Chasing Mirrors - a Poem

Chasing Mirrors – A Poem

Chasing Mirrors – A Poem

is about stopping when time can’t heal the heart anymore.

Chasing the mirrors was always on my mind

While other meetings created intrigues

That I can’t let go

Today, like forever, I took the stand

To shatter my every illusion

Of going everlasting with lover’s flow

Waiting with patience and empty hope

That made me so broken

I couldn’t recognize myself

Until I waited for my heart’s healing

Losing my breath in distracting works

Which should make me closer

To those who once I loved

The moment to stop that

Has finally come

After so much lyrical writing

And tears before the so-called God

That surely is living somewhere above

But I can’t feel him protecting my soul

So maybe it’s me who should do it

Without any angels of wrath

True love is so confusing

With its uncertain walks

Through my platonism

Which gave me no comfort

To feel I am appealing

Maybe protecting from some

People who preferred leaving

Then play with the emotional globe

I am confronting my reasons

Why should I move on

Through thorns of no roses

Listening to half-truths called lies

So, I leave everyone who  hurt me, behind

Until I make a proper decision

And become self-disciplined

Using my full power to conquering

My betrayed feelings made me like a fog


There are times in life people wake up from overdue dreams for their reality. Today is one of my days. It’s like a thunderbolt that tears up the mind’s skies. Questions like why I still do what I did before and expect the same results popped up in my head. Asking myself about the reasons why I chase my personality’s mirrors in other people made their breakthrough in my today’s life.

It’s undeniable fact humans look for their characteristics in others but that does not end well in relationships of every kind.

Many activities I do, are for the best of other people who do not care about me being alive or not based on their actions. My powerful love for other human beings becomes toxic to me. Keep doing it will not heal my illusionary-shattered heart, so I need to stop that madness as soon as possible since is not appreciated by anyone I care to recognize me.

Self-respect is a main theme in everyone’s life. People shouldn’t allow being treated poorly in the name of love.













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