Individual Legend Comes With Sacrifices

Individual Legend Sacrifices

Individual Legend Comes With Sacrifices

Is A Thing I Saw On My TV Screen After Reading Wikipedia

Inspired By Gertrud Bell’s Story

On Friday nights, I am rarely alone at home. Whenever that happens, I  watch movies based on historical figures because there are many people’s stories I want to know.

Otherwise, I spend all of my time with my daughter, watching animation on these weekends.

I had some time alone that Friday and watched the movie “The Desert’s Queen”. It was an exciting, sad, and inspirational film. I always respected women who use only their knowledge and power to keep going in life.

Powerful women usually sacrifice a lot to achieve their dreams.

That is not known when people look at their success and popularity.  The Individual legend I posted for on “Desert’s Wanderers Into Oases,” is challenging to understand. When people know what it is, they do not go after it because of their fears and lack of courage to fight.

I liked the “Desert’s Queen” movie because I think I am similar to Gertrude Bell. She had two lovers which showed they lack courage in being with her. Her love was true, deep, and consuming towards them, but her calling was bigger than life’s mission. I suppose many ladies today are like that too.

Most men and women lost their positions as ones because they misunderstood feminism, equality, and individual needs.

Or maybe true love is not meant for the individual legend?

Let me think again. Gertrude fell in love with adventures and new experiences. Of course, she loved similar men. In the end, these men killed themselves because they couldn’t fight for love because of cowardness or uncertain feelings they can be with a woman like her. I think that is a bit pitiful because if men love truly, they should fight for love. They should be warriors, protectors, etc. But maybe I am way too romantic in my thoughts, as Gertrude was.

Nowadays, not many men are courageous, bold, or adventurous. They resemble females more.

Most women have no clear ideas about what they want from a lover. They act like a hybrid between sexes. Power, one-night stands, and not a single idea about a committed relationship, or if there is a thought about it, there is no will to fight for love. It is too uncomfortable, and I wrote about it in “True Love’s Talk.”

Thrill or Stability is the 1-million question that people should ask.

Gertrude wanted them both, and I want them too, but I am unsure if that is possible. However, let’s go back to her life’s mission. 

When she succeeded not on the love front, she gave herself to the cause of peace with Arabian nations. That woman became my role model because she helped many people to see a different life’s light, and other humans. She gave hope for a better future and was remembered for it. Gertrude understood every person she met and Arabian people loved her because she knew their heart’s content – Dignity and Honor. I loved her words when she told the British politician he didn’t know the meaning of these qualities and Arabian desert life. The statement sure is more valid today than ever.

I also treasure these qualities today that I dare to say I have. Not many humans understand and have them because money-making is the life purpose of almost everyone. That is far from what humanity should look like, and a return to innocence is needed.

What is the point of my post today?

In short: Sacrifices are needed for an ordinary person to become a legend. They can be True Love, Individual Needs, Comfortable Life, and Time. I am unsure if many humans will give up these things in pursuing a dream.

True Love Sacrifies

Women are more prone to stick with their true love even if it is unrequited.  Sometimes they are in so much pain, that they start running away from everything and hiding from new males they meet.  On the other side, men accept that true love is not everlasting and it takes work. That makes them feel no better, and they start random dating to forget the past. Both sexes have no courage to face the broken heart for a long time and often leave the idea of true love out of their minds, distracted by work or other activities. Gertrude did that, and right said, me too. Maybe the self-reassurance will help on the way to self-growth. Or there may be still heroes that can help with healing when someone is going down.

Individual Needs Sacrifices

Nowadays, egoism is propagandized too much. People should put their needs first, even before their children’s. I am a bit old-school and I do not understand quite well why I should be more important than my child or someone else since in terms of birth, we all are born as equal humans. However, many people misunderstand setting healthy boundaries and being egotistical or narcissistic. I learn daily how to set boundaries. But my past friends and partners are not like me. Here comes the will to study that not everyone has.

Individual Needs can not be kept while someone is chasing their dream. The goal-achieving process needs to understand other’s people needs in the journey because humans can’t go on alone all the time. They will always meet someone else on the road.

Comfortable Life Sacrifices

I used to have a good life back in my hometown. Everything was perfectly organized. Many people envied me, and they still do. When I left my well-managed life back in the years, my parents did not speak to me for three years. I understood a lot of things then.

It was the first and last time I saw my father cries. He is a powerful man that doesn’t show many feelings. I understood pretty well I hurt people I hold dear by pursuing my dream of being an artistic person. Even so, I kept going. There is courage needed to continue moving on every time people fail someone or themselves.

I love comfortable life, but there is a thin line between giving something for granted and earning it on your own. When it comes to becoming a legend, following life’s dream can’t be comfortable. It may become a better situation with time, but in achieving the goal, there is no possibility for comfort.

Cutting ties with friends and family, becoming poor for a while, or staying uncomfortable single are good examples.

Time Sacrifices

The only asset people have, is their time – for love, living, or wasting. Everyone knows that the days of life are limited. The choice here is how people spend the years because they fly away. In Gertrude’s case, she was clear – adventures and writing before love. She accepted her love and wrote about it, but that woman never meant to use her time in a marriage. If she did, she had no time for it.

If I do not change my circumstances, I will be like her. If that is good or bad, I do not know. The point here is that many people are like me, wondering where and how it’s better to use their time. For myself, I try to challenge my time into the two things I love: dancing and writing. But, that doesn’t change the fact by choosing these two activities, I do not have time for dating, relaxing, etc. Gertrude became a success because she choose her travels, and they contradicted love’s life. She managed her time channeling it into the genuine wish she had – a better life for all.

In the end, successful people sacrifice more than they can afford to lose, but their will is more powerful than their narcissistic desires. That is the big difference between cowardly people that think only for their comfort, and those who think of everyone’s comfort, setting healthy boundaries.

In general, humans became worse because of the other’s success without knowing that the famous personalities are in genuine solitude.

After all, “Loneliness is Inspiration” to do great things that bring more to all humanity than a single personality.

But, can people make sacrifices for their True Love, Dreams, and Others?

Gertrude Bell

“Queen of the Desert”

Memories Of Istanbul Taught Me New Lessons

At the beginning of my trip to Turkey

This post will be a bit different than my last posts. It is because I am not the same person already. Turkey’s trip changed my personality for good.

Oriental culture always amazed me. I love the smell of Turkey’s food and the traders that made me deviate from the price.

The curious thing in Turkey is that the salespersons respect the customers more if they look for a discount on the original item’s price.

Back in September 2021, I took a short trip to Turkey. I needed to clear my head and decide on a major question in my life. I should find my courage and bravery again.

Whenever I am at a life’s crossroads, I travel alone to different places. That makes me focused and determined to solve the problem.

When I am far from the daily routine, I think better.

I had nothing from what I saw in Turkey. It started with the Mutual Retard I felt between people – men, women, workers, bosses, and especially sales persons to customers. It is true that in Turkey “The customer is the King.” The working ethic there is found almost nowhere else I have been before.

Mutual Retard between people is the basis for any relationship. If it is amiss, the relations fade away.

I hopped on the bus in Burgas at 03.00 am because the waiting on Turkey’s border is long. I had downloaded Elif Shafak’s book “The bastard of Istanbul,” and I started to read. Indeed, it is a great book but nothing like the author’s “Love.” It explains very well women’s lives today. Their choices to give birth or not.

By the way, it is interesting to know that many people do not think abortion is murder. I think it is that, but sometimes choices are challenging. After people make them, it is good to go to sacred places and search for forgiveness. I do it all the time when I feel like a sinner.

However, I listened to music, wrote to my lover then online, and fell asleep. It was a quiet experience for me, and I realized my worries started to fade away.

When we arrived in Istanbul, it was 9 am. Sun was shining bright, touching my skin, and I felt alive. Everything in that city makes me feel happy I live.

People forget that it is a gift to be alive and look only for the big picture, underestimating the small things in life. The little things in life make their flavor and bring happiness. Every greeting, virtual emoji by a loved one, or taking a new picture with the phone, alongside reading a good book make life easier and precious.

My former boyfriend back then replied to every message I sent him. It was like we were together on the trip. I felt happy to feel everything that life offered me back then. I remember it today. It was my happy time in 2021.

I never imagined the things that happened to me when I came back to Bulgaria. But, I enjoyed everything in Istanbul, from the beginning till the end, as I did in my past relationships.

I consumed the atmosphere, feelings, and food in Istanbul with sincere joy. After we drove through the traffic and went to the hotel, I prepared for an online meeting with my boyfriend, and we saw us. We were happy. That made me feel more inspired for the evening that came after. It was the most unforgettable evening I had until then.

I and my travel group went on a yacht that night. It was my first time being on a yacht that moved. There was a live performance on it. On the board were people from different nations – black, white, and Asian. It looked like a human’s union.

 The DJ played various songs. It was the music that connected the people back then. 

They forgot the everlasting racist conflicts. That made the evening special and unique. 

Moving Yacht

People danced, had fun, and watched the live performance. On the second floor of the yacht was a creative business idea. Making a picture with old-style clothes, I felt like a queen. Photographs did a great job. They are professionals, and they take family or couple pictures to make the memory last forever


My dream is to be a Bard in the Old Times


One of the best parts of my yacht trip was when there was a live performance with knives. I volunteered to take part in it. 

Many people were afraid to not get killed by knives accidentally. But the performers are professionals, and some accidents can’t happen. 

Observing people even during the live performance made me realize they are cowards. How they act in real life, they do it the same way on the fun side of it.

 I did not die by the last knife that the performers threw next to my heart to show their skills. I gained respect from all the audience on the yacht. Courage is always respected, believing or not. Many women started to approach me to greet me for my bravery. I felt good after I came out alive on this dangerous journey. But I am like this in my real life too. There is no fear, no gain, after all. There are times when people should risk everything they know and not act cowardly.

Another best time of the yacht’s evening was when the DJ played an African song on which everyone stood to dance – black or white. I do not like racism. Humans are unique in their way. Everyone danced to that song, holding each other hands. That made me cry with joy.

 Is it not that Humanity’s dream? 

Everyone is united and not divided by ego’s struggles. People’s energy radiates from every soul.  

After the collective dance finished, all visitors exited the yacht. Foreigners talked with me outside, and I almost lost my group’s traces.

That night I transformed my fear of the known, stable, and secure into Brave walking toward the unknown. Later, in 2021, I would need that.

On the same night, I uploaded my pictures on Instagram. I met a great disappointment in Turkish men. Many of them asked me to sleep with them because I am a foreigner. That is disgusting – married men to ask you to sleep with them.
Turkish women are beautiful and caring, and they love their husbands deeply. I respect them a lot. In general, Balkan and Eastern Europe women are the best wives. I do not want to offend other women, but when in love, these wives are selflessly giving themselves to their men and children. Many husbands do not respect that, looking for some fun in the unknown.
Of course, in my style, I told the ugly truth to the horny men and made them feel bad because they were acting that way toward their women. Justice before all is one of my life’s mottos.

On the next day, we visited the Asian part of Turkey.


Turkish Coffee


On the last day of my Turkey journey, I visited a mosque before Turkish markets and MALL. I am not a religious person, but when I enter sacred places, I cry a lot and pray for forgiveness for my sins. Everyone has a past and should be accepted.

When I was in the mosque, I felt closer to Universe, and I felt like a part of something bigger than me. The people there were praying, and I felt safe. The curious thing is that the humans enter barefoot into the Muslim sanctuary. I finally understood why.
There was energy entering the body, connecting it to the earth, where everyone goes after they die.

I was happy when I was in Turkey, and I will go there again. I believe the next time I go there, I will be with someone dear that will not leave me on my own. We will experience everything together because sometimes I got tired of being my solo trip buddy. Until then, I will go on my own.

Istanbul Blue Mosque – Closer to the Universe


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