Individual Legend Comes With Sacrifices

Individual Legend Sacrifices

Individual Legend Comes With Sacrifices

Is A Thing I Saw On My TV Screen After Reading Wikipedia

Inspired By Gertrud Bell’s Story

On Friday nights, I am rarely alone at home. Whenever that happens, I  watch movies based on historical figures because there are many people’s stories I want to know.

Otherwise, I spend all of my time with my daughter, watching animation on these weekends.

I had some time alone that Friday and watched the movie “The Desert’s Queen”. It was an exciting, sad, and inspirational film. I always respected women who use only their knowledge and power to keep going in life.

Powerful women usually sacrifice a lot to achieve their dreams.

That is not known when people look at their success and popularity.  The Individual legend I posted for on “Desert’s Wanderers Into Oases,” is challenging to understand. When people know what it is, they do not go after it because of their fears and lack of courage to fight.

I liked the “Desert’s Queen” movie because I think I am similar to Gertrude Bell. She had two lovers which showed they lack courage in being with her. Her love was true, deep, and consuming towards them, but her calling was bigger than life’s mission. I suppose many ladies today are like that too.

Most men and women lost their positions as ones because they misunderstood feminism, equality, and individual needs.

Or maybe true love is not meant for the individual legend?

Let me think again. Gertrude fell in love with adventures and new experiences. Of course, she loved similar men. In the end, these men killed themselves because they couldn’t fight for love because of cowardness or uncertain feelings they can be with a woman like her. I think that is a bit pitiful because if men love truly, they should fight for love. They should be warriors, protectors, etc. But maybe I am way too romantic in my thoughts, as Gertrude was.

Nowadays, not many men are courageous, bold, or adventurous. They resemble females more.

Most women have no clear ideas about what they want from a lover. They act like a hybrid between sexes. Power, one-night stands, and not a single idea about a committed relationship, or if there is a thought about it, there is no will to fight for love. It is too uncomfortable, and I wrote about it in “True Love’s Talk.”

Thrill or Stability is the 1-million question that people should ask.

Gertrude wanted them both, and I want them too, but I am unsure if that is possible. However, let’s go back to her life’s mission. 

When she succeeded not on the love front, she gave herself to the cause of peace with Arabian nations. That woman became my role model because she helped many people to see a different life’s light, and other humans. She gave hope for a better future and was remembered for it. Gertrude understood every person she met and Arabian people loved her because she knew their heart’s content – Dignity and Honor. I loved her words when she told the British politician he didn’t know the meaning of these qualities and Arabian desert life. The statement sure is more valid today than ever.

I also treasure these qualities today that I dare to say I have. Not many humans understand and have them because money-making is the life purpose of almost everyone. That is far from what humanity should look like, and a return to innocence is needed.

What is the point of my post today?

In short: Sacrifices are needed for an ordinary person to become a legend. They can be True Love, Individual Needs, Comfortable Life, and Time. I am unsure if many humans will give up these things in pursuing a dream.

True Love Sacrifies

Women are more prone to stick with their true love even if it is unrequited.  Sometimes they are in so much pain, that they start running away from everything and hiding from new males they meet.  On the other side, men accept that true love is not everlasting and it takes work. That makes them feel no better, and they start random dating to forget the past. Both sexes have no courage to face the broken heart for a long time and often leave the idea of true love out of their minds, distracted by work or other activities. Gertrude did that, and right said, me too. Maybe the self-reassurance will help on the way to self-growth. Or there may be still heroes that can help with healing when someone is going down.

Individual Needs Sacrifices

Nowadays, egoism is propagandized too much. People should put their needs first, even before their children’s. I am a bit old-school and I do not understand quite well why I should be more important than my child or someone else since in terms of birth, we all are born as equal humans. However, many people misunderstand setting healthy boundaries and being egotistical or narcissistic. I learn daily how to set boundaries. But my past friends and partners are not like me. Here comes the will to study that not everyone has.

Individual Needs can not be kept while someone is chasing their dream. The goal-achieving process needs to understand other’s people needs in the journey because humans can’t go on alone all the time. They will always meet someone else on the road.

Comfortable Life Sacrifices

I used to have a good life back in my hometown. Everything was perfectly organized. Many people envied me, and they still do. When I left my well-managed life back in the years, my parents did not speak to me for three years. I understood a lot of things then.

It was the first and last time I saw my father cries. He is a powerful man that doesn’t show many feelings. I understood pretty well I hurt people I hold dear by pursuing my dream of being an artistic person. Even so, I kept going. There is courage needed to continue moving on every time people fail someone or themselves.

I love comfortable life, but there is a thin line between giving something for granted and earning it on your own. When it comes to becoming a legend, following life’s dream can’t be comfortable. It may become a better situation with time, but in achieving the goal, there is no possibility for comfort.

Cutting ties with friends and family, becoming poor for a while, or staying uncomfortable single are good examples.

Time Sacrifices

The only asset people have, is their time – for love, living, or wasting. Everyone knows that the days of life are limited. The choice here is how people spend the years because they fly away. In Gertrude’s case, she was clear – adventures and writing before love. She accepted her love and wrote about it, but that woman never meant to use her time in a marriage. If she did, she had no time for it.

If I do not change my circumstances, I will be like her. If that is good or bad, I do not know. The point here is that many people are like me, wondering where and how it’s better to use their time. For myself, I try to challenge my time into the two things I love: dancing and writing. But, that doesn’t change the fact by choosing these two activities, I do not have time for dating, relaxing, etc. Gertrude became a success because she choose her travels, and they contradicted love’s life. She managed her time channeling it into the genuine wish she had – a better life for all.

In the end, successful people sacrifice more than they can afford to lose, but their will is more powerful than their narcissistic desires. That is the big difference between cowardly people that think only for their comfort, and those who think of everyone’s comfort, setting healthy boundaries.

In general, humans became worse because of the other’s success without knowing that the famous personalities are in genuine solitude.

After all, “Loneliness is Inspiration” to do great things that bring more to all humanity than a single personality.

But, can people make sacrifices for their True Love, Dreams, and Others?

Gertrude Bell

“Queen of the Desert”

Professionals For A Teamwork In Network Marketing Business?

Inspired by Erich Worre’s seminar

Professionals for teamwork in Network Marketing Business are challenging to be found.

When I used to be involved with Multi Level Marketing, I watched many seminars on leadership, business development, and teamwork. I followed mostly Erich Worre and John Maxwell. The things I learned back then were useful for improving the business.

In that post, I share what I have learned from Erich Worre because it may be useful for people who still care to do Network Marketing Business.

There are some commonalities that professionals have with Network Marketing

The number one activities are selling, leasing, or managing products, professional relationships, and best client offer.

That can be explained as some leaders are born, and others are not. The same goes for salespersons.

The main differences between the people in the same professions are Skills, Attitude, and Experience.

I can say that Leaders can be made with a lot of learning and practicing. The same goes for selling and managing. There is a considerable need of self – control, discipline, and will. The action plan, managing tasks, time, and structure organization are a must.

Paid on production

After the leader is made, there are his or her followers. The result is the inspiration of people’s lives. The commission is a tool for achieving production in the business. The result of a productive mindset is the opportunity to impact people’s lives.

That is connected to good presenting skills and a transparent report of accomplishments. It concerns also the investments that were made.

Moderate to high–risk tolerance

Professionals in the network marketing field take big risks, have great failures, and after all, they continue to take risks until they win. That is connected to persistence, a stable professional attitude, and goodwill in every situation – confusing, awkward, or refusal.

Erich Worre gives examples of the Ideal Prospects for the business structure and here they are:

  • Realtor estate professionals;
  • Mortgage brokers;
  • Insurance agents;
  • Small business owners;
  • Salespeople and account executives;
  • Sales managers;
  • Director of Marketing;

The people who are ideal for the Network business are those who work for themselves and know that if they work, they will receive payment. If they sell more and have good relationships with their clientele, they will earn more.

Here the important things are communication, time management, and planning strategies. Those people have a clear vision of what they have to do and good financial education.

Of course, everyone can become professional if he/she practices enough. It is proved that when someone does the same thing in around 40 000 hours he/she becomes an expert in what he/she is doing. Professionals are experts, who do things more than this period. Practice is the key to professionalism.

In my opinion, the most important qualities for becoming a professional in prospecting the right people are communication, respect, open-mind, no adjudication of the persons before knowing their identity of hobbies, interests, and skills, accepting what people are saying in the right way, putting the words simple and hearing them the same way.  This can be explained in short: to prospect professionals, you should be a good and understanding listener. It’s a fact that you should be a hard worker. Lazy people always look for excuses of doing something. In the Network marketing business only work with persistence and daily personal/team development is awarded.

 The quality you put in suspecting prospects is the quality you got out. Big lessons for all of you tuned in to this webinar: Daily work for searching prospects.

Next level business

How do you take this to next level?

That question pops up in everyone interested’s minds. There are some replies to that question based on that seminar I watched many years ago, but it is still adequate today.

Specific Strategies to recruit Talents:

  1. What most people think is the path of least resistance is the path of Greatest Resistance.

Successful people are the easiest to recruit. They’re open-minded and they avoid the most costly mistakes that other people make.

That is possible if these persons have learned a lot and developed themselves like experts in some professions.

It happens with a lot of work and reading daily articles or books for the field they’re involved. A good point here is watching daily videos with successful people.

These days  Youtube is filled with videos like that.

Another way to learn is by joining specific webinars led by experts in the field of the successful person’s interests.

Regarding most known mistakes people in the business make they are:

– Giving too much information to people, who don’t ask for it;

– Inviting people without any knowledge for the presentation of business with products people don’t know anything about;

– Aggressive way of speaking without any respect for a person’s ideas and opinion;

  1. Harassing the power of Projection.

Your prospect’s reality of you is what you decide to show them.

If you show yourself as a hard-trying, but unsuccessful person, no one will come to your side.

But, if you are confident in your speech, look, and business you’re in, people feel it and get interested in how and why you have achieved what you talk about. Sometimes you can use some bluffs, but it’s best to do it rarely.

I have heard a person talking about their success which wasn’t real at the exact moment, but he believed himself and now he’s successful. Sentences like “I’m a great photographer. I have photographed a wedding in Seoul last week for one of the richest people there”, “I’m going to Paris to take photos of the most famous model there” open up in a person’s mind a huge positive gap.

The summary of that is: speak like the things you want are a fact. That gives positive feedback to your mind or some call it the Universe and things happen.

  1. The power of asking the right questions

Here I give some hints about this matter:

* Do you keep all your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you are currently doing in your profession?
* Are you using the right words properly?

Right questions are these, which give correct information about the person and what she or he wants to achieve in the exact moment for the business. If people don’t ask appropriately, with simple words, the potential prospects won’t hear and understand anything business-related.

  1. The eyes cannot see the things they are not yet trained to see.

Signs are everywhere.” Is that an opportunity?” is a great way to open people’s eyes to business options.

One person should always be aware of different options to earn additional income. He or she should always ask and research the opportunities around. Some call it intuition to hear and see the signs of the Universe. I call it mastery of intuitive thinking.

  1. Putting the odds in your favor.

The secret is prospecting people who are more likely to be successful in this business of what they do already.

It’s a good thing to have earnings from a job, for example.  People should know what to do with their money and when they have more than already earned. That happens with clear goal setting and a specific action plan, which should be followed daily.

If you do your business in your free time for additional income, think carefully about when you will be able to quit the job you don’t like. In my case, I need a few months.

What do you want to do?

 Who will be the people by your side then?

Have a vision and realistic period to make things happen.

 Successful ordinary people are already informed about their talents, knowing what pros they have and putting them to good use.

That way, they attract people with similar talents by their side and do something big.

The same goes for your business – if you know what you want to do, you will be like a magnet for people like you.

The main strategies are based on the knowledge you and your people already have, and the preparation for acceptance of the success.

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