Waffle Of Life – Poem

Waffle of life - poem

Waffle Of Life – Poem

Long live the sweets!

I’ve eaten a waffle

It makes life sweet

I indeed get fatter

In the name of mind’s peace

The sweet is  called “Troy”

As the old war story

It was for a woman

And a man wants to be

Fighting the warriors

In the name of the bride

But I prefer the waffle

Looking at Achilles’ heel

Because eyes see

What do they want to be

Unfortunate happenings

Not everything is reality

The same goes for the waffle

And life with the sweets

That temporary gather

Hormonal serotonin

Going back to the battle

Between truth and the wish

For some love discussions

Or beautiful Helen to feel

Who is far in the distance

Of pure Idealism.

Long live the sweets!


It’s funny how everyone speaks for a healthy lifestyle while eating sweets to fight stress in most cases. The same goes for me, even though I was trained on a Zumba course, called “The Plate,” based on balanced food ideas, led by famous doctors. They lied the best they could.

Yes, a healthy lifestyle is possible, but when there are certain conditions: mind peace, regular exercise, and unprocessed food like vegetables or nuts. Everyone knows that but nobody gives his money for healthy food. Bills and other important stuff always knock on life’s door. Time and idealistic thoughts about miracles happening with the body create pure idealism for the mass. Sure, for a woman to exercise and eat healthily, she should have no engagements or enough money to buy expensive fresh food.

It’s valid for me, too. So, I prefer the easy way of thinking: when I eat 1200 calories, I should burn them or not eat at all.  It’s said the minimum calories for the body daily is 500, but my belief is to get slim, people should not eat. My experience proved me right. The same goes for the illusions somebody will come and fight for another human being like in the old Greek mythology story “The Beautiful Helen.”

Long live the sweets!



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