Curiosity Kills The Cat Or Opens New Doors

Curiousity kills the cat or opens new doors

Curiosity Kills The Cat Or Opens New Doors

is dedicated to fellow curious people who never stop exploring

I have always been curious about everything. People say it will kill me inside to dig deep and think. My belief is that is the only way to find and open a new life’s door. Especially when at crossroads. Today’s confession is about the cat’s thinking I love so much and learn from. Maybe soon I will get one cat at home.


That quality is the most important one when it comes to personal or business relationships. If the involved people are not curious about each other, they don’t need to even talk. Yesterday, I started to chat with a new member of my Facebook “Silver Investment” group.

At first, my thought was that’s a regular jewelry shop. After a small talk, I found out the owner was a jeweler. I respect a lot of creators, and with that member, we found a new way to popularize the group. That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t curious about each other. The worst thing in communication is having no curiosity or one-sided interest.

People who create something are the greatest force that moves the world.

Appreciation and understanding better the products or mission come at a later date. Curiosity is the thing that connects the dots when something is missing. But it’s risky and may reveal unpleasant situations.

Even so, it’s better for the curiosity to be satisfied and for the people to think carefully should they continue to dig or let everything go. Sometimes the results of the dig may kill the person with a cat’s curiosity. Still, that’s for a better life after rising from the ashes of a broken soul.

In my recent business and personal situations, I choose to leave things as they are because of my tiredness to analyze and look for answers that were always before my eyes. My feelings are clear and my mind is focused on positivity. Whatever happens, will happen.

However, I keep being curious about my newfound skills and life. “How far can I go?” is the question of my heart’s last days and I am still looking for a proper answer. Soon I shall understand it.

New doors open.

When there is no curiosity anymore, a new door opens. It’s sad for someone to not be curious about another person or a failing business. But, the reality check is a must for everyone to grow as a mature adult or a successful business person.  It happens sometimes a significant person leaves people’s lives.

Usually, that is far better, even if it’s painful at first. Sometimes it looks like giving freedom to the person people leave. Another situation is when a business fails then a innovative idea pops up. Then, a new door opens – after self-realization and new goals are showing in life’s road to follow.

At the end of my thinking confession, I decided to stay curious as a cat. What about you?

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