Looking For A Silver Coin – Triolet Poem

Looking for a silver coin - triolet poem

Looking For A Silver Coin – Triolet Poem

Inspired by the recent post in my Facebook Group.

I was looking for a silver coin,

While I rummaged in the copper

Thinking it has been precious

I was looking for a silver coin

Maybe I was way too conscientious?

Everything looked like a game of poker.

I was looking for a silver coin,

While I rummaged in the copper


Once again, I am on a date with Triolet Poems. My recent creativity strikes are proof that my mind and psychological patterns have changed. I don’t want to write about anything else outside creative expression. The same goes for my posts about silver coins on Facebook.

Last week, I feel uninspired to write, but take care to go over that situation. I  try to sleep more and go out in nature. My new-founded idea for a healthy diet also helps me to find my inspiration again. There are always better days on the way when people keep going forward.

When I am looking for silver coins, my idea about them is their beauty. Nothing like future investments or re-sales is on my mind when I choose a silver coin. 

Why did I start looking for a silver coin?

In my childhood, my father was a numismat and collected antique silver and gold coins. He always was on the go and in meetings with other collectors. My father loved the coins a lot, but he bought only gold ones because they are a secure investment. On the other side, I love silver in every shape – knives, jewelry, and recently, coins. Since my mind is more artistic, I love to dig and research but not possess, things. That was the start of my posts about coins.

Today, I love them because of their symbolism.

Last year, I fell in love with a man who adored silver coins and materialistic things. He likes to possess them but did not read and understand the story behind their beautiful facade.  Whenever that man spoke about the silver coins, my sleeping passion for that precious metal, woke up. I am thankful for what happened between me and my ex-lover because now my knowledge about the topic “Silver,” is high.
Starting in February, my dedication to writing, researching, and understanding silver coins grew up. I learned many things, and continue to explore that whole new and beautiful knowledge world. It satisfies my curiosity.

How many silver coins should people have?

That’s not something with a proper answer. I bought three silver coins, but I gave two of them as a gift. The one I wait for now is the “Silver Swan,” which shows a beautiful bird, swimming in the river. I love swans because they’re a symbol of faithfulness and eternal love.

Some collectors have around 50 to 100 coins, depending on their budget and needs.  Coins collecting is a luxurious hobby, but if people are investing-oriented, they will find the silver coins idea compelling and affordable. Real estates are expensive to put money into them.

My today’s thinking confession is over and I am going to look for my writing muse again. 





New Dress – Poem

New Dress - A Poem

New Dress – Poem

Dedication to new clothes.

I love the new dress

It shows a beginning

For something fresh

The times are changing

While I  cut  old life’s grass

Of past revolutions 

Into resounding comfort

Of my shedding skin

That recognized me

Into the mind’s mirror

Saying goodbye to patterns

Which never worked

With the shifting ground

I try to stand on

Because there is no time

To bypass the blow

And missed forgiveness

I am way too old

Waiting for miracles

Is no more of my posts

Until there’s the new reality

Buying a white dress

As the purity symbolism

I somewhere lost

Sticking in mud

Of daily confusions

Should I stay or go?


I tried to move on

But that somehow didn’t happen

Between dances of ghosts

And circles begone

Of my old cemetery

Once I called home

It’s time for a newfangled basis

While I buy a new dress

Like a Polka dot

I look for another place,

Job and a lover.


Changes are inevitable. It’s funny how the Universe shows me the way of not buying the same old way the new dresses. Yes, I ordered a few dresses from China, lost money, and never received them. Maybe is for the better because other changes showed up before my pretty distracted nose by choice. 

What do I mean?

I have my old visions and never change them if something seriously doesn’t shake me up. For example, I wanted to go to another place for a man, but my car broke. He was not my man and I found it out later. Back in time, I ordered new dresses from a China’s shop. When they came, were too small, and I never wore them. Last week, I lost money from ordering clothes from an unfortunate shop. 

Today, I do not go anywhere for a man and buy no china dresses. Both scenarios hurt me because  I love pretty frocks and the adrenalin of meeting someone new. My calmness became unquestionable. I learned the lesson “What flows, will flow and never goes back, with or without outside pressure,” and that makes me more relaxed.

On recent nights I can’t sleep well.  It’s a clear sign for me that new changes are growing to come into my life. I should face them bravely and cut the losses as much as possible.

Never fear unknown situations. For sure, they’re for the better.





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