Is Universal Love Meant To Be? – Poem

Is The Universal Love Meant To Be? - Poem

Is Universal Love Meant To Be? – Poem

Based on Kyrielle’s poetic form.

Is that Just Another Rumor?

I looked at the night sky,

My dream was to fly.

Your wings were interflowing with me.

Is universal love meant to be?


Sleeping hearts hid deep inside,

Without each other by our sides.

I have read a book named “We.”

Is universal love meant to be?


Waking up hour sounded through the alarm,

My sheets smelled like the last-night man.

He was gone until I was asleep.

Is universal love meant to be?


I flirted  with many about my professionalism

And searched for the answers to my skepticism

I accepted situations I shouldn’t keep.

Is universal love meant to be?


Shattered glasses paved my way.

Maybe the time to stop that is today.

Under my scars, I find myself disqualified.

Is universal love meant to be?


Poetry is more than a wordplay because it contains my soul pieces, emotions, and memories I can’t live without. The stanzas I wrote, gave me honor, pride, courage, and the will to live my life to its fullest, even when I was a broken doll in my heart.

Through thick and thin, my poems saved me because there was no one else to support me before, and I survived on my own.

Or maybe I was distant and cold to invite someone into my heart while thinking about universal love that has never meant to be?

The reasons do not matter to me anymore. Facts always speak louder than lies and delusions for the people who came into my life even though I welcomed every one of them. The strangers I have met so far gave me a piece of a renewed puzzle of myself and I still construct it.

While drinking my red wine, thinking of becoming a one-night stand, I reincarnated my plastered heart. The thoughts weren’t put into action because I value my morals and built-up character, staying faithful to my principles.

I may change or not, depending on the situation.

Universal love is something many people look for and cherish. I am not one of them because my experience was clear regarding that type of love. I believe in the Universe and the positive energy that should be spread everywhere but not in equality of emotions.

Is universal love meant to be?

In most cases, it isn’t but sometimes people are lucky and happy to receive the same love they give. Even so, every night before going to sleep, I send my gratitude to the Universe and everyone I have met. Not many people have enough treasured time with those they love. I had it and felt thankful for it, even when it was for a short time.

Memories about friendships, romances, and family moments are the fuel people need to feel fulfilled. Don’t you think?










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