“Zorba the Greek” And Best Interview Impressions

"Zorba The Greek" and Business Interview Impression

“Zorba the Greek” And Best Interview Impressions

Which Show Unusual Perspectives


There are movies I love to watch again in time, and one of them is “Zorba The Greek”.

When times are challenging for me, I go to that film to remind myself what real happiness is, giving me a positive vibe. The movie is not something extraordinary with effects, but it shows profound truths about life.

“Zorba the Greek” will stay my favorite film forever because it gives me hope when everything falls apart and saves my day.

I wrote various articles about failures in love and business, but today I am sick of all the heart matters because I need to heal my soul by cutting more ties, once and for all. When I am in that state, I focus on my business, housework, and everything that distracts me from past, and current,  romantic experiences, filled with pain.  Naming them will not change anything, or stop the sad feelings. Romance seems to be running away from me, and I will not chase it because I give all my love here on the blog, my Zumba classes, and choreography.

In my life, I always keep going with pride and solitary armor. Until now, nobody kept up with me.

For a while, I will write about professional topics that interest me. I have watched a few business seminars and I am impatient to share my knowledge.

Since I feel hurt and unwilling to speak about emotions, it’s better to keep going in another direction – in my case, business webinars.

That is the reason I disconnect from social media for a while. Sometimes it’s needed to be offline because it doesn’t matter how many followers, subscribers, etc. I have, my going out is an outing with myself because there are not many people willing to walk by my side physically. But still, I am moving unstoppable, learning new things and sharing them virtually with those who read them.

“Zorba the Greek” Impressions

The movie is not for everyone because it shows some unpleasant situations with not easy to chew life lessons. They contain the inhuman treatment of rich foreigners, unfaithful women, and innovative business ideas.

In general, “Zorba The Greek” meet two different types of people who start to learn from each other. Zorba teaches his boss to be curious and accept reality as it is outside his books, which is ugly, right said. Alan, on the other side, teaches his companion to believe in humanity because he writes books about the sorrow which every human feels but can not put into words.

Both characters have their flaws and positive sides. They become a powerful soul that brings innovative ideas which people avoid. It is funny how that is still valid in 21 century.

The experiences that people have today are similar to that movie.

A bit of time is needed for me to paint the lessons I learned from “Zorba The Greek” and share them with everyone interested. 

 Inhuman treatment of rich foreigners or poor strangers.

I am living in a poor country, and many Bulgarians moved to other places worldwide to live as normal humans with their families. The thing is wherever they go, the foreigners were unwelcome. They are treated as second-hand humans, until the end of their days. After that, it’s like they never existed, which is terrifying and sad.

It doesn’t matter whether rich or poor, the foreigner is rarely accepted as a part of the tribe, metaphorically speaking.

In “Zorba The Greek” that was shown clearly when the french rich singer died. The local people took away everything from her home without even burying the body. When Alan asked about the funeral,  Zorba said she was never one of these people. “They will not bury her the same way as others” were his exact words.

That reminds me of the crowds today who never accept weird people. It’s a shame almost 60 years after “Zorba The Greek” movie and humans are in the same place as before, maybe just the setting is different – social media, lonely walks, etc.

Don’t you think?

Unfaithful Women

That topic is sensitive, so I make it quickly through it. Humans cheat for reasons that their other halves do not want to see or because the partnership’s communication is like a dead bug which is good exercise, sports speaking. In my opinion, affairs are not right but they have motivation. Even so, to kill a person for the cheat seems inhuman. Yes, it will stop the spread of that action, but the price is high.

Is committing murder the way to cover other inequities?

Innovative Business Ideas

Today everyone wants to do business. Financial freedom is not easily achieved, but everyone goes on the comfort and well-established road, then fails and gives up. Many coaches earn a lot of money, while the hopeful followers gained almost nothing. I wondered why is so for a while, but rewatching “Zorba The Greek” reminded me of the reasons I already knew.

Old as the world, the fear of the new and unknown is still present. Back in the era, people sought the gods for things they did not want to accept.

Today, people seek psychologists or life coaches to tell them they should not fear and act.

However, action in every human’s life field is lacking. When a person shares fear with me, I say: “I can  speak to you about how good, strong, and courageous you are all night, but you’re the one who should make the first step toward your dream or comfort zone.” After that conversation, most people run away but that is the norm. The steps are different in tempo, decision, or outlook for everyone, and I have only my example to share.

“Zorba The Greek” is not the person with the best interview impressions. He is straightforward, clear, and loves to dance through life’s hardships. That, indeed, makes him the best possible candidate for every business offer. You will find out why soon.

Best Interview Impressions

Almost everyone wants to work in a big company and have a stable income without giving time and money, so investment in interview meetings is inevitable. Many people want that one place and should make a great impression.

On LinkedIn, I watched a webinar that explained well about Interview Best Impression. It’s nothing unusual, but the message was clear: competency, motivation, and a culture of originality.


 Can people do the job?

Answering that question contains a background check of the potential employer and needed skills for the new work. If the candidate is from another industry, he should read more than those who come from the same field. The first steps to better competency are important. People should prepare beforehand by actual check of themselves and if they want to take on new obligations.


Why do people want to do the job?

Here the reasons are various but the most popular is the salary. My opinion is that the main motivation for starting a new job is to feel it a bit close to heart because the importance of money will fade away with time, leading to a depressive mood. The motivation should be proper and outside financial reasons because that is a turn-off to the interviewers since they care for the company image.

Culture of Originality

Are the people fit for the job?

Times changed and when going to an interview is not enough to be a loyal, strict, and disciplined employee. Employers look for unusual perspectives and originality. Thinking outside the box is welcomed in every company, but whoever thinks that way will not sell themselves cheap. One of the important questions in the interview is how the person helps the company grow.

An interesting interview point is having a perspective beyond usual. That shows authenticity, which is important nowadays because a lot of candidates have the same qualities and diplomas. Most employers want unique specialists but they may or not pay enough for them.


How do people engage others?

Leadership and motivational speech became unsaid skills that are appreciated by employers. Not everyone’s born a leader but they should know how to manage other people depending on the situation. Inspiration became the main motivation to hire someone.

“Zorba the Greek” is an ideal business employee because he has an innovative mind and is flexible toward people’s wishes. He gives another perspective to inspire people when times are challenging – through dancing. He doesn’t know the right words and acts as a leader who gives new ideas.

Zorba and  Alan are great examples of true friendship that makes two different people grow, complementing each other in their business and personal lives.

I want to believe these connections are not dead today when everyone looks only at their interest.



Floral Robes Attract Attention From The Wrong Place

Floral Robes Attract Attention

Floral Robes Attract Attention From The Wrong Place

That Never Leads To Something Serious

I love robes – they are comfortable and make me feel beautiful. I have one with a floral print that attracts attention wherever I go. It shows my inner power and character strength that attract insecure people who want to use me. The funny thing in life is the kind people who inspire others and do everything alone, not disturbing their friends, lovers, or whoever, end up as used and lonely daydreamers. Yes, the helping crown is solitary to wear.

 The facts I found out while watching today’s sunrise and wearing my floral robe, attracting attention from the wrong place, were clear.

From a young age, I was an outsider and attracted people because my family was richer than the middle class. Many schoolmates envied me and wanted to come closer to me because material reasons. In love,  the person who reached out to the romantic prospect was me. I didn’t mind coming to the man I like, telling it to him, and moving on. I had no time to waste and today I am the same way in terms of hours management.

The first rejections were painful until I accepted them as something ordinary. Looking back, I feel no regrets about my doings, but the difference is today I will not do it anymore because I know my worth.

Going back to the facts about Floral Robes that attract attention from the wrong place, I name them: short-term commitments, illusionary romance, and hiding from the truth.

Short-Term Commitments

One of the important lessons, when people learn while they are single, is their willingness for a short or long-term commitment. If they choose long, they will have problems like mine because the masses do not want serious relationships, but only flings to prove themselves they’re still worthy of opposite-sex attention or a one-night stand. That is easier and leads to a lack of boredom and engagement.

After a while, short-term commitment will prove unworthy because people will face challenges they can’t overcome on their own at some point. On the other side, the experiences will be different and new. At an older age, a short-term relationship means death alone, and that is a fact.

Going from one bed to another brings sexual experience, but not a soul connection. Deep inside, everyone wants their souls to be touched even if they do not admit it.

Illusionary romance

There are a lot of complexes in Psychology – Brunhilda, Electra, Oedipus, Narcissus, etc. that create unrealistic partnership expectations and imagination’s love stories. Of course, everyone has principles for the lover they choose, but a realistic view is needed. Illusionary romances are not bad for a while but it comes at a time when people are tired of going alone everywhere. The imaginary lover is not physically by the side of the person, bringing uncertainty and loneliness.

In the early stages of a breakup, I used my imagination to paint a lover in my head until my heart healed, and it didn’t work.

Hiding From The Truth

The Floral Robe I love to wear shows positivism and a never-ending fight for a better life. As a soldier in my daily life sometimes I hide from the truth because it helps me to keep fighting. Doing that doesn’t change the facts about my financial struggle and attracts the wrong male’s attention on my side.  Even so, I keep wearing my floral robe, accepting the situation I am in and looking for a way out.

People love shiny and motley clothes, jewels, and personalities. They attract them as moths to a flame. Usually, that blaze burns the one wearing the floral robe, containing enthusiasm, expectation, inspirational speech, and unrealistic beliefs.

In terms of Romance, the truth is simple – love is for those who see the potential partner as their person mutually.

The example I can give from my experience is not good because I attract insecure and emotionally unavailable men. Doing the same mistakes to save someone and take his problems as mine made me a man’s supporting rock.  I forgot what it’s like to be a desired lover, who men should take care of when needed. In that way of thinking, today I am highly uncertain if I am male in a female body or a woman who should not overstep her feminine identity but stays on her own because there are no partners to lift her.

In the professional term, I am a motivational writer and inspirator, but that doesn’t bring me worth anymore as a woman who wears her floral robe of positive vibes.

Sitting in my singlehood, I accept it as routine, which will not change anytime soon because I am tired of attracting males who do not see me as their potential partner, giving hope and building up others’ self-esteem.

That costs me a lot of personal energy, so I will wear my floral cloth only for my child without doing any first steps toward anyone anymore because I am indeed fed up, with attracting attention from the wrong place and giving chances to men that do not use them properly. I stopped doing the first steps toward someone a few months ago. In my current life situation, I feel poor both financially and emotionally.

Many years ago, when I moved into my current town for love, I became closer to poverty-problematic people than the middle-class. However, there are things I will never give up for anyone or anything, and they are my pride, dignity, and honor. They are all I have today, and I will not sell them for insincere love or writing opportunities for the mass.

After a while, I will probably show my floral robe again to some males, but not soon. I hope then it will attract the attention of the right place.

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