it is inevitable for her to stay alone for different life reasons, but I do not agree with racism, sexism, etc. words that sound like male-hating. It’s natural for men to give it a shot and start to be female haters. Whatever goes around, comes back.

Women are humans and have the right to choose how they live. I post here with a clear head that many ladies in Muslim countries are treated like a possession. They do not need someone’s ownership and aren’t comfortable clothes to wear around. At some point, many males are like that too. Times changed, and now the alpha females treat their boyfriend as their pet, or toy, or make him do things he doesn’t want, ordering around and not speaking calmly.

Is that Feminism or using someone for personal interest?

Unfortunately, many men treat their women exactly like that. I do not mind the attitude “That is my girl,” and showing it off, but when it becomes an obsession it is time to have a serious talk. Right said women like to feel assured they’re the one for their man, and he is only theirs. Balance in everything is the key to happy living.

Should they be the epitome of every other woman?

Feminity is not in the clothes, makeup, or losing the self.  It is the feminine energy that attracts a man who indeed will care for his girl. The masculine energy will lead only if the woman allows her boyfriend to lead in his way without judgment. It is always easier to run away in someone’s else arms without learning to speak.  That, in the end, seems false because a woman is not one in her heart.

Womanhood starts with wearing a dress. It sounds crazy, but it is the truth, and I will tell you why from my observations.

Back in 2012, I broke my leg and was at my home, staying in depression, which made me look for a way out because I had suicidal thoughts.

I started to work online to have a goal because couldn’t stand up on my feet. Doing it eight hours daily brought me no success and became more depressed, and even starting to walk again did not bring me happiness.

I heard about personal development training with Dr. Menis Yousry. He is a great person, and many of my old attitude patterns broke. I released the emotional chains that were rooted in my childhood.

Since the two seminars I had, I started to wear a dress, understanding it makes me beautiful as I am – in my body and mind.

Putting on that type of clothes felt weird to me because I thought I was everything else but not a woman.  Looking back at that time, I put on a gothic dress for the first time on the last seminar’s day. I always loved Gothic Culture but never dare to wear clothes like these because my family criticized me for my outlook.

My boyfriends did not compliment me when I wore dresses and thought they were polite. Of course, that was in my head, because from a young age, I didn’t have the emotional support I longed for, feeling ugly in men’s eyes.

Today I built up my feminity’s confidence. The dresses gave me that feeling and helped to open the woman’s part of my mind, looking pretty. When I am not in a dress, I feel uncomfortable, wondering why women should wear the same clothes as men.

Both sexes are different in terms of physical appearance and thinking way. They should complement what each other lacks. Some people will say male clothes are more comfortable, but I do not agree because I love my dresses which are making me feel free to express my womanhood. They are comfortable clothes every female deserves to wear.

What about the Memory of Feminity’s Dresses?

It should not be forgotten. Women have the same power as men in a different way, but without each other, both parties can not survive. Looking at today’s families, I see tiredness to self-showing from the fear of losing someone or something. One of my friends said that nothing is eternal.

I want to believe in the eternity of Feminity and True Love, even if it sounds a bit like X-Files.  That is the difference between males and females – the beliefs.

Men lose it while pursuing an ideal, women do the same because they forget they should be the feminine energy that releases the masculinity.

The dress is only the accessory that creates the Feminiy in one woman.

A man, who loves feminine energy never will leave his chosen one. The same goes for a woman who truly loves the masculine energy of her boyfriend. 

Feminity contains qualities like keeping ground, self-care, setting healthy boundaries, self-respect, no judgment, the knowledge that nobody is perfect, and thoughts about how can the faults be transformed into positives, without changing the personality.

I give an example: when a man sleeps late, the woman goes mad, and it should not be like that. The girl may go out to do something she enjoys doing alone because everyone needs “me-time” or to surprise her partner. The same goes for the man.

Turning negative into positive is connected with channeling the energy into doing something useful: sport, cleaning, renovating, or going outside to visit art cafes, for example.  Being mad and quarreling is a big turn-off. But, if the man sleeps every day without doing anything, there is a need for serious talk without a high tone and listening from both sides about their point of view.

The big question is the acceptance of the partner’s flaws, or not. If they can not be accepted, the relationship shouldn’t start. In my first stages of talking with potential partners, I point out my flaws to not waste each other’s time.

After I had deep introspection, I knew what I can give to the other person and what not.

How to wake up Feminine Energy?

A start with a dress and red lipstick is a good idea that will open the mind to boldness and clears the head from unrealistic expectations in every life area. Women should accept they are emotional, romantic, and tender. Whatever they do, they will not have man’s logic and should act like women, without power struggles.

Kisses, makeup, smiles, flirting, making the man laugh, and listening when needed, are good starts for waking up the Feminity. Men should do the same for their ladies, but they should act as protective as they are, showing emotions a bit more in a balanced way, caring for their lady – it helps Masculinity.

Many people may argue with me, but I believe the Dress, Lipstick, and Nail color always will look better on women. They are their signature, in terms of Feminity that attracts and calms others, showing self-respect. The ladies should wear them proudly and not neglect themselves, transforming into a man they will never be.

Men should not act shy around every kind of woman if they want to be with her. I know the risk of rejection is big, but it’s always better to try and fail than never asking, staying stuck in fear.  Moving on is inevitable until life dies.

Thank you for your time.


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Escaping The Banality Of Communication


Escaping The Banality Of Communication


A Serious Challenge For Every Kind Of Relationship

Recently, I found my banality in communication with people. I can feel it with every fiber of my body. If it was me, escaping it looks good.

I decided to think about how can I escape that considerable gap of soul connecting through words. Banality is a silent killer of the thrill that once was between two people who like each other.

In my life, I met many people that made me tremble whenever I wrote to them online.  Time passed, and they stopped replying to me back. I thought they did not care about speaking with me. After careful thought, I understood the reason for that cutting lines was myself. My banal approach when talking to people I care about seems to be suffocating. That makes them go away from me.

I put myself and their shoes and found out I act like a savior, nagging mother, or too demanding communicator. Here come the boundaries people like me should put on their giving attitude and willingness to help the close ones. Not everyone feels good about too much communication, banality, and daily talk. Respect for others’ boundaries comes into play only when the two interlocutors state clearly toward each other.

Banality’s role models are understandable after deep introspection, which is important for better human relationships.

“The Savior” Banality Model

I know best that role model. From a young age, I missed emotional support and care, so I started to give almost everything to people who I felt close to my heart. Playing the savior is not a good way to do things when considering relationships. People start to take the individual for granted, using and lying to the person because they feel safe and free to do whatever they wish. “The Saviour” banality model I used a lot in my first stages in the courtship since I was always the activist of the wooing.  It was a mistake on my side because men do not love back their savior as someone more important.

In short, that model is like solving problems for others, and they do not learn to take their responsibilities as a part of every kind of relationship. I got burned by unrequited love with the use of “The Saviour” model.

Today I will not go after any males, I will give hints, and that is. If they understand, okay, and if they do not, they’re not mine.

“The Mother” Banality Model

That model often is misunderstood as caring for a partner’s needs. Care is one thing, motherly nagging, asking too many questions, and pointing the faults is another.

People do not listen to their mothers, but they can not live without their appreciation. That dependence leads to problems in adult’s life. Some personalities become like mothers to their partners because they repeat what they saw. Other people become rebellious because of their moms’ strictness. Both cases lead to unhealthy communication with friends and lovers.

When speaking to someone new, people should look for a balanced attitude that is not overcoming the child-parents boundaries from the past in the partner’s lives. I believe that “The mother” banality model is worse than “The Savior” because it’s like stepping from one mother to another. That makes a person not whole and responsible.

Relationships should be a dance between two mature adults who can take care of themselves and their steps.

“Center of The Universe” Banality Model

Extroverted people usually think the world is spinning around them. When they speak bout their daily life, individual accomplishments, and only themselves, that is a big turn-off. 

Shared knowledge, results, and improved skills are good, but that should not be the everlasting talk when sending messages. There should be given space to that someone people love or like. Communication should flow between both sides. If only one party speaks, that is a monologue, which bores other people, making them ignore the messages and move on.

There is a quote: “What is yours, it will stay yours,” or something in those lines I have read on Facebook. That made me realize I should leave people roaming in peace. If they want to stay in my life, they will.

I give an example of that banality model: I started to write too much to many people online because I wanted to create transparent communication between us and to show I am always present for them, but they got overwhelmed. Of course, they walked away from me and ignored me because I broke their boundaries. Back then, I did not understand that, but now when I started digging before writing that post, I saw everything. My will to be present in the life of people I care for was suffocating, and I lost the relationships.

In conclusion, banality should avoid at all costs because it is killing relationships. When the conversations become banal it is good to be stopped for a while. It is challenging to apply that in daily relationships but it should do for people to continue staying by each other sides. When something is too much, it should be said straightforwardly.




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