There Are Days - Poem

There Are Days – Poem

There Are Days – Poem


Dedicated to daily challenges.


There are days I have to be stronger

These times I can’t bear stress any longer

I want someone to tell me everything will be alright

But there is no one, and I do not want to ask straight

Then I stood in silence, a safe place to cry

When I see no exit

I do not apologize

That me being weaker

And powerful lady hides

I want to be a woman

With all the silly face that looks for advice

But I can’t show this

It is out of my lines

And people do not see me

They admire my soaring to fly

My emotions show up and reside

But not every man loves the feelings

They make them put their eyes aside

Forgetting that miracles happen with a cuddle

Or hug that says: “I am by your side.”

With all these miracles

I wish for it, but I can’t stop crying

It is an illusion that blurs my mind

I should be stronger in collecting my pride

Because no one will do it

Since I am a loner on the borderline

Between self-destruction

And coldness that slides

Attention from me being human

To something like a savior’s tale

But saviors are not loved

They barely are admired

For being the strongest

Warriors for better humanity’s life


My confession today is to remind myself and those who read we are humans who can get sick. Under sickness, I mean physical, emotional, or mental. I was seriously sick with a virus for the last four days. That reminds me I need to take better care of myself and share my love with close-to-heart people.

There is never a guarantee that sick people will make it alive. It sounds a bit serious, but there is a need for me to make my statement to everyone I am grateful you read me and give me love in one way or another.

When I am fully healthy again surely will spend time with my close people to show my appreciation and love.

And Will  You Do The Same?


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