"Carnival Raw" is for the Following heart

“Carnival Row” Is For The Following Heart

“Carnival Row” Is For The Following Heart

is dedicated to revolutions inside and out.

I had a break from work for a few days and decided to check out the “Carnival Row” series. The myths they used for its creation are interesting and authentic. The atmosphere also seemed promising, but starting watching it, I found out it has deep and meaningful life lessons for everyone.

True love, humans, and not only, differences, revolutionary spirit – it has it all. I loved every single scene in it, especially the last episode of Season 2 when it was the only peaceful time in the series world.

Since I lost 300 blog subscribers and my Zumba students, I needed the inspiration to continue following my heart’s passions.

“Carnival Row” brought back my spark, and I am grateful for finding it. It made me happy as much as I dared to make a clean breakup with many people in my life. Thanks to this series I am happy today with my life and simply love it.

What makes “Carnival Row” special and enlightening?

It connects people and mythical creatures’ souls on a high note when it comes to true love and it shows they’re equal in terms of feelings, will to live, and perceptions of security. The peace between their differences gives stability and a better understanding of the nature of those who created the conflicts between nations. That same talk is valid today for the current life situation between humans in different countries.

The interesting lesson in the series was about freedom, especially its price. Everyone knows there is no free thing in the materialistic world. Here comes the question if people can pay what they’re bargained for and if they can bear the action’s consequences.

Is it possible for you? 

That question for me was a wake-up call. Going wherever without proper thought or plan seems crazy. It’s not, but acceptance of that truth from a logical mind is almost impossible. Following the heart is inevitable. The sooner people understand it, as I did, it’s for good.

Feelings may change with time but the memories and experiences they created, do not. The main life lesson in “Carnival Row” was that true love stays forever when found, and overcame various challenges. Of course, that takes time, realization is usually painful if there’s no turning back. However, it’s the best life changer for those who seek self-love and peace with others on a higher energy level. It’s important to understand that even if someone is not a forever person in others’ life, they made it a better human and taught them various perspectives.

For example, when I broke up, I was happy and grateful. I did it with a smile because I learned a lot from that person, saying everything I wanted truthfully and was honest until our romance’s endgame. Maybe one day he will understand why I did what I did and appreciate me as a good memory.

Do you know the revolution for a better world starts from one inspired heart to change?

Revolutioners are seen as madmen, despots, psychos, etc.  That is not the truth. They have a belief and are ready to pay the price for the higher, cause even if it brings them shame, mistakes, and radical actions. It takes bravery to lead toward a new world, and that is why I respect the so-called villain characters in “Carnival Row” like  Leonora. She is a mythical creature faun with a broken horn and leader of the “New Dawn” revolutionary movement, doing everything for peace between the nations and sacrificing many people and even herself for change. Her final words: “Seeds are planted,” made clear the change revolution is a fact with a legacy.

Not many humans today can agree with that, right?

I’m a retro woman and enjoy characters who want to do something for a greater cause. It reminds me of myself, going toward the unknown and the many walls I should break or climb in the search for humanity. That was my blog’s intention the moment I created it. It’s a bit sad many people left my side online, but I don’t blame them. I am happy for every reader who stays by my side here and they have my appreciation.

The funny thing today is everything stays the same as in the “Carnival Row” – unwillingness to change the wheel of life through acceptance of various qualities outside races, power, vanity, and greed. People fear s much the inevitability of changes in every life’s field that they use every resort they know to stop it even if that means stealing or stepping on others’ lives. It doesn’t matter if that happens through slavery, humiliation, manipulation, and using those who still know what are love, acceptance, and human understanding.

However, following the heart outside the daily theater is a luxury only those who dare to accept the consequences of their actions can do. They’re a few. I highly suggest to everyone to watch “Carnival Row” and understand the truths they refuse to accept. Thinking leads to better if only people allow themselves to do it outside the known patterns. Do not sleep over your life’s truths because living them is for once.




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