“No One Sees Me But The Silver Moon”

"No one sees me but the silver moon"

“No One Sees Me But The Silver Moon”

is an excellent explanation for today’s lack of human relationships of any kind.

While I drove my car today, I listened deeper to Enrique Iglesias’s “Tired of Being Sorry”‘s lyrics. Yesterday I was on a challenging client’s visitation and my car got stuck in the mud. I was afraid to move out of it and asked the client as a man to help me out. Later in the evening, I felt very tired of everything in my life recently. All the work in professional and personal life that goes unnoticed, the lack of human contacts, etc.

However, after a few lonely tears dropped down my tired face, I went to sleep.

Insomnia was always my life’s companion and that night was no exception. Looking at the moon and thinking about nobody sees me outside Luna, I decided to watch it a bit more.  Then I realized how “Tired Of Being Sorry” kept me going until now in my life.

Every time in business and other relationships I was the one to apologize and make amends. It’s good to do it once in a while, but every time to make some relationship to work is unhealthy and one-sided. It’s a fact that tango takes two.

When the rest of the world With whom I’ve crossed and I’ve quarreled” is a silent cry from a lonely heart to others, seeking a safe place in someone’s arms.

Unfortunately, that rarely happens nowadays, based on my experience. I envy in a good way to everyone who has shoulders to hug and hide from the daily harshness. In my case that is given only to my child. As for me, it seems I should embrace my loneliness fully.

The most mistakes I made in my past relationships were because I was utterly lonely, feeling insecure and unvalued. Most men I was involved with saw right through my eyes and ran away.  So, yes, my saying to them is like in that song: “Maybe you were right, but baby, I was lonely.”

Would I run away if I was in the same situation?

No, because I like to support and inspire my close-to-heart people, and never run away when times are challenging. That is proof of genuine care. But that is unappreciated because other things in men’s eyes seem more important—outlooks, obedience, and a feeling of peace when with someone despite everything.

My belief is men should care emotionally, sexually, and financially for their women. The same goes for females. Gentlemen should be loyal to the ladies they chose to be theirs. Together both partners can build something bigger than individual interests and satisfaction. I offered that to my past lovers and will do it with future ones, so I am tired of being sorry for the way I am. It’s better to stay single than go for less than what I give in terms of emotions, understanding, and sharing the burden and happiness with the one I will love someday. Of course, mutual feelings are a must.

In one relationship the partners should feel appreciated, respected, and genuinely loved through words and actions.

“For a thousand reasons that I know to share forever the unrest with all the demons I possess beneath the silver moon” sounds like a pure will for someone to be accepted with their dark sides. Not many people like others’ bad days but that’s the essence of a successful love story. Unfortunately, romances break down the moment when a dark side is shown.

For example, I wasn’t respected when in a bad mood. In these moments my sensitivity, sarcasm, and heart walls show up, seeming unbreakable but the truth is I hope my partner stays brave and keeps going with me.

Exactly then the thread between me and a lover was cut because he didn’t try to go through and see my true feelings. My thought is the darkest hours in someone’s life and having then someone by their side is the most sincere love confession. I have felt it only by the silver moon outside.

The men I have been with couldn’t go through my wall to not hurt themselves.

The worst was they didn’t want to understand my reasons or be compassionate with my pain. As for me,  I went to the darkest places in my men’s heads and wasn’t scared. It was the opposite. I felt proud they let me there but when they saw my blackness, males started to fear me.

My principle is in good or worse to choose always my man. But I was never chosen by them. Maybe they didn’t know how to react and didn’t even try to do it.

“Eighth and Ocean Drive With all the vampires and their brides We’re all bloodless and blind And longing for a life Beyond the silver moon” seems similar to another well-explained word for humans who make themselves asleep.

Truth under the silver moon is not pretty today.

People are like ghosts who dance alone behind closed doors to the outside world. They are living in the day their unfulfilling lives.

Yes, I know many human beings but they act like energy vampires who care only for themselves. It made me feel sorry for how mind-narrowed they are or guilty for something I did, being myself. No, I am not arrogant, but an open mind and a closed one make a big difference in energy levels and positivity.

Sooner or later, a positive attitude will attract the same. It’s how the Universe works.

“I’m standing in the street Crying out for you”is the sentence I felt many years ago and just recently, stopped standing and shedding tears for the wrong men. I am unsure why my attraction was to unavailable people but my feelings now are clear, my heart healed and my mind in peace. That happened after two years of self-development and overthinking the situations until I accepted them as they are. Some things can’t be changed as one of my best friends said: “Only God knows what will happen because he wrote it already.”

“So far away – so outer space I’ve trashed myself – I’ve lost my way I’ve got to get to you got to get to you,” is about the limit people put on themselves when they create illusions in their minds for a relationship or another person’s image. That mindset makes humans forget they also have individual needs for attention and respect, which are mandatory in every life relationship. Becoming trash by self-choice is exactly like a mental illness treated by a psychiatrist. That can be avoided with proper sharing and objective thinking about the real situation of a romance, friendship, etc.

“No one sees me But the silver moon” still is a powerful theme for me because right said, I don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer staying in the dark shadows than in bright spotlights. I went through everything until now alone because my will to not look weak is powerful and also I take care of my chaotic emotions better when no one is around. It’s not about mistrust but more like a routine that maybe I should change.
One of my fears is to be seen as a weakling and only the silver moon keeps safe my secret.
And What About You?

Women’s Value Is Like Antique Silver

Women's Value is like antique silver

 Women’s Value Is Like Antique Silver

is the message every woman should remember.

International women’s day passed away, and the ladies felt special for one day.

Is that right?

My belief is women should feel consistently exceptional. They should be chosen daily by their male counterparts. Two years ago, my father told me I am special to him.  Until then, he showed that continuously with service acts and silent support, which I understood recently.

Women often think they lose their value with time.

That’s not true because like antique silver becomes more precious with years, the same goes for the women inside. It’s an undeniable fact youth and beauty fade away transforming into serenity, wisdom, and charm.

In middle age, I started to feel my body differently than before but that life course is inevitable. But I am proud of who I am today despite my past experiences. If I can do it, every female reader here is the same as me. Growing up in mind and age is a process that should be welcomed with open arms.

Today’s woman is like Shiva – an Indian god with many arms.

Balancing many responsibilities and not paying too much attention to family members is an undeniable fact that creates painful feelings. That’s the start of uncertainty in women’s values.

On the other side, women feel alone and unworthy of love because they’re tired of trying to balance their activities. Even the challenge to balance makes women fight daily with inspiration to find meaning in their lives.

Why do I compare the women with Antique Silver?

I love silver in every form since a young age – from jewelry to knives. My father was a collector. Today he invested everything in gold which I do not like much and I write for silver investments. That made me read a lot about precious metals and my research for every kind of them started while I write everything down. One of my passions is antique silver. It has a few specifications.

Over 100 years of age

 Antique silver costs a lot and metaphorically speaking, the ladies in their autumn age have many qualifications to be proud of. Unfortunately, they’re blinded by the media stereotypes and forget as women they have the same right to call themselves beautiful and take care of their outlook as younger girls. Not many people live hundred years but the number can interpret as a lot of experiences.

The older ladies have much more to offer to potential partners than the younger ones. That doesn’t connect with sex appeal or physical seduction but with the grace, compassion, and understanding of the male souls. Not many men look for that in a woman because they want visual beauty. But those who understand their female counterparts are the real men who ladies long for and are like endangered species.

Specific initials make the value of antique silver higher.

Older ladies have an individuality that is built with experiences, knowledge, and self-development in every life field.  Not many people dare to show their originality in clothing style or manners. What will people say is the worst question women should ask themselves. Those who are in their middle age are over society’s talks and norms, doing whatever they want because they can.

For example, I have my unique style and do not care to show off on social media and outside in the real world. My clothes and mind are Avangard, but it doesn’t matter to me what society thinks or speaks, because my life is one to be lived.

Accepting differences is a blessing for everyone. I don’t have time to lose after some of my family members, both blood and chosen, died last two years. So, specific initials that women have engraved in their hearts, souls, and appearances make their value higher for those who want to see and feel it.

Antique silver dates back to the year 1300.

Women sure are longer on the earth than the silver, and they have every reason to feel great, unique, and beautiful with their scars. After all, the wounds and their healing individual marks are the secret ingredients of mature feminity and true love’s energy. That makes the woman’s value higher than antique silver. For many years females did everything they can to become the best versions of themselves, inspiring their men to feel like the greatest and strongest warriors. It’s the power of a woman’s belief that makes a gentleman powerful, focused, brave, and proud, making his self-esteem higher.

But what about women’s self-esteem?

Ladies are fragile and beautiful like roses with thorns. They do the full set of aura, magnetism, and deep love every woman has toward her man and children.

So, dear women, do not think for even a second you’re not worthy of some man’s attention.

Looking at their scars, women understand themselves better and accept their dark sides fully. Self-esteem is not built only with red lipstick and dress, but also with shown character. It makes sense to cry, shout and laugh sincerely for every woman who experiences it.

Women have a specific smell like antique silver.

By aroma I mean a woman’s signature in walking, talking, clothing, smiling and accepting the situations as they are, taking care of the closest people. Female principles never should break even if it’s hurtful. It’s called dignity.

Women today are better to give themselves only to those who prove they want them for real with actions and genuine interest in their personality. I made many mistakes to chase men who didn’t look at my personality and me in general.  Today I go only after myself to become better in everything I do. If someone wants and dares to come on my way, he’s welcome. Maybe from around 3.97 billion men in the world, it’s possible to find the one who truly loves me for who I am and makes steps toward me despite everything. It’s called courage.

The woman’s specific smell is created by her beliefs, morals, life values, readiness to give love, and many other factors which make her authentic. But she should embrace herself with everything she’s got and stop crying for people who do not treasure her aroma. A woman who respects herself is better to wash away from disrespectful men’s smells.  Nobody deserves to be taken for granted and tied down to unhealthy emotional practices. But there is always space for one chance if people dare to want it.

The antique silver will never lose its shine and value. They become brighter with time and the same is for women.

Happy Late International Woman’s Day! Wear Red for Life’s Passions! Avangard and Antique style

You Deserve to wear it with everything you did for yourselves, your children, partners, fathers, cousins, friends, and colleagues.

Remember that and if needed, tattoo it. 🙂


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