Dear Darlin’ Please Excuse My Writing

Dear Darlin', please excuse my writing

Dear Darlin’ Please Excuse My Writing.

is for

These sweet, short romances that people remember.

“Dear Darlin’, Please Excuse my writing” is the verse I love the most with today’s musical thinking confession.

It’s funny how people stop waiting for someone out of the blue. For example, when they take the bus home. The situation moves incredibly fast and the loved ones go somewhere down in the passenger’s mind.

That happened to me today. I am still waiting for a proper explanation from my heart and logic. It’s weird how my deep affection faded away. While listening to Olly Murs’s “Dear Darlin,” I found myself letting every past relationship go with the words: “We tried” like it never happened.

Is it painful to remember, a self-respecting idea, a nasty move, or a ruthless attitude? Please excuse my writing.

Maybe the thought “It was sweet. It was short. We tried.” in Olly Murs’ song “Dear Darlin'” applies to every past and unsuccessful relationship that makes people forget about their self-respect or blur boundaries in the name of love. But today, I lost it because I chose to let everything go.

Time makes people see the truth, and when there is nothing more to peel from their soul or heart, the mind shuts down and puts the negative emotions on the back burner. Nobody wants to feel like a doormat or a sorrowful penguin that walks on the ice. It’s the primal survival instinct. Right said, begging for someone’s attention is exhausting.

I always say that people are in or out of someone else’s life.  That statement reminds me to stop chasing windmills. I may become pitiful, doing the same things, and expecting different results. That is not working well for anyone, but practicing writing does.

Dear Darlin’, Dignity is a respected quality.

When people lose it, is sad and even those who made them pitiful, start to feel guilty. It’s better to stop on time with an objective look at the situation than go after feelings that can make someone laughable. Unrequited love is comfortable in terms of personal development. When people are in a pit they find out a lot of qualities they didn’t know they possessed. Of course, pain, disappointment, sorrow, and low self-esteem are present. In these situations for women is good to think about it like it’s childbirth which is a painful experience, followed by happiness.

Protecting my honor, I disciplined myself to look at my unfortunate lovers like girlfriends. It was short and sweet romances we tried to make into something long-term.

It’s somehow easier to let them go and cut ties with time because even the strongest bond, when not nurtured, fades away for years without communication. Rarely, life ashes, especially romantic ones, can bring a phoenix to life. The process of acceptance of the men I loved so much is slow and steady, but it gives me mental peace when I put them in another category of my heart.

Yes, I love every man that unreciprocated my feelings and hope they’re happy with their freedom, but my life is one to dig more than enough into something that was never meant to be. For that reason, in my heart’s hall is a crowd of past unrequited lovers’ memories which I treasure but let go.

Please Excuse my Writing, because I keep moving on with pride and independence.  Indeed, these qualities saved my life from becoming a negative emotions trash bin.

There were times when I loved too passionately and deeply. My feelings were always over everything acceptable. Most people hated that. I understood it by experience. 

Right said, for most of my life, I felt unloved by my parents, boyfriends, and schoolmates. The trauma was deep-harsh. It took me many years to heal from it but I am still feeling broken. Those who are not whole, often find themselves undesired. Brokenness is unattractive in most cases.

Dear Darlin’, the potential serious companions can feel people who have low self-worth and almost no one starts to build them up.

Giving a supporting hand is not for everyone. It takes compassion, empathy, and out-of-the-box thinking. It can be improved when there is a will for that.

These, who give a helping hand anyway attain the role of savior. I have been one many times and ended up hurt and torn inside out. Even so, my belief is when there is true love that may be unrequited, humans should help others to grow wings. I feel grateful the men I met became better people even on my back. Surviving the storm is one of my specialties, but it takes bravery that many men lack.

Recently my new boss told me: “Males should have your qualities, even if you’re a female.”  Sadly, the world became so mismatched in genders. Masculine qualities went to women and feminine to men.

Dear Darlin’, I continue to believe like a mad woman in miracles. I should have the motivation to keep looking for true love.



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