Castle In The Sky – Short Story

Castles in the Sky- Short Story

Castle In The Sky – Short Story

Dedication to the lost inspiration.

Recently, my inspiration went dry and I decided to re-read my stories on Wattpad. There was a secret place in my heart that  wandered around the social writing platform and is called: “Imaginary Romance Online at 9 PM.”

The series is dedicated to romances that didn’t happen for many reasons. I have met many people online and some of my past loves were in between the lines of stories. It’s shocking how many people run away by love by choice and without trying to make it happen.

It’s a great experience to write about love because these stories are beautiful. Sometimes people want to escape reality and look for hope elsewhere, as I do.

As per today’s confession, I will tell another “Imaginary Romance Online Story at 9 PM,” about which I was inspired by “Castles In The Sky” by Ian Van Dhal. And next time, who knows? I may present a drawing about it since I got serious about drawing with colored pencils.

So, here I  go again in my written, imaginary and romantic world.

Dana woke up. She stood up and made a coffee. Costa coffee was her favorite, but recently she mixed up other tastes. As usual, she went up with the coffee cup on the terrace, listening to the seagulls /in Bulgaria they are called Glaruses/, because there weren’t many other birds.

The terrace wasn’t washed as usual because Dana cleaned it on Sunday. The woman sat with her phone on a chair, putting her coffee cup on the terrace’s edge. It was thick and wide enough to put a chalice on it.

Still in her pajama and with a robe on it, she started to draw in the air with her fingertips. She drew a castle in the air. Dana had a great imagination and immediately saw it through her creative eyes into her mind. It was white, fluffy, too high, and guarded well enough for nobody to enter it.

“Do you ever see in your dreams? All the castles in the sky?” thought Dana.

A few tears dropped from her eyes on her fingers. The woman left them dry and checked her astrology horoscopes. The astrologers didn’t write the answers to her questions. As usual, many written lies started to delusion Dana’s mind.  These words pointed out that she will find many things. Dana had read every horoscope lie in the last two years. Of course, she didn’t believe them and started to drink her coffee. While listening to healing music.

The phone rang. It was Layla who checked Dana every three months.

“Lovely business lady, what are you doing?”Layla asked cheerfully.

“Drinking my first coffee for the day,” replied Dana.

”You sound sad, my love. Are you with a broken heart again?” directly asked Layla.

“Yes. I will not lie to you. I am damned torn inside out because of that man,” Dana almost started crying.

“Did I tell you to stop chasing him? It’s not pretty for a woman to go after a man. He becomes uninterested in most cases or runs away because he can’t share your feelings at the moment or in general,” Layla nagged.

“Please do not tell that again. I am well aware, but I started to love him.” nodded Dana.

“Damn! You slept with him only one night. Stop investing feelings in one-night stands. They look only for that time and stop caring for you immediately after or in a short time. Use your vibrator, my girl. It hurts less. Or if you can’t take it anymore, pay to a gigolo because things are clear then,” Layla’s voice was caring.

“I know, but I still need to earn more money for a gigolo. I wanted to have a serious relationship with him, even if the cost was doing sex sooner,” cried Dana.

“Nah, my girl, you’re so naive. If a man wants you, he will not jump immediately to bed with you. See, he saw you as a lonely and thirsty-for-sex woman. Of course, he will come to you with a clear head that it’s for a single night. That man thinks you want that too. Only one passionate time.” continued Layla.

“You’re right, but I thought that time will be different,” answered Dana.

“My dear, you are building a castle in your head’s sky. It’s way up high for someone unserious for you to climb it. Only dedicated men in love with you will go up that sky to come to you and break the walls of the well-defended place in your heart. You haven’t met them yet, because you see only in your mind, not before your eyes. Creating illusions for somebody and overanalyzing his actions or inactions brings no good,” explained Layla.

“I thought he is serious. He gave me signals and I wanted to believe that man is “The One,” stopped Dana.

“Even if he is, now is not the time. You gave yourself without dignity, believing a miracle will happen. He may be loved you for a moment or two, but in general, he saw you as an easy woman unfit for a serious commitment. But that man didn’t look for commitment, but fun,” Layla told the harsh truth.

“It’s true his signals were mixed. I wanted to believe he wants me for who I am,” spoke Dana slowly.

“Did he ask you about your hobbies and interests, or your talk was for general topics?” asked Layla.

“We spoke about many various topics, but not specifically about my personality,” replied Dana.

“You got your answer. When a man didn’t ask you specifically for your personality, he is not interested in you as a person, but only as a sexual object,” concluded Layla.

“I believe you’re right, dear. But should I try to contact him and speak about friendship at least? I don’t want to lose him and ruin everything we had for that night,” spoke Dana.

“No! Cut ties with him. You had only one night “forever” and started nothing.  Heal your painful wounds with tears, writing, and escaping reality through music or distracting your thoughts for him You should move on. That brokenness shall pass,” told Layla wisely.

“But I am torn inside out and my heart hurts like I am dying!” cried again Dana.

“It’s better to die and rise than stay dead in an illusionary world as you have read in Ann Rice’s book about Mayfaer’s Witches,” said Layla firmly.

“I love Ann Rice’s demon Lasher but he thought only for himself while his lover died physically,” remembered Dana.

“You’re the same! Come back to your physical body and look for a man who will stay forever by your side outside your illusionary castle in the sky,” reminded Layla.

“You’re right, my dear. I will cry enough, drink wine, and write about my male characters until I heal. Thank you!” – said Dana to her friend

“Bye, love. Be smarter the next three months and keep your legs closed for random dudes,” – laughed Layla.

“Sure!” Dana’s face became red.

Her coffee almost got cold. She stopped reading the astrological horoscopes. When she drank up her coffee, she went inside her home and started to draw a castle on paper. Maybe when she finishes it, she will forget the past pain of the numerous no love.

It’s almost always painful to be an artist. The muse is usually hurt feelings. But the darkest hours create the brightest legends.


The story is the sequel of  Business Flirt – Short Story.

A long time ago, I started a small collection of daily short thoughts. At first, I called it “Short daily thoughts,” which contained up to one sentence daily. The beginning of that was the moment I played “Dragon Raja” on my phone and had a Discord group when an interesting player gave the rules for that one-sentence game.

For easy use, I renamed the game to “Mori Monologues” and wrote thoughts for many days.

After I stopped the sentence collection, came the decision to my recent poetry book, named: “Memento Mori, “which I should pay for to be published on paper. That will happen at a later date and when I save enough money.

It’s an undoubtful fact that publishing on paper, as coin collecting, is a luxury hobby. Still, I love writing and reading about unusual things.

Recently I have the will to give a rebirth with that story to my “Imaginary Romance Online at 9 PM, ” which also started when I played the beautiful game “Dragon Raja”. It’s a great virtual world with many love stories untold between players who are humans in various situations. The game’s story is unique and based on a popular Chinese novel.

I do not play games anymore – nor online, or offline. I have no time for amusing myself or the players. Here I should point out that with my prideful and sometimes arrogant directness, people get what they see with me or what they do to me.

Thank you for reading. Do we build Castles in the sky? Are the castles way up high?



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