Driving To The Distant Thoughts – Poem

Driving to the distant thoughts - poem

Driving To The Distant Thoughts – Poem

is Dedicated to my love to drive

I drive again

On the unknown road

To a new place

I only heard of

Escaping the glow

Of a painful story

That ate my soul

As far as I am going

The farthest confusion grows

One hour passed

The second gave me

A new chance

To reconnect me with ways

That I do feel not proud of

Begging for mercy

Pay me attention

When times were challenging

And turned to dust with the flow

Of time spent in illusions

A pragmatic love

With no Individualism

Because it would ruin the comfort

That someone had felt of

And would never abandon

My speed increased

While the mind grows fond of

The feelings I was hiding

Boosting out to the prone

Salty tears when I can take it no more

My car would be crashing

If I didn’t stop when I saw

A single bird flying

Reminding me of my own

An angry heart that showed

The depth of emotions

When I tried to be a raccoon

Hiding out in the crowd

To defend my cocoon

But it happened

And became a success

That made me numb

To the cries in my head

Which I surpressed

They made me go wrong

Direction outside my groan

And brought me back to the driving

Finding a distant road


Many love stories are sad and change the people inside out. They may love each other in different time frames but miss the moment to act.

Some neglect their feelings, and others play dead to not be hurt, but the truth is that when something doesn’t happen at first, it will be that way forever. When two people do not click, it’s a matter of time to drive separate roads.

It’s a fact I love driving and depending on my confusion, I go further to think and re-organize my thoughts. My recent trip was four hours of driving on the same day, but I was happy to visit a new place. It was a small town in Bulgaria where birds were singing and time stopped.

Right said, I envy the people living there. Calmness and sincerity were the atmospheres of that place.

When I move out of my current living city, it will be to a smaller town or even a village. The falseness and insincerity of people in cosmopolitan cities turn me off. That’s why when I drive, my choice of places is based on my intuition or the population’s number.

However, is always lonely to leave someone loved. But seeing no future in the long-term and the different directions, I think it’s better that way. Then I drive to distant roads, running from my thoughts until I find the courage to face them.

Cutting ties with those, who haven’t been by my side and didn’t understand me after a long time of communication, is not easy. If someone’s taken for granted, it’s the most painful experience and leads to a new driving life destination. But everyone survives. It’s a fact not many people will stay by my side forever. It’s like wishy-washy thoughts to make myself feel better. I stand for the sincerity and directness of communication, so there is no place to hide, ignore or play dumb when rejecting someone or I am the one dumped.

Everything shall pass.

Nature Hug – A Poem

Nature Hug - A poem

Nature Hug – A Poem

is about natural touches that heal even the most wounded souls.

Yesterday, I was in nature

To feel the song of birds

That told me a story

Of a neverending love

Between the wind and the flower

Forever they stood enamored

I asked about the secret

To stay with a person eternally

And Flores said:

“It’s about the decision

To warm our  blue eggs

Which will give us a legacy

To build a new bridge

Between the Past and the Future

With a lot of compromises

And sincere forgiveness

That makes everyone arise

Even in the longest romances

While we made our nest

We didn’t feel easy

But we both wanted to Last

Forever, it’s possible.”

I listened in amazement

While walking between apples

That still were leaves

Unfully in blossom

And then I felt a hug

Of the nature that touched

My wounded heart

It became a lot lighter

I continued my walk

And the wind complimented me

For my new-founded gold

Desire to be transparent

Then the rose flower leaf

Did begin to dance with me

While the sun enlightened the road

Creating emotional warmth

That made me feel everlasting

In Nature’s memoir


I love walking in nature. It makes me realize that life is wonderful, abundant, and eternal. Many cycles come and go. The same is valid for the people, but whatever happens, life continues. I prefer calling it “The Show must go on” as it states my Queen’s favorite song. Birds and animals teach humanity the greatest lessons of kindness, love, loyalty, and gratefulness for what is already possessed. These topics are forgotten in today’s materialistic love world. 

Even so, there still are people who appreciate nature’s hugs. 

They’re also warming as those, given by humans, but for the soul. The universe’s positive energy should be felt and shared with everyone despite their kind.

In the last few months, I had a big transformation of my thinking and action ways for the better.  That happened thanks to my nature walks, because the serenity lies in the relaxing atmosphere. Only there I could think calmly about everything.

Right said, I don’t like staying in the big cities.  They’re expensive, cold, fast, ungrateful, and assassinating. Their life’s speed is without giving a dime if someone is alive or not. I saw a few dying people at bus stations, government institutions, or in taxis. Nobody cared if they were dead or alive. The living people look like zombies and are heartless when it comes to living in a big and materialistic town. If I can find a way to pay my bills remotely, I move to a village, for sure.

However, in nature, I can enjoy life’s simple joys. Going there helps me to focus better.


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