Keep Moving On – Poem

Keep Moving On - Poem

Keep Moving On – Poem


Dedicated to every unknown poet with the dream to publish a book


I lost my left natural leather Bordeaux shoe

Looked like a Cinderella out of the blue

I didn’t see the charming prince coming

Found a dark knight that looked stunning


He doesn’t give me a hand but handcuffs

We started dancing to unusual blues

It was the moment when I lost my right shoe

That hot night gave me way too many clues


I will never be together with a man as an omen

With the latest sensual vibes

My pleasure is equal to the time flies

I started later to feel as drowning


Between tears and smiles

I continued to write

Poetry that sounds

Like unheard voice


Later, when I survived

After fairytale unblinded

Romance became my fogging spot on

In the sprint, I should keep moving on


Today I have a collection of words

That makes me wander into different worlds

Between oceans, mountains, and the sky

Looking at sunset and sunrise every time


My poems and romanticizing soul

Became worldwide unknown

I proudly say to nobody “Hello”

But I will never stop and keep moving on



Today I mark my Poetry career milestone. As a blogger and unknown poet, I am proud of my courage to start self-publishing my poetry book. Currently, I sent it for review on Amazon.  Though, I am still wondering how to put it for sale on the blog. My pride is the achievement of my goal to show my poetry to the world. The best thing about that experience is my newly found knowledge and skills.

Uncertainty always was my shadow, but by going into the light, I overcame it. If an ordinary blogger like me could do it, it’s an equal possibility for everyone. Don’t you think?

Whatever it takes is a great motivation to follow a long-held dream.

My belief is everyone is worthy to try and achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if that is a self-published poetry book or a special dance under the moonlight for a lover. Keep moving on is always the right way to go through life’s challenges.

Put a smile on your face and start walking toward your best life by achieving prolonged dreams, making the first step.








Hollywood Hills Or The Great Ocean’s Waves?

Hollywood Hills or The Great Ocean's Waves?

Hollywood Hills Or The Great Ocean’s Waves?


About Life Choices.

Recently I listen to one of my favorite songs. It’s “Holywood Hills” by Sunrise Avenue. That song’s lyrics gave me a reason to think and create another confession.

Everybody knows about Hollywood Hills Dream. Not many people understand the price of staying there and that they’re somehow limited in their lives. I have never been a resident of a rich neighborhood and maybe will not be. But, after reading about many famous people, my idea about Hollywood’s life summarizes loneliness. Pure and unknown for ordinary people because in Holywood nobody stays with a person for himself.

The idea of the “Hollywood Hills” song is about choices.

To stay in the rich neighborhood under the radar of everyone and the lack of privacy, or live an ordinary life, doing what the heart desires?

Becoming a famous person has a price and it’s not for everyone. Surely, materialistic and consumer life in every area is interesting.

Will that be forever?

I am not sure about it. The reason for my love for “Holywood Hills” is that I have been on both sides of life – rich and poor.  While living in my hometown years ago, my family was wealthy. And still, it is, but I am not there.

When I moved to Burgas for love toward my ex-boyfriend and the sea fifteen years ago, my knowledge of poverty grew rapidly, looking at the great ocean’s waves of my new life.

It was not the pretty picture my mind painted. The daily fight with bills and life matters, in general, started immediately. I learned to organize better and to create a budget. Many things I didn’t even know while living under the gold parental wing showed up. Everything was unknown to me since I lived in a golden cage.

Listening to the “Hollywood Hills” song gives me chills. It shows the internal fight to continue living as there is no tomorrow with the dirtiness and limitations of a materialistic world or going free when no money is a motivator, but the internal fire to achieve goals.

Heart’s freedom is not an easy choice. Many sacrifices are required to follow a fast heartbeat but that state is the closest to happiness.

The great ocean’s waves are in the context of living alone.

Being alone means freedom to follow individual dreams without brainwashing models of life which can be easily found in places like Holywood Hills. To stay there someone should lose identity and follow the rules of popularity. They are harsh and isolating.

Living a rich life has two cons: falseness and loneliness. The pros are money and pleasure.

When people have enough material things, they start to feel suffocating and bored because they literally can buy everything, including “friends”. But, the companions stay by the person’s side until they are under the spotlight. When they got sick, they have caretakers because there are no close-to-heart people to care for them. They never feel sincere human contact for free.

On the other side, living a free life has sincerity from a small group of people has a positive side, but the negative is sometimes feeling shallow and trapped in the mundane. But that shall pass.

The true expression of feelings through the things people love to do can’t be experienced with no money in the world. It’s a fact wealth is important, but when there is freedom of living, that stays on life’s backseat.

My belief is people should live outside any limitations that society and money put on them forcefully and they choose it for free sometimes. That is why I love the “Holywood Hills” song so much.

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