A Wish To Stars – Poem

A Wish To Stars - Poem

A Wish To Stars – Poem

is Dedicated to Night Dreamers.

I made a wish

Somewhere in heaven

To find a way

Around the sorrow

Of losing You

My dearest friend

To meet you soon


And I believe it will happen

Because our souls

Are deep connected

From youngest age

By bloody oath

Until we see us

Guide me from above

When a star falls

Then I will know

It’s time for calls

Between the clouds

That intertwined tomorrow

Somewhere time never ends

We’ll stay together

And play our children’s games

Outside the horror

That life taught ourselves

Because we are young forever

In our separated hearts

But not like these, lovers

Our Friendship never dies


After a deep talk with my friend about his great cause in Kisoro, I understood friendship is more important than anything else when fighting for humanity. I decided to volunteer to popularize the nonprofit organization “Go Save Orphans, Widows, and Children.”

For me, it’s important to give a good human example.

Charity doesn’t cost much when people are online and connected. My idea is to post once per month about the cause of my friend and help Kisoro’s people to live better.

I love African routines, people, and the rhythm they give to everyone’s life. These humans are honest and loyal. They live with smiles, even when times are challenging.

As personalities, African people want to make others understand what they do. For example,  the instructors who trained me in African dances were trustworthy. They gave everything they had to make the students learn the steps properly. Not many people act human nowadays.

A Wish becomes Truth.

I have a friend who loves coins. He made a group on Facebook for his passion and made me an administrator there. I have a bit of investment knowledge and will be happy to make my friend’s wish of building a community legacy truth.

Everything starts with a single spark when it comes to lighting in the dark. It makes a difference to humanity if people dare to think big and see the global picture.








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